Lifeboat Yoga~A Fundraiser for Hurricane Relief…WE RAISED $634…THANK YOU!

October 15, Sunday, 1-4pm at Phoenix Village

“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.” ~Rumi

Join ocean earth wind fire for an afternoon of yoga, togetherness and transformation to raise cold, hard cash to bring relief to the scores of human Americans living a cold, harsh reality in the aftermath of Harvey, Irma & Maria.

Because we are able, we must show up and provide kindness, support and care.

Susan Madden-Cox & the OEWF family will bring yoga, massage, meditation, breathwork & refreshment and meet YOU in the soaringly beautiful lobby of Phoenix Village at 131 Bridge Street in the heart of historic Phoenixville.

Enjoy yoga taught by the ocean tribe, a mini-workshop of self-care & care sharing, a meditation for peace & healing and a friendly reception with food & drink to celebrate our ONE-ness.
Your attendance automatically enters you in a raffle for prizes that include yoga class cards, 1-hour Massage Gift Certificates, private yoga sessions & more.

The cost to attend this dance of spirit, movement and service is $33. Donations of a greater monetary value are welcome and appreciated; and you can purchase your tickets and make your offering at Through the generous co-sponsorship of Phoenix Village & our neighbors in community, we will donate EVERY dollar raised to One America Appeal, an inspired heart-storm of leadership in service.

The One America Appeal is a joint appeal that was originally launched by all five living former American Presidents to encourage their fellow citizens to support recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey — which inundated the Texas Gulf Coast with unprecedented flooding. This special appeal has been expanded to include areas most affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Please join us. Please invite your friends & family & neighbors.
And if you can’t attend, please consider making a donation.

“Help your brother’s boat across, and lo!, your own has reached the shore.” ~Hindu Proverb

Essential Elements: A Seasonal Workshop Series for Finding Yourself in Nature

Essential Elements: A Seasonal Workshop Series for Finding Yourself in Nature
with Susan Madden-Cox

EVERY time I teach the elements, the wisdom and the resonance becomes deeper and more meaningful…for me AND for my students. I relish the opportunity to explore and expand the rich and reliable practice of observing, honoring, appreciating and USING water, wind, rock and heat as a way into self-understanding, soul-awareness and a really, really nice feeling of wholeness and well-being.

Did you know that each season of the year correlates to an element? Circle with Susan 4 times every year to re-attune to the natural teachings present to us always as useful and accessible tools for realignment and health. Each workshop will include movement, discussion and creativity in a delightful blend that is sure to inspire. Practical ways to keep the practice going on your own at home will be clear and simple.

Registration is open! $45 for each two-hour reboot!

Earth December 3, 2017 1-3pm
Deep Winter Roots, Cairns & Little Altars Everywhere

Wind March 4, 2018 1-3pm
Begin Again…Freedom Through Pranayama & Prayer, Sweeping Out & Sweeping In

Fire June 2018 (TBA)
Flames of Creativity, Forgiveness, Fear Chair & A Fire Circle

Ocean September 2018 (TBA)
I Am Washed by the Water…Blessings Flow, A Sacred Communion

10th Anniversary Yoga & Dinner & Open House Celebration!

Loves! ocean earth wind fire is turning 10!!!

Please celebrate with us on Friday, October 20!
Amber & I are cooking up a wonderful evening of feast and frolic to bless our sacred space and dance this sanctuary into her 11th year! It’s a multi-faceted event cause that’s how we roll…

This is a TICKETED EVENT and we only have space for 14 so click the link below to hold your mat space and your seat at the laden table.

Susan will pull out all the stops for a sensual and ELEMENTAL yoga swoon…we will create ceremony and communion with blessed waters, crystal collaborators, sweet chanting and a sacred fire! Perhaps a musical guest? No doubt it will be EPIC!

Amber has a delicious Harvest menu designed just for us:

Cheese Board with Seasonal Fruits, Baguette and Local Honey
Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
Autumn Cider and Herb Salmon
Broccoli, Lentil and Arugula Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette
Juicy Pear and Apple Crisp

Bauman’s Mulled Apple Cider
Susan will provide the Ginger Cocktails, wine & beer to compliment these yummy dishes…pure delight around the big table with the yoga afterglow and candlelight. I can’t wait!

Yoga & Dinner is $55 per person and tickets must be paid in advance as we only have space for 14 at this “family” gathering.

At 9pm, we will open the doors to everyone in an open house party that is certain to rock the neighborhood! Drop by anytime before midnight to dance, laugh, imbibe and remenisce.

Honoring this sacred building, this expanding family and our very presence in the world is an act of love and blessing. Please come!

Death & Dying, A Workshop Series with Selena Morresi

Death and Dying Workshop:

Death touches all of our lives. It is a part of the natural flow of nature; as things arise and fall, so shall we all. Let the seasons help guide us through an exploration of grief, death and dying.

Beginning this winter starting January 19th 2018, we will meet once a season to explore grief, death and dying and allow the quality of the seasons to guide us. The goal of this workshop is to explore what we fear about death, how we can find meaning in death, how we can celebrate those who have died, and how we can prepare for our own death and live a fuller life.

Please bring a journal to write in. We will be seated on the floor during most of the workshop so feel free to bring blankets and pillows.

Winter -January 19th, 2018 6:30-8pm   Healing and embracing darker days: finding meaning in death, and acknowledging our fear of death.

