Sherry Sidoti Returns…Catch & Release, a weekend of yoga & other things

SPOTS ARE FILLING & THIS WILL SELL OUT!  Please register for your spot now…

Catch & Release: A weekend of yoga and other things with Sherry Sidoti

February 17-19th, 2017 at ocean earth wind firesherry-sidoti-beach

Yoga postures, breath-work, meditation, writing, song, dance, ceremony, maybe more.
We will spend the workshops casting the line into our inner ocean to see what hooks, what drags, what catches and what wants to swim away.
Integrate through a fluid yoga practices, commune through sharing stories, and triumph over what has us caught as we choose to reel it in or set it free.
Each workshop will work with a specific meditation, chant , yoga style and writing prompt to get the vibe going. What happens next?
we’ll just have to wait and see what tugs the line…
Friday Evening: Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga  6-8pm  $45
Saturday Session One: Yin Yoga  11:30-2pm  $60
Saturday Session Two: Bhakti Vinyasa Yoga  3-5:30pm  $60
Both Saturday Sessions for $110

Sunday Yoga Has a New Vibe! Next Sunday Morning Class is on March 5!

Remember, this Sunday morning class is by registration only from now on!  Be sure to keep an eye on the class page for dates that are confirmed.

Sunday morning Yoga has a new vibe.  Susan and our devoted teachers will create a wonderful yoga practice with a special vibe and the fancy trappings of a mini-workshop with circles, writing, painting, guided meditation, yoga nidra, sharing in community and more! These classes will be held by pre-registration only. Easy online payment of the $15 cost holds your space in the class. Sign up no later than 6pm on the Friday before and we will confirm the class OR promptly refund your payment on Saturday morning if registration is too low.


NEW CLASS…Pussy Power Hour!

Step One:  First of all, we could all use a little wake up/shake up in our lives.  Enter a fast-flow, hour-only yoga class on Thursday nights from 6-7pm with Susan.  The power hour part was easy…vaguely  modeled on the “power yoga” formula of old and 60 minutes long, we will fire up our muscles, shake off stress, challenge our determination and practice effort & ease.  A quickie.  Your Thursday Happy Hour.  A neck-loosening, spine-tingling, stomping kind of practice that will leave you feeling ALIVE AND READY!

Step Two:  The impact of the Women’s March cannot be denied.  I am personally feeling moved to keep the energy of activism and participation HIGH.  What we each choose to DO in response to global events and our unique calling in the world is obviously up to us…but who couldn’t use a few more high fives that urge us to keep it up?  Who couldn’t use a weeknight booster shot of “you were MADE for this”?  Who doesn’t want to breathe/jump/dance/stretch their bodies to reinvigorate for the greater good?  Remember that the “women’s” march included many, many MEN and KIDS!  EVERY human is welcome in this class, and frankly; even if your body isn’t feeling an energetic practice, you could come and take it slow or sit simply to be inspired by the practice of others.
Ongoing, regular class begins on Thursday, February 23 at 6pm!  And that first class is FREE!  Stay after class if you can for the Pussy Hat Knitting Circle being led by Tracey DiPaolo at 7pm and held on a donation basis with all supplies needed to knit your own pussy hat!
Thursday class will be held ongoing each week at 6pm with Regular Class Card $13 & Drop In $15 prices applied.

Pussy Hat Knitting Circle

Tracey DiPaolo has been knitting for 23 years & she just got a huge bolt of energy & excitement for teaching YOU to knit your own pussy hat! Circle with Tracey after Pussy Power Yoga on Thursday night, February 23 at 7pm.

This fun, pertinent, supportive gathering is being offered by donation or on a pay-as-you-may basis. Tracey is providing the yarn (pink and black) and has needles to borrow, but if you want to choose and bring your own, please purchase worsted yarn and size 8 needles!

One of our heroines around here, Clarissa PINKola Estes encourages contribution, activism and full engagement by deliniating so many ways to be of use and share your gifts…here are just a few to add to the collective at work:

-more creative life
-more women’s company
-more spirit
-more recognition of sorority
-more neighborhood revolution
-more terrorist sewing circles

“…refuse to be ashamed, lead the way througth and out. Let us not overspend on anger. Instead let us be empowered by it. Most of all let us be cunning and use our feminine wits. Let us keep in mind that the best cannot and must not hide….So come out, come out wherever you are. Leave deep footprints because you can.”

THIS is going to be fun.
Circle begins at 7pm, right after Pussy Power Yoga at 6pm. Join one or the other or both. Yoga is FREE. Knitting Circle is by donation.

