Myofascial Release & Restorative Yoga Workshop with Ann!

Myofascial Release & Restorative Yoga Workshop with Ann
Saturday, December 17 from 1-3:00pm
Starting with a short flow to warm and loosen up the body we will unravel tension from head to toes using myofascial release, restorative poses, and pranayama (breath work), closing with a short meditation. Learn some techniques you can take home with you to help you restore and release when you need to.
$35 By registration.
$40 at the door if there is availability.
Tennis balls will be provided (to take home!) But if you prefer your own props (such as yoga tuneup balls) please feel free to bring them.
Eye pillows can be nice so bring one if you have one. There will be a limited amount available for purchase ($15).image1-3

Safe House, A Prayer & Some Thoughts In Difficult Times

Be reminded that EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE.  
“…we are a decent and loving people.”  ~CPE
This excerpt from a post by Clarissa Pinkola Estes was the prayer I used while teaching WE RISE yoga Tuesday night. Eleven strong and stunning women gathered to move and dance and rage and stomp and sing and cry and laugh. We blew the roof off the place and emboldened ourselves to trust that we were on the verge of a brilliant and historic affirmation of our own lifeblood and heart wisdom, pulsing in various degrees of certainty and hope that our next leader would be a woman. We prayed our fervor thus: 
“We pray for ourselves, because
We still stand
And because we are
Many and much ourselves.
We pray to be steady like
The many lodge pole pines
Who withstand much
In high winds
Bending, limber,
Hair flying
Trunk creaking
But not breaking
…we pray
Because we are a decent people
We pray
That whatever others say
That is not decent
Whatever others do
That is not decent
Can have no part of us
Seizes no part of us
Infects no part of us
Poisons no part of us
That we remember
The living forest
Holds the mountain
To this earth,
The living forest
Holds the waters
To their beds,
And most of all,
Most of all my babies,
The living forest
Transmutes poison
For all
…we pray
Because we are
That living forest,
We are a living,
Walking forest
In full force,
Because we are
A decent, loving people.
~Clarissa Pinkola Estes
There are no “wrong” responses now. So many of us are heartbroken, incredulous and frightened. Some are getting busy. Some are ranting. Some have taken to their beds. Some just need to talk it out. Admittedly, a few responses are annoying if not worse. I mean there is NO place for swastika graffiti. And, to those of you suggesting that we all just get over ourselves already…I mean, pardon me, but NO. 
I went to sleep late thinking it would all be different in the morning and those last states would clinch the Clinton presidency I was praying for. I awoke early in disbelief and stumbled to teach a yoga class. I carried yet another bag of rose quartz into the studio and offered a practice of gentleness and centering meditation that I trusted in my bones could be helpful to the three weary souls that showed up in the rain.
The first thought to float across my mind was this: ocean earth wind fire is a safe house.
I don’t yet know exactly what that means, but I know it’s true. I hope to God/dess that I was indulging the dramatic, apocalyptic me (still in shock from three hours of nightmares) when I pictured our yoga home in a flash as a makeshift hospital or a staging base for the revolution. But as a sacred space born of my tiny seed vision nine years ago that has been nurtured and tended by so many since then to manifest brilliantly into a school, a sanctuary, a temple, a healing center, a respite, a family hearth and a temple of freedom and presence…”it” has taken on a life of it’s own and will become exactly what is needed and what is helpful.
Entering on Wednesday, I took a deep breath and created a small circle of stones in the middle of the floor. I realized that nothing had changed since the night before. I knew the physical practice would be gentle and quiet rather than wild and bold; but the prayer still held and I read it out loud again and then shared this message in my teaching: 
As yogis, we are blessed. We have been, over all these years, practicing the ways in which to remind ourselves that we are beings of light and love. We have been exploring all the avenues to personal peace and presence. We have been filling our tool boxes with all the implements we need to hammer out and tighten the screws of our own balance, awareness, self-care and connection.
In addition, we KNOW that each bright light is born of darkness. That each blissful crest of the wave will dissolve into a deep trough. We KNOW this. And we also know that we “know” very little…that we are on a journey of discovery, that cycles begin and end and that this thing we call life is ephemeral and changing and full of challenge. Indeed, we know that we are strengthened by the challenges and become lazy in our complacency. We welcome the honing fires of struggle. We learn to relax into ALL experience as necessary on our way towards Grace.
Ok, so we are prepared and equipped for this day and all the days to come.
Step One: Be kind to ourselves. Step one was never any different than this.
Step Two: Be kind to others. Step two was never any different than this.
That’s probably enough to tackle for now. Kindness.
There are two very critical factors, that I must continually remind myself of, so I’ll remind you too.
1. This kindness is for everyone. Not just the ones who think like you and act like you and voted like you yesterday. If we get caught in that trap, we are “going low” and it is clearly a time to “go high”.