Spring – (Date TBA) Moving from darkness to light, renewal, and finding life from death.

Summer – (Date TBA) Embracing death through the lens of life and how we can honor and celebrate those who have died.

Fall- (Date TBA) Contemplation and preparation for our own death and life.

The cost of each workshop is $25.  Please pre-register to attend.

Selena Morresi has always had a passion for learning and was a very curious child who loved to explore new ideas and activities. Never quite sure of what she wanted to be when she “grew up” lead to an 10 year undergrad career as she changed her major many times to explore all that college had to offer. Once Selena realized that becoming a professional student was not an option, she completed her Bachelors in Psychology and later received a Masters degree in Public Health. Selena is still learning and growing and has become a Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Heath Educator and a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist.  Selena is currently completing a certification in Holistic Stress Management, receiving her Reiki Master Teacher Attunement in October and plans to peruse her Death Doula certification this summer in New Mexico. Selena works as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist by day, helping people change their behavior and quit using nicotine products. At night Selena is adjunct faculty at West Chester University in the Health Department where she teaches courses that focus on Mental Health and Death and Dying.

Tuesday Night Yoga Comes HOME to Roost

Tuesday night yoga classes return to our studio sanctuary on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 6:30pm!  Our outdoor season at Audubon was pure bliss this year and the season ended on Sept 26 with a beautiful practice and a fire circle.  (Did you know that September, being the ninth month, is considered a time of completion and that October is a 10 (!) of new beginnings?!?!)  Begin something new next week with Susan when we cozy into the studio and practice by candlelight with Grace.

We Have a NEW Massage Therapist! Meet Mary Edmonds:)

Welcome Our New Massage Therapist!
First time clients $60/hour; $90/90 min
Regular rates apply thereafter $80/hr; $110/90 min
Packages available at reduced rate.
Mary Edmonds, ThM, LMT
Professional Member AMTA

Mary is a Licensed Massage Therapist trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymph Drainage and Reflexology. A graduate of the Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks in Pottstown, she also holds an MA in Theology and Certification in Transpersonal Psychology. As a Pastoral Counselor and Social Therapist for 19 years, she has accompanied many through physical pain and emotional trauma through active witnessing and authentic listening. Her massage sessions can be a silent haven created to induce deep relaxation and centering of the body, mind and soul.  Yet, she also enjoys working on athletes for a more intense session of deep bodywork and breathing exercises to help heal and rejuvenate.


New Moon Dreamwork Circle Every Month…next up Wed, Sept 27@ 8pm

Join Megan for a New Moon Dreamwork Circle, every month on the Wednesday closest to the new moon! In this circle we will delve deep into dreamspeak, the unique language of your dreams, and the messages your dreams are trying to gift you. In addition to group discussion, we may use guided mediation, oracle cards, tarot cards, ritual, or reenactment to get closer to the dreams. After dreamwork has finished, we will make moon wishes for the upcoming lunar cycle.

All are welcome to join, as we are not alone as we sometimes fool ourselves into believing, but instead are ALL ONE. To prepare, bring at least one dream that you are interested in discussing. Suggested donation is $15.

All of life goes through cycles. While full moons are a time of high manifestation and activity, new moons are a time of introspection, stillness, and intention setting. A new moon is the space between breaths, the momentary void between death and rebith. The light has fully receded into darkness, and the sky has an emptiness where the moon used to be. During the time of the moon’s retreat, we too have the opportunity channel into ourselves to let go of stale energy and prepare for the new cycle. As Demetra George puts it, “the point between destruction and creation, where a matter becomes energy, is called transformation.”

By incorporating dreamwork into new moon rituals, we can begin identifying the patterns of our subconscious, such as our unconscious beliefs, fears, aspirations, desires, and even our shadows. Once we understand the language of our our dreams, we can absorb the messages they offer us, allowing us to integrate disparate parts of ourselves and come into a more comprehensive self-awareness.

Prenatal Yoga Continues-OPEN to Drop-Ins:)

Prenatal Yoga Sessions continue at Ocean Earth Wind & Fire! Every Monday @ 7:15pm from September 18th-October 23rd

The 6-week session will meet every Monday at 7:15PM and is taught by Cassidy Carre (RYT 200 certified and advocate for maternal self care whom is also expecting this December).

Pregnancy is a miraculous event accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions, physical changes, and many, questions. During this season of change, it’s imperative to nurture ourselves and cultivate the tools that will help relax and strengthen our bodies and alleviate anxieties during pregnancy and while also preparing the body for labor.

The class series is dedicated to the expecting mama that includes safe yoga postures that help safely stretch, strengthen, and move the body in ways that the body craves. We include breathing techniques, connecting with baby, and meditation, all in a supportive and cozy environment.

Meet other pregnant woman to share each other’s company, advice, concerns, and excitement within our safe space. This class is for all mamas, all trimesters, and preconception and Postpartum are welcome too! Pre-registration is required:; Please email to reserve your spot! $90 for 6 classes 💛 we will prorate if you know ahead of time a date you will be missing. e-mail us with any questions or concerns.

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Soak in some water lovin’ sloshing out from the Ocean Workshop last Saturday…

AND…get all the goods on the Earth Workshop this coming Sunday, August 14 at 10:45am. You must register to attend. This workshop pre-empts our regular Sunday morning yoga class…but that returns on Aug 21 and 28…