2020 Yoga Retreat Schedule…all OPEN for Registration!

2020 ~ time to transform & shine
Silence & Song, The Exuberance of Springtime

March 29 @Bethel Road, Spring City, PA  Your local day retreat with space for eight guests.  $160 per person  Susan Madden-Cox & Amber Campman  Payment in full will hold your spot.  Registration is open through March 8.
The Magic of Martha’s Vineyard

May 27-31  West Tisbury, MA  Susan Madden-Cox & Tamara Sheen
SOLD OUT  (Please contact me directly to be put on a waiting list.)
Rise Up, A New Moon Solstice Solar Eclipse on the River,
What Could Go Right?

June 18-21  Old Field Point, Elkton, MD  Our secluded luxury retreat location perched on acres of gardens overlooking the Elk River.  Only ninety minutes from home with the ambiance and thrill of being worlds away.  Space for eight guests.  Susan Madden-Cox, Virginia McKinnie & Tamara Sheen  $990 per person  Your $250 deposit will hold your spot.  Registration is open through May 19.
Fire Tending in the Southwest, Claiming Yourself Whole & Holy 
September 17-22 Taos Goji, New Mexico  A fresh and exciting journey into the mystical, wide open spaces of the Southwest.  Come celebrate the Autumnal Equinox.  Space for sixteen guests, both men and women welcome.  Please explore our home-base at Taos Goji…pictured above, a magnetic and majestic destination.  Susan Madden-Cox, Virginia McKinnie & Tamara Sheen  $2020 shared accomodations  $2200 private  (Pricing includes all lodging, meals & programming.  Does not include airfare, ground travel or optional day excursion expenses.)  Your $500 deposit will hold your spot.  Registration is open through May 19.
Tipping the Balance, Writing a New Story

Oct 17-18  @Bethel Road, Spring City, PA  A new offering this year, my local two-day Home Retreat for Goddesses…our foray into sisterhood and wellness.  There won’t ever be a time when self-care won’t be the priority.  Practice is a turning point you need.  Susan Madden-Cox & Amber Campman  Space for eight guests.  $240 per person  Your payment in full will hold your spot.  Lodging for out-of-town guests at an additional cost will be determined.  Registration is open through September 12.

Cha cha cha changes


A few changes for the week of February 23!

A Yoga Nidra Pop Up class is scheduled for Monday night 2/24 at 6:30pm…everyone is welcome!  Drop in or use your punch card.  It’s time for dreamy rest and restoration!

Yoga classes for Tuesday night 2/25 and Wednesday morning 2/26 are cancelled this week.
All back to normal the following week!

Sanctuary Saturdays Are Back!…Six New Dates in 2020!


Sanctuary Saturdays are back, my dears, with six great new gatherings on the calendar to help us write the new story of 2020 with confidence and Grace!

First Saturdays from 10-12pm

February 1:  Brigid Beds, Seeding the Future
April 4:  Re-Wilding Dirt Dig, Planetary Lovemaking
June 6:  Glamor Candles, The Fire of Desire
August 1:  Coronation Celebration, Trees & Queens Rising
October 3:  Harvest & Sigil Splash, Bringing the Outside In
December 5:  Advent Gardens, When Fairies Come Home for the Holidays

All workshops are available to everyone by registration only, $25 or you can pre-purchase any two for $40. Space is limited to 8 participants and will sell out quickly!  When you use the “Any Two” pay button, please contact me directly to let me know which months you want to attend!

Sanctuary Saturday is your happy time! Come for Wake Up Yoga and stay or arrive between 9:30-10am for the workshops only!

Easy Peasy to Get to Bethel Road!

The new location of ocean earth wind fire…& all yoga classes, bodywork sessions, workshops and day retreats:

203 Bethel Rd, Spring City, PA 19475

Some GPSs are leading peeps astray! I’m NOT on Bethel CHURCH Road…I AM on Bethel Road which runs between Pughtown Road and 23; so whether you’re traveling west from Phoenixville on Pughtown or 23 or traveling east from Rt 100 on Pughtown or 23, you will turn onto Bethel Road and look for 203 which is marked on the mailbox. It’s VERY straightforward and fast and there is parking on both sides of the house for your convenience. Just be aware that you might not be able to trust your GPS.