2. I recognize my own white privilege as a woman who can go to yoga classes a few times a week (or own a yoga studio). I realize that the advice to utilize the tools we have to re-center and move and act from our own balance just isn’t going to fly with those souls in our country who battle poverty and disenfranchisement and prejudice and hatred every day. Each of us is made of love and light, still, and kindness is our birthright. May we each find a way to BE that.

So it’s deep breaths. And nice music. And good company. And walks in nature. And prayer.
It’s back to buying coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru and random acts of kindness. It’s walking the talk and voicing hard truth which may involve the admission that we each carry bigotry and sexism and that, we too, need to purify, rectify and end the violence we may be perpetuating through our own thoughts and actions.
I’ll be napping and laughing and listening to the rain. I’ll be offering plenty of free loving at the studio, our safe house, during the days and weeks to come. I’ll be here listening and writing and wondering and transmuting the poisons I find in myself and in this wide world into freshness and love. I’ll be grounding in on this Mother Planet and looking up at a forgiving sky.
Let me know how I can help you. I’m here to serve. I am love. I am light.
I pray because we are a decent, loving people.
You can follow future blog posts at The Unwritten Chapter.

A Call to Action

A Call To Action

When we are ready, we MUST respond to need in our local and global communities.

If we oppose the impact of the policies and actions of a leadership which is misaligned with our own ideals and realities, then it is our mandate as citizens to, heaven help us…BE the change we wish to see in the world.

At ocean earth wind fire, we constantly honor, study and practice gratitude for the elements.  We are able to walk to the sink and turn on the water.  But Climate Change and resource destruction through greed are REAL.


Please join me in supporting the efforts at Standing Rock to protect sacred land and the right to clean water by stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Please consider making a direct monetary contribution
In honor of our future generations, 
we fight this pipeline to protect our water, 
our sacred places, and all living beings.
bring new or good-condition second-hand items
to the collection bin at the studio.
Thunder Valley empowers Lakota youth and families to improve health, culture, and environment of their communities through the healing and strengthening of cultural identity.  We will follow their lead on materials and supplies needed on site, such as:
-yurts, carts, and wheel barrels for hauling wood
-firewood (ash, oak, maple)

-heavy duty blankets, canvas, and tarps

-gas generators
-snow tires (various sizes) and tire chains
-winter salt for roads
-tow straps
-storage bins (various sizes)

-subzero sleeping bags, winter boots, coats, and pants
-thermal bed rolls

-wall tents
-tipis, tipi liners for winter, and tipi poles

These are flesh and blood humans who are choosing to stand for all of us.  The conditions will become increasingly difficult as winter sets in.  A collection box for any and all donations will be available at the studio.  Especially winter coats, blankets & tarps are needed.  Please be generous.  Monthly shipments from oewf will be made as items are collected.  If you would like to assist me with shipping costs, please let me know.

Safety Pin=Safe Ally

Safe House…In this house, we don’t tolerate prejudice!

There are people all around us who are feeling unsafe at this time.
Please join me in identifying yourself as a personal Safe House by wearing a safety pin, in clear sight every day. I have a big bowl of them at the studio for you to take and pass out to your family and friends.  I’ll replenish it as long as we keep taking this simple simple simple, yet POWERFUL step to let ALL of our brothers and sisters know that we are with them.

Safety Pin = Safe Ally
To show unity some people are using purple ribbons, some blue. Some are using pearls, some pantsuits.
It doesn’t matter what you use to show that you won’t tolerate prejudice.
The important thing is that if you see something you do something.
Don’t be a by-standard, be an ally.
Step 1. Introduce yourself to the person that looks like they could use a friend.
Step 2. Ask to join their space, safety in numbers. “Hello, may I join you?”
Step 3. Diligently ignore the bully and engage your new friend in pointedly polite conversation.
Step 4. Don’t give in to temptation and engage an aggressive person. If you feel threatened ask other safe looking people to join your group. “Hello, excuse me, I’m feeling uncomfortable. Would you be willing to stand/sit with us until things are safe again?”

Sherry Sidoti Returns…Catch & Release, a weekend of yoga & other things

Catch & Release: A weekend of yoga and other things with Sherry Sidoti

February 17-19th, 2017 at ocean earth wind firesherry-sidoti-beach

Yoga postures, breath-work, meditation, writing, song, dance, ceremony, maybe more.
We will spend the workshops casting the line into our inner ocean to see what hooks, what drags, what catches and what wants to swim away.
Integrate through a fluid yoga practices, commune through sharing stories, and triumph over what has us caught as we choose to reel it in or set it free.
Each workshop will work with a specific meditation, chant , yoga style and writing prompt to get the vibe going. What happens next?
we’ll just have to wait and see what tugs the line…
Friday Evening: Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga  6-8pm  $45
Saturday Session One: Yin Yoga  11:30-2pm  $60
Saturday Session Two: Bhakti Vinyasa Yoga  $60
Both Saturday Sessions for $110

Tuesday Night Yoga is BACK in the studio at 7pm tonight!


