Holiday Events & Schedule Changes

Please make a note of all schedule changes in your calendar and follow the links for details regarding events!  All regular classes will be held unless marked in RED below!  We are looking forward to celebrating with you in the coming season!  Please follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram for all pertinent updates!

Nov 15, Friday                   Freya-Moon Women’s Circle  7-9pm

Nov 18, Monday               Pop Up Yoga Class 6:30pm
Nov 19, Tuesday               NO Yoga tonight

Nov 22, Friday                   Early Bird for Where Is My Wise Mind Workshop Ends

Nov 25, Monday               Pop Up Yoga Class 9:45am

Nov 26, Tuesday               Post-Yoga Friend’s Hangout (after class!)
Nov 27, Wed                  NO Yoga Today

Nov 27 & 28                   Studio Is CLOSED Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 29, Friday                   Full Belly/Full Heart Yoga for Friends & Family 9:30am
Shopping Days Sale Opens 11am-2pm

Nov 30, Saturday              Wake Up Yoga 8:15am
Shopping Days Sale 9:30am-1pm

Dec 1, Sunday                    Pop Up Yoga Class 10am
Shopping Days Sale 11:30am-3pm

Dec 7, Saturday                 Where Is My Wise Mind Workshop 10-12noon

Dec 13, Friday                    Freya-Moon Women’s Circle 7-9pm

Jan 24-26                           Chambers of Your Heart Winter Hideaway Retreat @ Old Field Point

yoga is cancelled tonight & tomorrow morning

super sorry to have to cancel class…pesky headcold and nary a sub!

No YOGA on Tuesday, Oct 22 or Wednesday Oct 23

See you this Friday and Saturday!

Where Is My Wise Mind Workshop w/Kathryn Nulf


Where Is My Wise Mind?
Using the Wisdom of Mindfulness To Deepen Your Yoga Practice
with Kathryn Nulf
Saturday, December 14, 2019, 10-12pm

Join guest yoga teacher & psychotherapist, Kathryn Nulf for the amazing workshop you need now!


In this workshop you will:
~Combine ancient yoga wisdom with modern psychology
to find the middle path
~Learn what mindfulness has to do with self-worth
~Discover how to experience emotions in a nonjudgmental way
~Use gentle yoga practice to embody the mindfulness skills
of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
~Learn how to access Wise Mind, your intuition

By registration only…
$60 / $50 if registered by Nov. 22, 2019

ocean earth wind fire, a yoga sanctuary
203 Bethel Road, Spring City, PA 19475

Please bring: yoga mat, journal, dress comfortably
RSVP TO: Kathryn Nulf, MA, RYT
AND use our convenient pay button to save your space!
This is the perfect season to learn how to create more meaning in your life through everyday mindfulness!

Farm Fresh Fancy Fete…Dinner with Tamara Sheen…Friday, November 8

You and yours are invited to a formal dinner prepared with love by Tamara Sheen, professional cook of Blue Egg Nourishment!

In the spirit of celebration, companionship, harvest feasting, deep wholesome nourishment and rollicking good fun; I’ve devised an evening of culinary delight with the whistling Englishwoman creating her mouth-watering dishes in our kitchen at Bethel Road.

One day, I’ll set a swirly table in the fields, but this November 8…a Friday night a hair ahead of a full moon…I’ll set the scene with linens and candlelight, cocktails and coziness, plus plenty of laughter and cheer. You fancy up and bring your love or bestie! But the main event will be the meal!

I don’t ever fuss over menus when Tamara is at the helm, but she recently mentioned “pate and cheeses, stuffed acorn squash with loads of delicious salads and something boozy chocolate decadent for dessert…rich elegance with ingredients of the highest quality, prepared simply”…yes, please.

Tamara is the cook for ocean earth wind fire’s retreats…and if you’ve drooled and mmmmm-ed your way through her seasonal, local, mindfully-sourced, nutrient-dense, stunning meals before, you KNOW what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t had the pleasure yet, this is an excellent opportunity to treat yourself and also become acquainted with one of the central healing and lavish aspects of our unique retreat model…a test-run for the taste buds!

Your ticket to this wonderful celebration of food, Autumn and friendship is waiting just for you. Ask your honey, mark your calendar and use the easy pay buttons on the website to reserve your seat. Dress is festive/fancy. Cocktails at 6pm. $55 per person or $95 per pair includes all beverages, and food “soup to nuts” as they say…and the good company of friends old and new.


October Day Retreat is ON the Calendar…10/20, loves…

O Is For October Day Retreat at Bethel Road

Sunday, October 20 9:30am-4:30pm

Our first day retreat at Bethel Road was pure perfection and we can’t wait to do it again…so we are NOT waiting!

Please join us in October…it is time for coming home and winding down…rest in cozy rooms and warm company, thrill to crisp vistas and cool breezes, move to the steady beat of Autumnal rhythms and prepare for winter creeping in.

The day’s agenda includes yoga, meditation, circle, ceremony, personal questing, community sharing, feasts, hikes, naps, arts & crafts, exploring & happy hour!

When seekers and true believers come together for a day of respite, rest and renewal there is no telling what goodness and Grace will erupt!

Your ticket to this beautiful adventure is an all-inclusive $160…the most well-spent contribution to your health, your revivification and your joy!

Just ask the women who sunk in deep and rose up wild during our inaugural voyage yesterday:

“the best…getting down to the primordial bones”

“amaaaaazing, magical, crafty day! Thanks again for your generosity and guidance!”

