Sherry Sidoti Returns…Catch & Release, a weekend of yoga & other things

Catch & Release: A weekend of yoga and other things with Sherry Sidoti

February 17-19th, 2017 at ocean earth wind firesherry-sidoti-beach

Yoga postures, breath-work, meditation, writing, song, dance, ceremony, maybe more.
We will spend the workshops casting the line into our inner ocean to see what hooks, what drags, what catches and what wants to swim away.
Integrate through a fluid yoga practices, commune through sharing stories, and triumph over what has us caught as we choose to reel it in or set it free.
Each workshop will work with a specific meditation, chant , yoga style and writing prompt to get the vibe going. What happens next?
we’ll just have to wait and see what tugs the line…
Friday Evening: Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga  6-8pm  $45
Saturday Session One: Yin Yoga  11:30-2pm  $60
Saturday Session Two: Bhakti Vinyasa Yoga  $60
Both Saturday Sessions for $110

Tuesday Night Yoga is BACK in the studio at 7pm tonight!


October Retreat to Martha’s Vineyard is OPEN for registration!

Replenishment at Water’s Edge…AGAIN
Yoga Retreat to Martha’s Vineyard w/Susan & Tamara & Sherry
October 19-23, 2016
Please join us for a teaching trifecta of poetic living, vital nourishment & sacred movement!  The dates are set and registration will open this Friday! Don’t miss your chance to travel to this blissful island with ocean earth wind fire, Blue Egg Nourishment and Fly Yoga.
This Autumn retreat is your opportunity to revive and re-energize in the company of yoginis, with the support of island waves and fresh winds.  This retreat will be held at OEWF’s home-away-from-home, Martha’s Vineyard.  Check out our beautiful location, the place we lovingly call“Umbagog”…it’s even better than the pics!
The formal retreat, will include yoga with Sherry and Susan, bodywork, thematic programming each day, guided exploration of wildish sacred spaces on the island and nutrient-dense meals prepared by our own in-house chef, Tamara Sheen.  You’ll learn the ins and outs of creating your own personal sacred space at home and learn how to revitalize your spirit, your larder and your yoga practice.  It’s a way to focus on the feast of life and begin to cultivate the practices on your mat, in your home and in the kitchen which will leave you brimming over with vitality.

Many of you have practiced with Sherry Sidoti during her master classes here at ocean earth wind fire.  She is an exquisite and authentic teacher who has a gift for taking students deeper into their bodies and psyches than they realize they are ready for.  Sherry on her home turf is even more magical…be ready to have your stale patterns shaken loose!

Tamara Sheen is a brilliant cook.  Her impact during the retreat in May was so pleasing and profound that I came away saying I would NEVER lead a retreat without her again!  Thankfully, she was inspired as well!  She has this to say about yoga, retreating and food:  ” In a world where our food comes from thousands of miles away and is part of an Industry, is produced in Factories and bares little or no resemblance to what our forebearers would recognize as food…here comes REAL FOOD!  Feast on eggs from pastured hens, meat raised on grasses and vegetables grown in chemical free soil.  Everything unsprayed and in Season, Food as Nature intended it!  Nutrient dense bone broths, fermented and pickled foods, kombucha, fresh Fish , fresh berries, wild foraged food and golden milk…all this will bring your body, your soul and your spirit into balance.  Then Yoga will truly be your life.”

The full cost of the retreat, room, programming and meals is $795 per person for a shared room(4 spaces available) and $995 for a private room(3 spaces available).  We will be accommodating a total of seven guests.   (Travel to and from the Vineyard is not included.) Carpooling will make the road trip an exciting part of the journey.  I promise you a profound experience of love, laughter and light!
Please understand that these blissful trips are designed to be intimate and joyful…and spaces will fill quickly.  Check your calendars, your bank accounts, your significant others and then make your deposit here to avoid being left out.  Formal registration materials with agenda and further details will be sent first-come-first-serve as the deposits arrive. Please contact me directly with any questions.
This will be an transforming experience you won’t forget.  It is my deep privilege to introduce you to this magic place and it’s powers of healing and vibrancy, as well as to my co-conspirators Tamara and Sherry.
Replenishment awaits.

gangplank FullSizeRender (3) Sherry 12510478_1724859127749862_2053590674445410130_n grace hammock

Yoga Teacher Training…BIG News!

13938477_10157271193310405_5069761909908604799_n-1Ocean Earth Wind Fire is home to the very best Yoga Teacher Training around.
Living Mandala Yoga‘s director, Danielle Dulsky has created and runs a thorough, deep and intensive training program here…it is thriving and growing and graduating sacred-thinking and feeling teachers!

The program is taking an exciting new turn in 2017!

Our teacher training programs are top-rated by our students, fully accredited by Yoga Alliance, and NOW more accessible to those who do not live locally.
Registration is open for both the 200-hour (Foundational) and 300-hour (Advanced) programs, with immersion-style training beginning in January 2017.

