So we have some moving parts we need to announce!  All super exciting:

1.  We have a new teacher and a new class beginning in April!  Join Megan Bullick for Planetary Yoga to be held EVERY Tuesday night @ 8pm at the studio beginning on April 4.  This awesome classtime makes yoga doable for peeps not wanting to rush to the studio right after work or for an after-dinner practice that ushers you through the summer!  Megan has amazing things in mind for you too…check out the class description here!

2.  Outdoor Yoga at Audubon is only 6 weeks away with the first class of the season to be held on May 2 at 6:30pm…in preparation, I am moving my Tuesday night yoga class at the studio to a 6:30pm start beginning on April 4!  (this gets us ready for Audubon and also frees up the studio for Megan’s new class…so for the month of April, you have two great studio classes to choose from!


Partner Yoga April 15 at 11am!

Join Ann (the ultimate as far as teaching partner yoga goes!) on Saturday, April 15 at 11am.  Regular class prices apply, which is a total GIFT and JOY for you!!!  Register to save your spot.  You never need to come with a partner, tho it’s a great way to introduce your lover, friend, sister, buddy to the fun you love so much!

Yoga & Essential Oils…Thursday, March 30 7pm

Yoga & Essential Oils…Thursday, March 30 7pm
Taught by Cassidy Carre (your yoga teacher) and Janelle Settle (your dōTERRA essential oils guru)! Janelle will introduce you to the oils that best correspond to each individual chakra, while Cassidy will briefly discuss each chakra and unite with yoga to create balance within each energy field.

In this unique combination of yoga and essential oils, we will bring a great awareness to our bodies, minds, and senses. As we go through conscious yoga postures and breath work, we will incorporate the highest grade essential oils to assist in balancing and connecting to our 7 major chakras.

Bring a friend and come enjoy yourselves- we look forward to seeing you!

Prenatal Yoga Is Back-OPEN to Drop-Ins:)

Prenatal Yoga Series Returns!  Mondays @ 7:15pm, 3/27-May 1
This 6-week series will meet every Monday at 7:15PM and is taught by Cassidy Carre (RYT 200 certified and advocate for maternal self care).
Pregnancy is an exciting and emotional time as wild growth happens inside us.

It’s imperative to nurture ourselves and cultivate the tools that will help relax and strengthen our bodies and alleviate anxieties during pregnancy and prepare the body for labor.

To assist with this time of change, we designed a class series dedicated to the expecting mama that includes safe yoga postures for pregnancy (including hip opening and pelvic floor strengthening postures), breathing techniques, connecting with baby, and meditation all in a supportive and cozy environment.

Meet other pregnant woman to share each other’s company, advice, concerns, and excitement within our safe space. This class is for all mamas, all trimesters, and preconception and Postpartum are welcome too! Pre-registration link is here! Please email to reserve your spot! Class is limited to 8 spaces. $90 for 6 classes pre-paid or $18 per class drop-in.  You’ll be included in the online support group❤️ email us with any questions or concerns.

Fire Ignite Workshop…May 6 w/Susan

Fire Workshop with Susan…Saturday, May 6 at 11am
Fire Ignite…Fan the Flames of Fear, Forgiveness & Creativity

We may be feeling fear, frustration AND the impetus to act, but there is much that gets in the way of our productivity and effectiveness. Having just entered into eclipse season, we are primed to step across a new threshold and into a future we desire and direct. So let’s give those pesky fears a name and a lovely place to sit, while we take control of our selves and our movements out into the world, so that our actions can be sourced from clarity and love.

EVERY time I teach the elements, the wisdom and the resonance becomes deeper and more meaningful…for me AND for my students. I am able toexplore and expand the rich and reliable practice of observing, honoring, appreciating and USING water, wind, rock and heat as a way into self-understanding, soul-awareness and a really, really nice feeling of wholeness and well-being.

This installment will include movement, breathwork, intuitive painting & a circle ceremony at the firepit that will mark your very cells with the teachings. Practical ways to keep the practice going on your own at home will be clear and simple.

Registration is open! $45 for this two-hour reboot!
You must pay in advance to be able to attend…follow the ticket link to register online.

Sunday Morning Class is on April 2 at 10:30am is CONFIRMED!…Planetary Yoga!

This class is CONFIRMED! (for only this week, the start time is 10:30am!!!…back to 10:45am next week!)

