I am muted.


I have decided to “mute” myself beyond Facebook and Instagram posting of personal content.  I will not be teaching during the week of June 1-7.  Instead I will be working devotedly on two things:

1.  Furthering the cause of dismantling systemic racism in our nation by following and learning from black leaders and black humans to identify how I personally can be an activist and change agent at this time.

2.  Resetting and healing my nervous system and physical body to balance as the “ever and again” first step to being of service.

Zoom classes and Love Shack Live classes will resume on June 8.  Please honor and support me and my work by registering for one of 5 weekly classes ahead of timeAll pay buttons are live for classes beginning next Monday.  Please sign up now.  

reFIND Touch Self-Massage Course will resume on June 8 as well.  If you haven’t been a part of this self-care revolution and are feeling the need for physical healing and balance, please contact me and I can help you identify individual sessions of this series that may be of great benefit to you and facilitate the avenue for you to register and pay for the healing touch you need now.

All my love and blessings at this time.  Be the change.  Really.

Triple Goddess Summer Solstice Women’s Circle

Friday, June 19  7-9pm

Gather at Bethel Road for a Solstice Celebration of epic proportions under a wide sky on June 19, Freya’s Day, from 7-9pm!

Freya-Moon Women’s Circle for the June 5 Full Moon Eclipse is sold out, so I’ve added a new date and a new vibration with all social distancing protocol in place!

We need the power of women in circle now more than ever.
And we need each other.

Join me to bless the Great Mother, awaken our fierce Crone wisdom and birth a whole and holy new world of purity and delight.

Yes, that’s what we DO at circle.

$20 per woman with space for only 9 to assure safety and comfort for all. Hold your space today!

Love Shack LIVE Yoga ~Three Weekly On-going Classes!

It’s the love shack shimmy!
Welcome to social distancing yoga in the wide open spaces of ocean earth wind fire at Bethel Road!


How we have missed each other during these days of many questions! With the warm weather taking center stage, I am here to offer a caring and considerate hospitality for very small groups to gather to immerse in soul/body/spirit love.  Let’s to come together to practice, breathe fresh air, talk & listen, remember our connection, dance a bit and collaborate around bringing our yoga into this whole new world…all at a healthy distance under the wide sky on our beautiful farm.

THREE On-going Weekly classes are set through the end of June (at least).  All registration and payment must be handled on the website with convenient pay buttons.  Each Sunday, registration will open on a first come first serve basis for the 5 spaces available.  If you want to save your spot until the end of June, there’s an option for that too!


YOGA & Special Events


Zoom yoga with Susan, kid’s yoga with Darby and more EVERY WEEK!

Current Schedule ONGOING:
Sunday at 10am  Wake Up Yoga w/Balanced for Life Yoga

Tuesday at 9:30am  Restorative Yoga w/Balanced for Life Yoga
Friday at 10am  Kids Yoga w/ Darby Venema

Special Event Dates:
Friday at 7pm ZOOM at Bethel Road Cycles of the MOON

Please show up soon…I am here for you.  And, I need you.  Namaste

Kid’s Yoga with Miss Darby on Zoom at Bethel Road!

Welcome Darby Venema & Kid’s Yoga with Miss Darby 🙂 to Bethel Road!
Kid’s Yoga will be held every Friday morning at 10:00am!  This class is perfect for ages 4-10 year-olds but feel free to inquire about other ages.
We are all in need of a little space to breathe right now, and this includes our kids!  Parents, are you having trouble keeping up with daily activities for your kiddos?  Kid’s yoga is a great outlet for little ones, and allows them to release silly energy while finding some stable ground.
Miss Darby’s class will cover some basic Kid’s Yoga poses and play! We will also explore some different and fun breath work and ways to breathe, as well as yoga games, songs and short meditations allowing the imagination to run free!  I hope you can join us!
ONLY $15…a discounted Punch-Card price that you can PAY AS YOU GO!
Register HERE no later than 9am on the day you wish to attend.  Please sign in on Zoom by 9:50am!

reFIND Touch: In a Whole New World, Self-Care Is All That Really Matters

reFIND Touch:
In a Whole New World, Self-Care Is All That Really Matters

You are a healer.
Your hands are magic.
Your physical body is perfectly designed and wired to return to homeostasis and balance.
There is nothing you lack.
I am here to light your way to relaxation, relief and peace.

I’ve developed a comprehensive course of eleven essential self-massage seminars to initiate you into the role of healer.
Embrace The Whole Body of reFIND Touch or utilize the focused lessons you need most. The program is bundled in common-sense sections, scheduled in easy-to-use time-pods and sprinkled with fun and connection. You get the convenience of pre-recorded sessions you can view anytime, as well as “live”-zoom room seminars and even the option of private one-to-one therapeutic appointments.

Registration is open NOW via easy payment buttons HERE. 
You will receive an email confirmation and all necessary information for participation.

May you reFIND your essential center.
May you keep becoming more you-for all of us.
May you magnetize and manifest your deepest desires.
May you receive bounty with gratitude and give all you have for the greater good.
So it is.  Namaste.

Freya-Moon Women’s Circle at Bethel Road!

Freya-Moon Women’s Circle
Our full moon circle is a celebration of our connected power as Empress Queens and you are invited!
I’ve knocked the cost back to $20 for ease and accessibility.
One Friday/month…7-9pm
Freya is a Nordic Earth Goddess of fertility, celebration and passion, and no wonder, then, that the day of the week Friday was named in her honor!

Freya’s message to all who are preparing to awaken is this: “Don’t play it safe right now. Instead, take bold action in the direction of your true heart’s desire. Success comes not from timidity but from committing yourself fully to realizing your dream. Hold the clear intention of success and it shall come about. Enjoy the excitement of taking risks, of being bold, and of being daring. And be sure to celebrate…”

I say we roll with that, and invite the moon too and all of our sisters and mothers and women we love to sit with us in circle and sharing and celebration! Freya-Moon Circle is held one Friday evening every month (the Friday closest to the full moon)…each month will bring a new tale to tell. $20/Goddess must be pre-paid…only 11 spaces per month, so register early to hold your seat.

Our 2020 Yoga Retreats Are “ON HOLD”

Our beautiful 2020 retreats are on hold during these days of many questions.  We will update our plans as soon as we possibly can and hope to share wild and restful time in retreat with you so soon! 
Rise Up, A New Moon Solstice Solar Eclipse on the River, What Could Go Right?
June 18-21  Old Field Point, Elkton, MD
Fire Tending in the Southwest, Claiming Yourself Whole & Holy 
September 17-22 Taos Goji, New Mexico

Tipping the Balance, Writing a New Story
Oct 17-18  @Bethel Road, Spring City, PA