Welcome Lisa! We have a NEW TEACHER on Wednesday Nights!

Lisa is excited to share her wild and wonderful yoga teaching with you beginning on Wednesday, February 1, 2017.  Be sure to check it out every week at 7pm!

Lisa is a wild-hearted, tender rebel, a Magick Momma + a soulful yogini. After a 6 year healing bodywork practice guided her to Nicaragua, she traveled Latin America for 4 years, fell in love with ocean exploration and became a Dive Master within the PADI organization. Lisa rooted in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania in the spring of 2012 where she lives with her 2 year old son and fiancee. She acheived her RYT-200 yoga teacher training in December of 2016 and is registered with Yoga Alliance. She holds a level I/II in Usui/Tibetan Reiki. Lisa emphasizes the art of movement alchemy + heart-felt explorations of the sacred self + deep nature in her practice.

Retreat to the Chesapeake Bay Open for Registration Today!…Happy New Dawn Moon

Making Vows…A Chesapeake Retreat for Leaning Into A Bright Future…NOW!
Summer Solstice, June 22-25, 2017 ~ Old Field Point in Elkton, MD…looks good, huh?

Details are RIGHT HERE!

IMG_4976 (1) OFP bedroom13920937_10210380572455009_2723431381231513308_n

Scotland Retreat is OPEN for Registration! Happy New Dawn Moon!

Sunrise-over-Williamston-Aug-2014 4.-Sliding-doors-open-from-Terrace-to-Barn.jpeg-nggid0299-ngg0dyn-120x90-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 17.-Beautiful-views-from-the-upstairs-sitting-room-in-the-Barn.jpeg-nggid03112-ngg0dyn-120x90-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010




The Moors of Scotland…A Wee Dream Come True
September 1-8, 2017…Don’t delay, have a look and see right now!

Yoga for the Hands…Mudra Workshop in April!

Mudras are tiny yoga postures for the hands. There are hundreds if not thousands of amazingly therapeutic and beneficial mudras for every type of ailment, emotional challenge or physical energy. This detailed workshop will offer you a whole new depth to your yoga practice, meditation and healing journey.
Join Rosslyn Kemerer from Wholehearter Yoga to learn about the history of mudras, why and how they’re useful, hand reflexology points as well the energetic significance of the fingers. This workshop will include discussion, handouts, asana practice and of course, “hand’s-on” mudra practice!Reserve your space for this unique workshop through Ocean, Earth, Wind, Fire. $60 to sign up.

[Pictured here is Gyan Mudra for activating the root chakra and sharpening the mind]

From Rosslyn:
Hi there, I’m Rosslyn Kemerer, founder of Wholehearter Yoga. I am blessed to have discovered that sharing yoga is what makes me tick. Wholehearter Yoga was created out of a need to share the depths of yoga teaching within a solution-based environment. Together, we discover the best ways for yoga, energy healing or life-coaching techniques to meet you where you’re at, but also to create brand new patterns and take steps toward living wholeheartedly.
The type of yoga that I love to teach is like soul-therapy. When you dive into the subtle signals and messages your body and mind is sending, the path to healing becomes much more clear. I love studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure and the many ways in which our body expresses our emotions, moods and personality.  I am always looking to learn new ways to facilitate a deeper understanding of our mind-body connection.

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Did you know?:
Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain 15401187_10155587849717576_3940325763959811545_nand muscle tension.  Regular massage is helpful for:
Digestive disorders
Insomnia related to stress
Myofascial pain syndrome
Soft tissue strains or injuries
Sports injuries
Temporomandibular joint pain
Beyond the benefits for specific conditions or diseases, some people enjoy massage because it often produces feelings of caring, comfort and connection.Massage is definitely NOT a luxury!  Get and/or Give massage today!

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Safe House, A Prayer & Some Thoughts In Difficult Times