Parking is to the right of the house in my driveway and to the left of the house by the barn.  If you park near the barn, please angle your car in towards the house, leaving plenty of room for the barn access to be used by tractors & trucks if necessary!

Freya-Moon Women’s Circle…2020 Circles are OPEN for registration!

Freya-Moon Women’s Circle
One Friday/month…7-9pm
Freya is a Nordic Earth Goddess of fertility, celebration and passion, and no wonder, then, that the day of the week Friday was named in her honor!

Freya’s message to all who are preparing to awaken is this: “Don’t play it safe right now. Instead, take bold action in the direction of your true heart’s desire. Success comes not from timidity but from committing yourself fully to realizing your dream. Hold the clear intention of success and it shall come about. Enjoy the excitement of taking risks, of being bold, and of being daring. And be sure to celebrate…”

I say we roll with that, and invite the moon too and all of our sisters and mothers and women we love to sit with us in circle and sharing and celebration! Freya-Moon Circle is held one Friday evening every month (the Friday closest to the full moon)…each month will bring a new tale to tell. $30/Goddess must be pre-paid…only 11 spaces per month, so register early to hold your seat.  You can pre-purchase a membership/Goddess-ship to attend six circles for the discounted price of $120.  Even if you miss a couple, you’ll still save and be investing in a commitment to serve your soul.  (Also, it dawned on me to list out the dates on pay buttons, so check your calendar and purchase ahead so you don’t miss out!)


New Whole Living Therapy with Susan!

Let’s get to the heart of the matter and bring you back to life FAST! Purchase and book three consecutive weekly 45-minute sessions at a discounted rate to really kick-start your return to balance and glee. It’s a no holds barred kind of badassery that is worthy of your commitment, focus and devotion. Three sessions are $266. Why are you waiting to put this strain and trouble in the past? Let’s fast-forward together!  Email Susan directly to book.  Spring has sprung!

Blue Eggs & Yoga, Custom Retreats w/Tamara & Susan

The Big Picture: Blue Eggs & Yoga
Did you know that Tamara & I will create a perfect CUSTOM RETREAT for your special occasion? Think Domestic Luxury Locations…Martha’s Vineyard ~ Chesapeake Bay ~ Berkshires ~ & Beyond! Reserve your sacred space or ours for our expert facilitation of
yoga ~ bodywork ~ ritual ~ ceremony ~ adventures ~ exploration ~ nature ~ fun
You and your family, your friends and loved ones will revel & relax in connection & care! Retreats include all meals: whole, fresh & nutrient-dense feasting for optimal gut biome health to your specifications. 1, 2, 3 & 7 night resets are available for your rejuvenation. Wouldn’t you love a personal chef, yoga teacher and massage therapist at your beck and call? The “full monty” pricing begins at $220 per person, but each aspect of your getaway will be tailored to your needs. Birthday, bachelorette, just for fun…simply contact Susan to get the ball rolling. A lead time of two or more months is suggested.

“we hold the whole of life,sweet grapes and bitter,healing herbs -we hold until we overflow and offer back the gifts that we’ve received”

The Sanctuary Practices: One-to-One

New this year in the expedition towards wellness and wholeness, I initiate…


The Sanctuary Practices: Your Personal Freedom…a one-to-one reintegration-solution designed specifically and only for you. Bring me your sports injury, your headaches, your carpel tunnel! Come bare the bones of your anxiety, your stuckness and lethargy. We will concoct the remedy through hands-on manipulation, crystal healing, yoga nidra, oracles, herbs, artistry and togetherness. Personal home practices, sadhana, book study and meditation may be prescribed as home-work. Sessions may be scheduled in one-hour or half-hour sessions. Sometimes one little spark can become the catalyst to arriving home to your holy self and your birthright freedom.
Any and all therapy sessions may be scheduled by contacting me directly by email at
Convenient pay buttons and discounted packages are available on the website.