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Neck Like New with Aromatherapy & Flower Essences
Give somebunny you love a half hour of pure heaven or book this impactful treat for yourself. A quick therapy I invented for Farmer’s Market Days won’t ever go out of style…you’ll be amazed what I can accomplish in 30 minutes to relieve your stress, sooth your nervous system, calm your mind and shift your mood! Or maybe you already know what a little time with me can do! Either way, I’ve discounted a discounted price for your renewal…taking an extra 10% off of the sale price so you don’t have to think twice about this! $39.60 for all my attention bent on your relaxation and renewal! JUMP for it, bunny!
Easy peasy pay button on the website or click the Egift Link below!

Massage & Yoga EGift Cards Are 10% OFF!
Choose one yoga class, a 10-class card, Neck Like New or a Full-Hour Therapy Session for you or your hunny or your mom or your garden club or that brand new mother…because it’s a great time to let someone know how much you care about them…and we don’t really need Easter baskets nor Earth Day nor Mother’s Day as an excuse to spread kindness all around!

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Sale prices are valid April 18 through April 22 only.
Purchases are valid through December 2019!

Hoppy Holiday Changes

Just a few changes for Easter week, bunnies!

Monday & Tuesday, April 15 & 16:  regular schedule/class at 6:30pm both nights
Wednesday, April 17:  yoga at 9:30am PLUS Pop Up Yoga at 7:15 pm!
Thursday, April 18:  yoga at 9:30am PLUS Freya-Moon Women’s Circle at 7pm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday April 19/20/21:  STUDIO CLOSED

Monday, April 22:  EARTH DAY!  yoga at 6:30pm

Regular schedule resumes with lots of extras in May!


Freya-Moon Women’s Circle…April Circle is on Thursday, April 18…OPEN for registration!

Freya-Moon Women’s Circle
One Friday/month…7-9pm
3/22, 4/18, 5/17, 6/14, 7/12, 8/16, 9/13, 10/11, 11/15 & 12/13!
Freya is a Nordic Earth Goddess of fertility, celebration and passion, and no wonder, then, that the day of the week Friday was named in her honor!

Freya’s message to all who are preparing to awaken is this: “Don’t play it safe right now. Instead, take bold action in the direction of your true heart’s desire. Success comes not from timidity but from committing yourself fully to realizing your dream. Hold the clear intention of success and it shall come about. Enjoy the excitement of taking risks, of being bold, and of being daring. And be sure to celebrate…”

I say we roll with that, and invite the moon too and all of our sisters and mothers and women we love to sit with us in circle and sharing and celebration! Freya-Moon Circle is held one Friday evening every month (the Friday closest to the full moon)…each month will bring a new tale to tell. $20/Goddess must be pre-paid…only 11 spaces per month, so register early to hold your seat.  You can pre-purchase a membership/Goddess-ship to attend all ten circles for the discounted price of $150 or six circles for $90.  Even if you miss a couple, you’ll still save and be investing in a commitment to serve your soul.  (Also, it dawned on me to list out the dates on pay buttons, so check your calendar and purchase ahead so you don’t miss out!)


New Whole Living Therapy with Susan!

Let’s get to the heart of the matter and bring you back to life FAST! Purchase and book three consecutive weekly 45-minute sessions at a discounted rate to really kick-start your return to balance and glee. It’s a no holds barred kind of badassery that is worthy of your commitment, focus and devotion. Three sessions are $266. Why are you waiting to put this strain and trouble in the past? Let’s fast-forward together!  Email Susan directly to book.  Spring has sprung!

Willing To Shine…July 25-28…Register by 4/22 for a BIG HOT Bonus!

Register by April 22 (Earth Day!) and get a FREE Sanctuary Practices session with Susan…

this is a $155 value…JUMP!

Double check your calendars…there’s been a CHANGE!…We have shifted the dates of our summer retreat by five weeks.  Tamara, Virginia and I have chosen new dates in the sultry summer heat of July which is the PERFECT time to sizzle with third chakra fire and plunge ourselves blissfully into the river for a refreshing swim!

So…come join us on the Cheasapeake July 25-28, 2019!

“And so, she shed her doubts, her apathy and her fear 
like so many pieces of clothing and stepped forth, 
willing to face her sorrows and love herself through any challenge, 
into the light of a new day.”

Come study, strengthen, frolic and feast in celebration of the Summer Solstice on retreat to the Chesapeake!

July 25-28, 2019
Old Field Point, Elkton, MD
With your hosts, Virginia, Tamara & Susan…this luxury adventure of yoga, visioning, feasts & fun will surely spark action and joy!