“it was absolutely perfect. I really enjoyed the day. Would definitely do it again.”

“today was magic…ceremony, yoga, art, nature, community of women, and animal spirit stuff…and an ah-maze-ing lunch…wow, I felt held today!”

Save your spot quick…I’m only taking six gorgeous guests for this epic opportunity to settle into and savor sweet solace!

Easy Peasy to Get to Bethel Road!

The new location of ocean earth wind fire…& all yoga classes, bodywork sessions, workshops and day retreats:

203 Bethel Rd, Spring City, PA 19475

Some GPSs are leading peeps astray! I’m NOT on Bethel CHURCH Road…I AM on Bethel Road which runs between Pughtown Road and 23; so whether you’re traveling west from Phoenixville on Pughtown or 23 or traveling east from Rt 100 on Pughtown or 23, you will turn onto Bethel Road and look for 203 which is marked on the mailbox. It’s VERY straightforward and fast and there is parking on both sides of the house for your convenience. Just be aware that you might not be able to trust your GPS.

Parking is to the right of the house in my driveway and to the left of the house by the barn.  If you park near the barn, please angle your car in towards the house, leaving plenty of room for the barn access to be used by tractors & trucks if necessary!

Outdoor Yoga on Tuesday Nights Is Epic…2 classes left this season!

Roll out to 203 Bethel Road, Spring City, PA 19475 and take a deep, sighing breath…because you are about to be hit by a huge whopping dose of Grace and beauty!

This is the view, peeking out of our new yoga shala, across the fields, towards the sunset…and Devin! Holy WOW, our community has been blessed with some sacred ground on which to open our hearts, clear our minds and move our bodies!

This season, because we are on HOME turf, we can linger after class for fire tending, star gazing and bevvies from the cooler!

There are 18 Tuesdays in our extended season this year…a later start, but longer lasting! We will have class from June 4- October 8 (no class July 16)!

As always, I’ll have mats to borrow to put under your mat, but expect the same smooth floor, natural beauty, birdsong, sunsets, stunning storms and rainbows that we always enjoy in summer season!!!

Ample parking is on both sides of the house and I’ll mark the designated areas with chalkboards for clarity!

This year, your ocean earth wind fire class card is good for Tuesday nights, so there are 2 easy ways to pay:

Yoga Class Card: $150 for 10 classes!  Drop In Anytime: $18

I’m so excited to share this fantastic slice of heaven with you! Make sure your people know you’re BUSY on Tuesday nights this summer! Bring friends and lovers! We gonna ROCK this LOVE SHACK!

Freya-Moon Women’s Circle…Oct-June 2020 OPEN for registration!

Freya-Moon Women’s Circle
One Friday/month…7-9pm
3/22, 4/18, 5/17, 6/14, 7/12, 8/16, 9/13, 10/11, 11/15 & 12/13!
Freya is a Nordic Earth Goddess of fertility, celebration and passion, and no wonder, then, that the day of the week Friday was named in her honor!

Freya’s message to all who are preparing to awaken is this: “Don’t play it safe right now. Instead, take bold action in the direction of your true heart’s desire. Success comes not from timidity but from committing yourself fully to realizing your dream. Hold the clear intention of success and it shall come about. Enjoy the excitement of taking risks, of being bold, and of being daring. And be sure to celebrate…”

I say we roll with that, and invite the moon too and all of our sisters and mothers and women we love to sit with us in circle and sharing and celebration! Freya-Moon Circle is held one Friday evening every month (the Friday closest to the full moon)…each month will bring a new tale to tell. $20/Goddess must be pre-paid…only 11 spaces per month, so register early to hold your seat.  You can pre-purchase a membership/Goddess-ship to attend all ten circles for the discounted price of $150 or six circles for $90.  Even if you miss a couple, you’ll still save and be investing in a commitment to serve your soul.  (Also, it dawned on me to list out the dates on pay buttons, so check your calendar and purchase ahead so you don’t miss out!)


New Whole Living Therapy with Susan!

Let’s get to the heart of the matter and bring you back to life FAST! Purchase and book three consecutive weekly 45-minute sessions at a discounted rate to really kick-start your return to balance and glee. It’s a no holds barred kind of badassery that is worthy of your commitment, focus and devotion. Three sessions are $266. Why are you waiting to put this strain and trouble in the past? Let’s fast-forward together!  Email Susan directly to book.  Spring has sprung!

Blue Eggs & Yoga, Custom Retreats w/Tamara & Susan

The Big Picture: Blue Eggs & Yoga
Did you know that Tamara & I will create a perfect CUSTOM RETREAT for your special occasion? Think Domestic Luxury Locations…Martha’s Vineyard ~ Chesapeake Bay ~ Berkshires ~ & Beyond! Reserve your sacred space or ours for our expert facilitation of
yoga ~ bodywork ~ ritual ~ ceremony ~ adventures ~ exploration ~ nature ~ fun
You and your family, your friends and loved ones will revel & relax in connection & care! Retreats include all meals: whole, fresh & nutrient-dense feasting for optimal gut biome health to your specifications. 1, 2, 3 & 7 night resets are available for your rejuvenation. Wouldn’t you love a personal chef, yoga teacher and massage therapist at your beck and call? The “full monty” pricing begins at $220 per person, but each aspect of your getaway will be tailored to your needs. Birthday, bachelorette, just for fun…simply contact Susan to get the ball rolling. A lead time of two or more months is suggested.

“we hold the whole of life,sweet grapes and bitter,healing herbs -we hold until we overflow and offer back the gifts that we’ve received”