Yoga Teacher Training…BIG News!

13938477_10157271193310405_5069761909908604799_n-1Ocean Earth Wind Fire is home to the very best Yoga Teacher Training around.
Living Mandala Yoga‘s director, Danielle Dulsky has created and runs a thorough, deep and intensive training program here…it is thriving and growing and graduating sacred-thinking and feeling teachers!

The program is taking an exciting new turn in 2017!

Our teacher training programs are top-rated by our students, fully accredited by Yoga Alliance, and NOW more accessible to those who do not live locally.
Registration is open for both the 200-hour (Foundational) and 300-hour (Advanced) programs, with immersion-style training beginning in January 2017.

Both trainings are led by the programs’ founder and creatrix, Danielle Dulsky (E-RYT 500, YACEP), and complete curriculum, philosophy, schedule, and payment information is available on her website. Or have a look on Facebook here!

Please note that if you are interested in a payment program, you must register by October 1, 2016.

Registration packets available upon request (Email Danielle.)

Whether you have always wanted to be a yoga teacher or are enthralled by learning more about the practice for your own soul-enhancement, please explore the details soon!

NEW STAFF!..OEWF Announces Counseling Therapist, Jennifer Lubas

We are so pleased to welcome Jennifer Lubas, NCC, LPC, RYT to our professional staff at ocean earth wind fire!  It has long been our dream to offer support and care to our community with a diverse team of practitioners and we are thrilled to announce this new addition.
Jen is excited to announce her partnership with Ocean Earth Wind Fire. Along with her Mid-Week Mindful Mediation and yoga class she is bringing her private therapy and coaching practice, Compassionate Presence, LLC to the studio in September, 2016!
She will be offering individualized counseling or coaching that can include traditional talk therapy, mindfulness based stress reduction strategies, yoga based strategies, meditation, and DBT informed strategies. She has extensive experience working with women, men and young adults going through transition and looking to heal past wounds while learning to stay in the present moment.
Jen is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Board Certified Counselor and a Registered Yoga Instructor. She has been in the counseling profession for 16 years and is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and yoga-based therapy as well as traditional talk therapy. She has been practicing yoga for 13 years and meditation for 8 years. She is currently in the 300 hour yoga teacher training program at OEWF and has just finished the pre-requisite course for Life Force Yoga, Yoga Skills for Therapists.
“The mind and body are not separate. We will work together to look inward for healing and growth and develop a plan to guide you where you want to go. I will hold space for you to look for those places that need gentle attention and help you learn more about your true self.” ~Jen
“Don’t turn your head. Keep Looking for the bandaged place. That is where the light enters you.” ~Rumi”Jen Lubas

Did you know…Goddesses Blog?!

Check out our blog! at

Soak in some water lovin’ sloshing out from the Ocean Workshop last Saturday…

AND…get all the goods on the Earth Workshop this coming Sunday, August 14 at 10:45am. You must register to attend. This workshop pre-empts our regular Sunday morning yoga class…but that returns on Aug 21 and 28…

Elemental Workshops with Susan…next up: FIRE! Saturday, December 10…

fire-heartFire * Ignite…Fan the Flames of Fear, Forgiveness & Creativity, Firepit Fun
This is the FINAL installment of the Elemental Series, which has been rescheduled with the perfect timing into Post-Election/Pre-Holiday Season!

We are feeling fear, frustration AND the impetus to act, but there is much that gets in the way of our productivity and effectiveness. Let’s give our fears a name and a lovely place to sit, while we take control of our selves and our movements out into the world, so that our actions can be sourced from clarity and love.
IT’S ELEMENTAL…Find Yourself in Nature Workshops w/Susan
EVERY time I teach the elements, the wisdom and the resonance becomes deeper and more meaningful…for me AND for my students. Especially, in the retreat setting, I am able to explore and expand the rich and reliable practice of observing, honoring, appreciating and USING water, wind, rock and heat as a way into self-understanding, soul-awareness and a really, really nice feeling of wholeness and well-being.
This session will include movement, breathwork and a circle ceremony that will mark your very cells with the teachings. Practical ways to keep the practice going on your own at home will be clear and simple.

Registration is open.

Ocean * I Am Washed by the Water…Blessings Flow, a Sacred Communion
Earth * Standing Here…Earthing, Cairns & Little Altars Everywhere
Wind * Begin Again…Freedom by Pranayama & Prayer, Sweeping Out/Sweeping In
Fire * Ignite…Fan the Flames of Fear, Forgiveness & Creativity, Firepit Fun
You must pay in advance to be able to attend…please register online.