Springtime Equinox Day Retreat 3/11 1-6pm

Springtime Equinox Day Retreat 3/11 1-6pm

Take the time to honor yourself and begin to peel away the layers of winter with a day filled of chocolate bliss, dance, yoga, and meditation at OEWF! In a safe space, we will engage in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, sharing pure Guatemalan Cacao to open our hearts. We will then release and lingering energies that no longer serve us through Ecstatic Dance, a movement meditation where, together, we can express ourselves safely and freely through dance without judgement. Expect to sweat! Finally we will end the day with a Yin Yoga practice to balance our energies and go inward one last time before we blossom into Spring. Space is limited, so please RSVP!  $40 please register here!

Reiki Share! Finally…2/11 2-4pm

Reiki Share 2/11 2-4pm

Activate your love light with a Reiki Share at Ocean Earth Wind Fire! Non-practitioners, beginner’s, and master’s are all welcome. Expect to be sharing on the floor and bring any tools that you use in your practice. This a wonderful opportunity to share your light and energy with others in the community as well as to practice and learn some new tricks. RSVP to let us know you will be there!

$10 registration here:)


Sacred Space Women’s Circle: New Moon Intentions 1/14 6-8pm

Sacred Space Women’s Circle: New Moon New Intentions 1/14 6-8pm


Invite in the New Year with this Sacred Women’s Circle. Led by Mandi Rush, we will join together the Sunday before the Year’s First New Moon in meditation and ritual to help us consecrate our intentions. Wear comfortable clothes and expect light movement. Feel free to bring a journal and any items to charge on the altar. Come join us at Ocean Earth Wind Fire and let’s channel our Inner Goddesses together. Space is limited, so please RSVP!   $20…Register here!

Holiday Shopping!

Our boutique is still chock-full with the creations of an exclusive posse of artists and producers here in the studio for your shopping pleasure:  Star Dancer Designs, Siobhan Bedford, Earth & Sky Soap & Storms End Homestead…shopping local never looked so good!  Shop any time you come for yoga or therapy OR email Susan to set up a time to stop by!

Some of our Yoga and Massage Shop Small Offers are still available thru December 24.  When you support ocean earth wind fire, you literally impact the livelihoods of real women offering resonant and healing work to the community…YOUR community.  Thank you, ALWAYS, for standing by us.  These sales are one small way we say THANK YOU for your loyalty and love.

Let’s be clear.  Massage is luxurious…but should never be considered a luxury!  Applied with consistency, massage is basic self-care for well-being…like hydrating…like eating well…like exercise.  If you wish to give your love a gift that will make a mark, will matter and will manifest a new appreciation for healthy, vibrant living; then give massage!
Mary and Susan are here for you!  Our clients don’t know how they ever muddled through without us.  Bliss happens in the sweet retreat therapy room on our upper levels on the daily!  What makes you wait?
We’ve slashed prices for holiday giving and these will be the lowest prices of the year!  Gift certificates are festive, ready and waiting.  You can purchase online or stop by the studio to nab yours.  In ten years, I’ve NEVER had a recipient of a gifted session of bodywork not be enthusiastically thrilled.  Give love.
Mary Edmonds is the therapist working on MY body and she ROCKS!  She’s offering one-hour full-body massage for $80 and a Prescriptive 5-Session Package for $325 ($65/session…which let me just say…is unheard of for an expert therapist!)
I still have the Shop Small Sale live with single sessions for $95 (regularly $110) and 6-Pack Subscriptions for $480 (regularly $510)…but these supplies are limited and the special pricing ends on Dec 24.
Let’s review, shall we???  Your body and your love’s body (partner, bff, sibling, kiddo, coworker, MIL) NEED attention.  Our bodies crave relaxation and integration.  We have that…in spades…at great prices.  Got it?

Yoga and massage gifts have been flying off the shelves…be sure to snag yours this week.  Can’t wait to see you!  Email me if you need to come to shop at an “off” time.

I personally curated these artisans and makers, but their creations BLOW ME AWAY!
All talented.
All resourceful.
All spirited.
All sharing their inspired process with the world.
All deserving of YOUR support!

10-Class My Tribe Punch Card with Susan  $108 (regular punch card price $130)
10-Class My Tribe Punch Card with Lisa, Tracey, Mandi & Leigh $108 

This is a new offering that warrants some explanation.  This “My Tribe” punch card is an idea we are testing out now for possible launch in the new year.  With a “My Tribe” punch card, students enjoy the deepest discounts on yoga classes when they commit to one teacher (and the other students committing to that teacher) for a period of time.  For this Shop Small Sale, the following cards are available for $108:
My Tribe w/Susan:  Tuesdays 6:30pm/Wednesdays 9:30am/Fridays 9:30am/Saturdays 8:15am
My Tribe w/Mandi:  Thursdays 6:30pm/Sundays 4:30pm
My Tribe with Tracey:  Wednesdays 12noon/Thursdays 9:30am
My Tribe with Lisa:  Wednesdays 7pm
My Tribe with Leigh:  Fridays 11am
All “My Tribe” Punch Cards are valid for 12 weeks.  Students are welcome to use “My Tribe” Punch Cards and Open Punch Cards during the same time period.