Be reminded that EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE.  
“…we are a decent and loving people.”  ~CPE
This excerpt from a post by Clarissa Pinkola Estes was the prayer I used while teaching WE RISE yoga Tuesday night. Eleven strong and stunning women gathered to move and dance and rage and stomp and sing and cry and laugh. We blew the roof off the place and emboldened ourselves to trust that we were on the verge of a brilliant and historic affirmation of our own lifeblood and heart wisdom, pulsing in various degrees of certainty and hope that our next leader would be a woman. We prayed our fervor thus: 
“We pray for ourselves, because
We still stand
And because we are
Many and much ourselves.
We pray to be steady like
The many lodge pole pines
Who withstand much
In high winds
Bending, limber,
Hair flying
Trunk creaking
But not breaking
…we pray
Because we are a decent people
We pray
That whatever others say
That is not decent
Whatever others do
That is not decent
Can have no part of us
Seizes no part of us
Infects no part of us
Poisons no part of us
That we remember
The living forest
Holds the mountain
To this earth,
The living forest
Holds the waters
To their beds,
And most of all,
Most of all my babies,
The living forest
Transmutes poison
For all
…we pray
Because we are
That living forest,
We are a living,
Walking forest
In full force,
Because we are
A decent, loving people.
~Clarissa Pinkola Estes
There are no “wrong” responses now. So many of us are heartbroken, incredulous and frightened. Some are getting busy. Some are ranting. Some have taken to their beds. Some just need to talk it out. Admittedly, a few responses are annoying if not worse. I mean there is NO place for swastika graffiti. And, to those of you suggesting that we all just get over ourselves already…I mean, pardon me, but NO. 
I went to sleep late thinking it would all be different in the morning and those last states would clinch the Clinton presidency I was praying for. I awoke early in disbelief and stumbled to teach a yoga class. I carried yet another bag of rose quartz into the studio and offered a practice of gentleness and centering meditation that I trusted in my bones could be helpful to the three weary souls that showed up in the rain.
The first thought to float across my mind was this: ocean earth wind fire is a safe house.
I don’t yet know exactly what that means, but I know it’s true. I hope to God/dess that I was indulging the dramatic, apocalyptic me (still in shock from three hours of nightmares) when I pictured our yoga home in a flash as a makeshift hospital or a staging base for the revolution. But as a sacred space born of my tiny seed vision nine years ago that has been nurtured and tended by so many since then to manifest brilliantly into a school, a sanctuary, a temple, a healing center, a respite, a family hearth and a temple of freedom and presence…”it” has taken on a life of it’s own and will become exactly what is needed and what is helpful.
Entering on Wednesday, I took a deep breath and created a small circle of stones in the middle of the floor. I realized that nothing had changed since the night before. I knew the physical practice would be gentle and quiet rather than wild and bold; but the prayer still held and I read it out loud again and then shared this message in my teaching: 
As yogis, we are blessed. We have been, over all these years, practicing the ways in which to remind ourselves that we are beings of light and love. We have been exploring all the avenues to personal peace and presence. We have been filling our tool boxes with all the implements we need to hammer out and tighten the screws of our own balance, awareness, self-care and connection.
In addition, we KNOW that each bright light is born of darkness. That each blissful crest of the wave will dissolve into a deep trough. We KNOW this. And we also know that we “know” very little…that we are on a journey of discovery, that cycles begin and end and that this thing we call life is ephemeral and changing and full of challenge. Indeed, we know that we are strengthened by the challenges and become lazy in our complacency. We welcome the honing fires of struggle. We learn to relax into ALL experience as necessary on our way towards Grace.
Ok, so we are prepared and equipped for this day and all the days to come.
Step One: Be kind to ourselves. Step one was never any different than this.
Step Two: Be kind to others. Step two was never any different than this.
That’s probably enough to tackle for now. Kindness.
There are two very critical factors, that I must continually remind myself of, so I’ll remind you too.
1. This kindness is for everyone. Not just the ones who think like you and act like you and voted like you yesterday. If we get caught in that trap, we are “going low” and it is clearly a time to “go high”.

2. I recognize my own white privilege as a woman who can go to yoga classes a few times a week (or own a yoga studio). I realize that the advice to utilize the tools we have to re-center and move and act from our own balance just isn’t going to fly with those souls in our country who battle poverty and disenfranchisement and prejudice and hatred every day. Each of us is made of love and light, still, and kindness is our birthright. May we each find a way to BE that.

So it’s deep breaths. And nice music. And good company. And walks in nature. And prayer.
It’s back to buying coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru and random acts of kindness. It’s walking the talk and voicing hard truth which may involve the admission that we each carry bigotry and sexism and that, we too, need to purify, rectify and end the violence we may be perpetuating through our own thoughts and actions.
I’ll be napping and laughing and listening to the rain. I’ll be offering plenty of free loving at the studio, our safe house, during the days and weeks to come. I’ll be here listening and writing and wondering and transmuting the poisons I find in myself and in this wide world into freshness and love. I’ll be grounding in on this Mother Planet and looking up at a forgiving sky.
Let me know how I can help you. I’m here to serve. I am love. I am light.
I pray because we are a decent, loving people.
You can follow future blog posts at The Unwritten Chapter.