Planetary Yoga is here!
Please join Megan for a waxing moon practice, a vinyasa flow focusing on harnessing our internal fire and opening our hearts.

Yoga is more than an exercise, it’s an ever-evolving journey. To practice yoga is to begin consciously connecting with your body, mind, and spirit. In sanskrit, the word yoga means ‘to yoke’; thus yoga brings together the body and mind, spirit and soul, motions and mindfulness. Yoga helps us see through the heart even when the eyes are closed, bringing awareness into daily life and building bridges where no path had ever before been imagined.

Planetary Yoga takes this a step further, reconnecting the individual with not only the rhythms of their own bodies, but also the rhythyms of their planet, the phases of the moon, and the vibrations of planetary aspects. By tapping into these celestial patterns, we can start realigning our daily lives with the ultimate truth of our souls, of our planet, and of universal consciousness.

ALL are welcome, as we are not alone as we sometimes fool ourselves into believing, but we are instead ALL ONE. Class is $15 per person and you must register by Friday to hold your spot. Class will be confirmed (or cancelled if interest is low) on Saturday morning. Check the website and this event page for updates!

Remember: you are more than a part of the universe, you ARE the universe. Any power within the universe is also yours. Namaste. that is inherent in all of us…” ~Pema Chodron

Sunday morning Yoga has a new vibe. Susan and our devoted teachers will create a wonderful yoga practice with a special vibe and the fancy trappings of a mini-workshop with circles, writing, painting, guided meditation, yoga nidra, sharing in community and more! These classes will be held by pre-registration only. Easy online payment of the $15 cost holds your space in the class. Sign up no later than 6pm on the Friday before and we will confirm the class OR promptly refund your payment on Saturday morning if registration is too low.  This class is $15, pre-registration here:  Remember, this Sunday morning class is by registration only from now on!  Be sure to keep an eye on the class page for dates that are confirmed.

NEW CLASS…Power Hour!

We could all use a little wake up/shake up in our lives.  Enter a fast-flow, hour-only yoga class on Thursday nights from 6-7pm with Susan.  The power hour part was easy…vaguely  modeled on the “power yoga” formula of old and 60 minutes long, we will fire up our muscles, shake off stress, challenge our determination and practice effort & ease.  A quickie.  Your Thursday Happy Hour.  A neck-loosening, spine-tingling, stomping kind of practice that will leave you feeling ALIVE AND READY!



Pussy Hat Knitting Circle…every 2nd, 3rd & 4th Thursday at 7pm!

Tracey DiPaolo has been knitting for 23 years & she just got a huge bolt of energy & excitement for teaching YOU to knit your own pussy hat! Circle with Tracey after Pussy Power Yoga on Thursday night, February 23 at 7pm.

This fun, pertinent, supportive gathering is being offered by donation or on a pay-as-you-may basis. Tracey is providing the yarn (pink and black) and has needles to borrow, but if you want to choose and bring your own, please purchase worsted yarn and size 8 needles!

One of our heroines around here, Clarissa PINKola Estes encourages contribution, activism and full engagement by deliniating so many ways to be of use and share your gifts…here are just a few to add to the collective at work:

-more creative life
-more women’s company
-more spirit
-more recognition of sorority
-more neighborhood revolution
-more terrorist sewing circles

“…refuse to be ashamed, lead the way througth and out. Let us not overspend on anger. Instead let us be empowered by it. Most of all let us be cunning and use our feminine wits. Let us keep in mind that the best cannot and must not hide….So come out, come out wherever you are. Leave deep footprints because you can.”

THIS is going to be fun.
Circle begins at 7pm, right after Pussy Power Yoga at 6pm. Join one or the other or both. Yoga is FREE. Knitting Circle is by donation.

Retreat to the Chesapeake Bay Open for Registration Today!…Happy New Dawn Moon

Making Vows…A Chesapeake Retreat for Leaning Into A Bright Future…NOW!
Summer Solstice, June 22-25, 2017 ~ Old Field Point in Elkton, MD…looks good, huh?

Details are RIGHT HERE!

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Northumbria Retreat is OPEN for Registration! Happy New Dawn Moon!

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The Moors of Northumbria…A Wee Dream Come True
September 1-8, 2017…Don’t delay, have a look and see right now!