Discover Manipura, the Golden City of Gems…bask in Light and Fire, held by Mother Earth, brought to balance by Water and Air…it’s elemental. Ply the tightrope walk between the third chakra homelands of willing and willing…your willingness to surrender, let go, flow and keep on in trust AND your active agency of moving from the seat of will, making manifest bright change by willing it so!

Embody. Rest. Revel. Exude. Create. Be.

Your bliss will only grow where the river shines soft with heat and mud. And eagles drift and hunt for bass. And there’s a family of foxes and a dragon guards the labyrinth. Behold gardens galore with herbs for healing and seasoning, poultices and blossoms’ tincture, tender rocket and hot burst of tomatoes, sweet peas and gritty carrots to dig yourself. And wide wild places of friendship sweat and delight. Be welcome and sleep here. Sing and learn. Come.

The location is pure peace. The trappings are fine- feathered FIVE star. The food is fresh/local/nutrient-dense divine. The yoga is deep and expansive, a dance of somatics, senses and sweetness.. The teachings create the sacred space for natural magic to reign supreme. From first gathering to departure, you’ll be held in the beauty and care needed to let your intuition be heard and to allow your soul to sing.

We’ll practice yoga in the tree-top studio overlooking the Elk River twice each day, dive in the waters at the beach, observe ceremony & ritual & fire circles under the careful watch of eagles and osprey and a sky full of stars. Call in all you’ve dreamed of from the dock jutting out from shore. This is a life-changing kind of retreat. Plush and potent. Fun and fiery. Natural and so very needed!

This gorgeous, private location is easy to access from our home-base Phoenixville, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC and surrounding areas. Think wide vistas from the deck, food/herb/flower/fairy gardens to wander, a sacred labyrinth to walk. Fabulous, laughter-wild spaces and endless tucked away silent spots. A porch swing. A hot tub. Driftwood. Barges slowly plying the river. A tiki bar. Sumptuous linens. Sunrise.
The formal retreat, will include yoga with Virginia and Susan, bodywork, thematic programming each day, time for beach meandering and garden walks and nutrient-dense meals prepared by our own in-house chef, Tamara Sheen.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to meet Virginia! This Master teacher is a wondrous Mama-Bear and lifetime friend. She keeps it simple and real: “Yoga and breath and writing and herbs and lots of open space to feel the Earth. That’s what I’ve been focusing on all my life in some form or another. And I want to share what I’ve learned. As far as letters go: RYT 200 and 500, Yin Yoga Teacher, Chakra Teacher, Poet, Space Holder, Spirit Guide, Wise Woman and lover of wet

earth, warm winds, dashing water and brilliant fire. Come share my passions and claim your own joy.”

Tamara Sheen is a brilliant cook and she’s booting Virginia right out of her gourmet kitchen. Tamara’s kitchen component is utterly pleasing and profound…I will NEVER lead a retreat without her again! She has this to say about yoga, retreating and food: “In a world where our food comes from thousands of miles away and is part of an Industry, is produced in factories and bares little or no resemblance to what our forebearers would recognize as food…here comes REAL FOOD! Feast on eggs from pastured hens, meat raised on grasses and vegetables grown in chemical free soil. Everything unsprayed and in Season, Food as Nature intended it! Nutrient dense bone broths, fermented and pickled foods, kombucha, fresh Fish , fresh berries, wild foraged food and golden milk…all this will bring your body, your soul and your spirit into balance. Then Yoga will truly be your life.”

The full cost of the retreat, room, programming and meals is $795 per person. We will be accommodating a total of eleven guests. Please understand that these blissful trips are designed to be intimate and joyful…and spaces fill quickly. Your $250 deposit will secure your spot. Formal registration materials with agenda and further details will be sent first-come-first-serve as the deposits arrive. Payment plans for balances are available by request. Please contact Susan directly with any questions.

This will be a transforming experience you won’t forget. It is my deep privilege to introduce you to this magic place and it’s powers of healing and vibrancy, as well as to my co-conspirators Tamara and Virginia. Please join us for a teaching trifecta of poetic living, vital nourishment & sacred movement! This Solstice celebration is your opportunity to revive and re-energize in the company of yoginis, with the support of the river’s flow, fresh winds and that epic sunrise each morning. Join us in the Golden City of Gems…

Blue Eggs & Yoga, Custom Retreats w/Tamara & Susan

The Big Picture: Blue Eggs & Yoga
Did you know that Tamara & I will create a perfect CUSTOM RETREAT for your special occasion? Think Domestic Luxury Locations…Martha’s Vineyard ~ Chesapeake Bay ~ Berkshires ~ & Beyond! Reserve your sacred space or ours for our expert facilitation of
yoga ~ bodywork ~ ritual ~ ceremony ~ adventures ~ exploration ~ nature ~ fun
You and your family, your friends and loved ones will revel & relax in connection & care! Retreats include all meals: whole, fresh & nutrient-dense feasting for optimal gut biome health to your specifications. 1, 2, 3 & 7 night resets are available for your rejuvenation. Wouldn’t you love a personal chef, yoga teacher and massage therapist at your beck and call? The “full monty” pricing begins at $220 per person, but each aspect of your getaway will be tailored to your needs. Birthday, bachelorette, just for fun…simply contact Susan to get the ball rolling. A lead time of two or more months is suggested.