December Stuff You Absolutely Want to Know About



cornucopia cheat sheet
Sun, 12/17, 12:30-3:30 Nourishing the Gut
Fri, 12/29, 6pm NY Happy Hour Yoga & Family Dinner
Monday, Jan 1, 2018 11am Reboot Yoga!
& more…some details are still in progress…
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New Year’s Day Recovery & Reboot!

New Year’s Day Recovery and Reboot  January 1, 2018 at 11am


‘Let go of the last year and what no longer serves you in this New Year’s Day practice. Expect a delicious combination of restorative, grounding, and detoxifying postures designed to help us embrace the upcoming year. Whether you believe in resolutions or not, there’s no denying we could all use a little more Yoga in our lives!’

NEW TEACHER~~~NEW TIME~~~YIN YOGA…yes, I’m yelling! This is epic!

This breathtaking/breath~giving, gorgeous one is launching a sweet YIN yoga practice on Friday mornings…THIS WEEK!!!  Don’t miss this sweet pocket of Grace…every Friday at 11am…

Leigh is an RYT 200 trained by Danielle Dulsky. She also received her Yin certification with Corina Benner and Spirit Speak certification with Seane Corn.   Leigh loves yoga! She believes it is our divine birthright and a way to plug into our true self. She also aspires to the notion that living each and every moment of our lives as an offering, or form of prayer, is the key to peace, happiness and contentment. She combines both of these philosophies in her teaching practice and offers spirit-based Yin classes that focus on bringing us back into our bodies to find calmness, peace and perhaps even a glimpse into our true nature.
Leigh is a non-dual meditation student of Scott McBride and Adyashanti. She is also a devoted mother of two teenage girls and loves to laugh (a lot ).

Yin Yoga
“We don’t use our body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into our body.” Bernie Clark
A spiritually nourishing class that supports your journey back into your body to release tension, energetic blocks and stress! Yin yoga helps us to strengthen the connective tissue that holds the entire ecosystem of our bodies and restores balance to our physical and subtle energy systems. Each week we will take time to honor and explore our bodies, inner world and mystical concepts in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Death & Dying, A Workshop Series with Selena Morresi

Death and Dying Workshop:

Death touches all of our lives. It is a part of the natural flow of nature; as things arise and fall, so shall we all. Let the seasons help guide us through an exploration of grief, death and dying.

Beginning this winter starting January 19th 2018, we will meet once a season to explore grief, death and dying and allow the quality of the seasons to guide us. The goal of this workshop is to explore what we fear about death, how we can find meaning in death, how we can celebrate those who have died, and how we can prepare for our own death and live a fuller life.

Please bring a journal to write in. We will be seated on the floor during most of the workshop so feel free to bring blankets and pillows.

Winter -January 19th, 2018 6:30-8pm   Healing and embracing darker days: finding meaning in death, and acknowledging our fear of death.

Spring – (Date TBA) Moving from darkness to light, renewal, and finding life from death.

Summer – (Date TBA) Embracing death through the lens of life and how we can honor and celebrate those who have died.

Fall- (Date TBA) Contemplation and preparation for our own death and life.

The cost of each workshop is $25.  Please pre-register to attend.

Selena Morresi has always had a passion for learning and was a very curious child who loved to explore new ideas and activities. Never quite sure of what she wanted to be when she “grew up” lead to an 10 year undergrad career as she changed her major many times to explore all that college had to offer. Once Selena realized that becoming a professional student was not an option, she completed her Bachelors in Psychology and later received a Masters degree in Public Health. Selena is still learning and growing and has become a Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Heath Educator and a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist.  Selena is currently completing a certification in Holistic Stress Management, receiving her Reiki Master Teacher Attunement in October and plans to peruse her Death Doula certification this summer in New Mexico. Selena works as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist by day, helping people change their behavior and quit using nicotine products. At night Selena is adjunct faculty at West Chester University in the Health Department where she teaches courses that focus on Mental Health and Death and Dying.

Prenatal Yoga Continues-OPEN to Drop-Ins:)

Prenatal Yoga Sessions continue at Ocean Earth Wind & Fire! Every Monday @ 7:15pm from September 18th-October 23rd

The 6-week session will meet every Monday at 7:15PM and is taught by Cassidy Carre (RYT 200 certified and advocate for maternal self care whom is also expecting this December).

Pregnancy is a miraculous event accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions, physical changes, and many, questions. During this season of change, it’s imperative to nurture ourselves and cultivate the tools that will help relax and strengthen our bodies and alleviate anxieties during pregnancy and while also preparing the body for labor.

The class series is dedicated to the expecting mama that includes safe yoga postures that help safely stretch, strengthen, and move the body in ways that the body craves. We include breathing techniques, connecting with baby, and meditation, all in a supportive and cozy environment.

Meet other pregnant woman to share each other’s company, advice, concerns, and excitement within our safe space. This class is for all mamas, all trimesters, and preconception and Postpartum are welcome too! Pre-registration is required:; Please email to reserve your spot! $90 for 6 classes 💛 we will prorate if you know ahead of time a date you will be missing. e-mail us with any questions or concerns.

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AND…get all the goods on the Earth Workshop this coming Sunday, August 14 at 10:45am. You must register to attend. This workshop pre-empts our regular Sunday morning yoga class…but that returns on Aug 21 and 28…