Both trainings are led by the programs’ founder and creatrix, Danielle Dulsky (E-RYT 500, YACEP), and complete curriculum, philosophy, schedule, and payment information is available on her website. Or have a look on Facebook here!

Please note that if you are interested in a payment program, you must register by October 1, 2016.

Registration packets available upon request (Email Danielle.)

Whether you have always wanted to be a yoga teacher or are enthralled by learning more about the practice for your own soul-enhancement, please explore the details soon!


Sunday Announcements:
-Sunday, Sept 25 is reserved for the last installment of the Element Workshop Series…FIRE!!!
-Beginning Oct 2, the regular Sunday yoga class will return at 10:45am!

NEW STAFF!..OEWF Announces Counseling Therapist, Jennifer Lubas

We are so pleased to welcome Jennifer Lubas, NCC, LPC, RYT to our professional staff at ocean earth wind fire!  It has long been our dream to offer support and care to our community with a diverse team of practitioners and we are thrilled to announce this new addition.
Jen is excited to announce her partnership with Ocean Earth Wind Fire. Along with her Mid-Week Mindful Mediation and yoga class she is bringing her private therapy and coaching practice, Compassionate Presence, LLC to the studio in September, 2016!
She will be offering individualized counseling or coaching that can include traditional talk therapy, mindfulness based stress reduction strategies, yoga based strategies, meditation, and DBT informed strategies. She has extensive experience working with women, men and young adults going through transition and looking to heal past wounds while learning to stay in the present moment.
Jen is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Board Certified Counselor and a Registered Yoga Instructor. She has been in the counseling profession for 16 years and is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and yoga-based therapy as well as traditional talk therapy. She has been practicing yoga for 13 years and meditation for 8 years. She is currently in the 300 hour yoga teacher training program at OEWF and has just finished the pre-requisite course for Life Force Yoga, Yoga Skills for Therapists.
“The mind and body are not separate. We will work together to look inward for healing and growth and develop a plan to guide you where you want to go. I will hold space for you to look for those places that need gentle attention and help you learn more about your true self.” ~Jen
“Don’t turn your head. Keep Looking for the bandaged place. That is where the light enters you.” ~Rumi”Jen Lubas

Did you know…Goddesses Blog?!

Check out our blog! at

Soak in some water lovin’ sloshing out from the Ocean Workshop last Saturday…

AND…get all the goods on the Earth Workshop this coming Sunday, August 14 at 10:45am. You must register to attend. This workshop pre-empts our regular Sunday morning yoga class…but that returns on Aug 21 and 28…

Elemental Workshops with Susan…next up: FIRE! Sunday, Sept 25…

fire-heartFire * Ignite…Fan the Flames of Fear, Forgiveness & Creativity, Firepit Fun
This is the FINAL installment of a NEW SERIES!
IT’S ELEMENTAL…Find Yourself in Nature Workshops w/Susan
EVERY time I teach the elements, the wisdom and the resonance becomes deeper and more meaningful…for me AND for my students. Especially, in the retreat setting, I am able to explore and expand the rich and reliable practice of observing, honoring, appreciating and USING water, wind, rock and heat as a way into self-understanding, soul-awareness and a really, really nice feeling of wholeness and well-being.
I’m going to run a 4-part yoga & ritual Workshop Series in August and September and I want you to mark your calendars and sign up NOW! Each session will include movement, breathwork and a circle ceremony that will mark your very cells with the teachings. Practical ways to keep the practice going on your own at home will be clear and simple.

Registration is open. Each 2 hour workshop is designed to stand alone OR be taken sequentially to revel in the full feast of communion with the elements that make you, inform you & heal you.

Ocean * I Am Washed by the Water…Blessings Flow, a Sacred Communion
Earth * Standing Here…Earthing, Cairns & Little Altars Everywhere
Wind * Begin Again…Freedom by Pranayama & Prayer, Sweeping Out/Sweeping In
Fire * Ignite…Fan the Flames of Fear, Forgiveness & Creativity, Firepit Fun

4 Sundays at 10:45am-Aug 7 & 14 and September 18 & 25
Individual Workshops are $45, all 4 in the Series for $120
You must pay in advance to be able to attend…follow the ticket link to register online.

Last Class TONIGHT! OUTDOOR YOGA at the John James Audubon Center Begins May 10!

ONLY 9 CLASSES LEFT THIS SEASON…What are you waiting for???

We are so excited to get our summer season of outdoor yoga started!  This will be our 8th season practicing yoga in the beautiful pavilion at Mill Grove, just 4 miles from the studio.
We’ll be there every Tuesday through September 27 this year. The classes are held in the pavilion rain or shine (the rainy days are the best!). I bring mats to borrow, and blankies for the chilly nights. Class is $15 per person with 25% of all proceeds benefiting the center and their good works.
audubon painting

Massage Appointments Open

open hands

open therapy appointments daytime & evening, every day except Sunday
may be accessed by contacting Susan by email

support your transition
soothe your nervous system
knit your bones

email Susan directly to schedule