“we hold the whole of life,sweet grapes and bitter,healing herbs -we hold until we overflow and offer back the gifts that we’ve received”

August, And Abundantly So…Day Retreats at HOME

August, And Abundantly So
Day Retreats at HOME…August 4, 11 or 18, 9:30-4:30pm
Retreats are far more necessary than extravagant, but not everyone has the time and resources to travel even locally to gather in rest and inspiration…so this August, I am bringing the retreats to you! Join me right here for day long immersions in the curriculum, play & richness that have made our recent travel retreats such a raging success! You’ve heard the raving reviews of the ways in which our retreats are life-changing…come now to find out for yourself.

Three Sundays in August have been set aside. Choose and commit to offering yourself a deep experience that will take your yoga practice, your self-actuation and your joy higher than ever before. Each day-long retreat will be held from 9:30am-4:30pm and will include asana, art, meditation, ceremony and time in nature…plus lunch will be served. Your ticket to adventure is $160 with all materials & your meal included. Which one will you choose?:

August 4
Making Vows…Taking Your Heart in Your Own Hands
“I propose to all women that we come together.
I propose to the woman that I am that I come together, that I integrate.
I propose that we love one another as we deeply learn to love all our deep self.
I propose that I hold my hand out to my lost and divided self, wrapping my arms around my lost self and my shining self.
I propose that I make vows to myself,
knowing that the long years will wear better if I live united in love.” ~VM

This is a retreat of radical self care.

August 11
Bones And Satisfaction…An Animal Spirit Journey
“And when you get right down to it, the essence is in the bones…the pure dead-white center of deepest held intuition and animal instinct. Pare the ephemera away. Now.
How do you pray? How do you heal? How do you play? How do you protect?” ~SM

Learn from otter and fox and moose and owl. Never to be forgotten, these inborn knowings burst forth in courage and in Grace.

August 18
Beginning…Life on the Precipice
“I say that respite is a good idea, it is time to rest. To which they usually screech, “Rest! How can I rest when the whole world is going to hell right before my very eyes?” But in the end, a woman must rest now, rock now, regain her focus…what is the point of this reclamation and focus, this calling back of what has been lost, this running with the wolves? It is to go for the jugular, to get right down to the seed and to the bones of everything and any thing in your life, because that’s where your pleasure is, that’s where your joy is, that’s where a woman’s Eden lies, that place where there is time and freedom to be, wander, wonder write, sing, create, and not be afraid…” ~CPE

If all of life is a frontier (and it is) how will you show up there?

The Sanctuary Practices: One-to-One

New this year in the expedition towards wellness and wholeness, I initiate…


The Sanctuary Practices: Your Personal Freedom…a one-to-one reintegration-solution designed specifically and only for you. Bring me your sports injury, your headaches, your carpel tunnel! Come bare the bones of your anxiety, your stuckness and lethargy. We will concoct the remedy through hands-on manipulation, crystal healing, yoga nidra, oracles, herbs, artistry and togetherness. Personal home practices, sadhana, book study and meditation may be prescribed as home-work. Sessions may be scheduled in one-hour or half-hour sessions. Sometimes one little spark can become the catalyst to arriving home to your holy self and your birthright freedom.
Any and all therapy sessions may be scheduled by contacting me directly by email at
Convenient pay buttons and discounted packages are available on the website.


Pop Up Yoga For Days

What fun to POP some extra, surprise yoga classes into the schedule! But they can’t be too too surprising or no one would show up!

So here’s the springtime calendar for ya…all pop ups are only $10…I encourage you to ADD these great classes to the yoga you already practice!
PS. I love the pop up book image…
yoga opens the books of our lives so we can “read and recollect”…let’s turn new pages, my dears. Let’s write a new story…

Sundays at 10am:
March 3 & 31, April 14 & 28, May 5
Wednesdays at 7pm:
April 17 (7:15pm tonight!) & May 15 at 7pm

Pay buttons are up on the website, so you can go grab a few to support you own self-care and Spring awakening! But it’s totally fine to Pop IN for Pop Ups! Let’s yoga bright and lively in the coming weeks and months!