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Susan Madden-Cox

For nearly two decades, I have trained with national greats & local wonders of the yoga & therapy community, but my teaching expertise sources from an abiding care for my students, my deep belief in the magic of yoga & a truly integrated sense that it is indeed our true nature to shine.  I am dedicated to continuous training & education that will allow me to meet the unique needs of my many students & clients and also allow me to grow more fully into my embodied & vibrant self.  My massage therapy training at Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy, served to deepen my understanding of the physical and energetic body, our defaults for holding/blocking and our capacity to return to balance.

We are miraculously wired to heal ourselves, and through yoga and massage, I am able to help you facilitate that healing!

My teacher & friend, Sherry Sidoti, urges:  “yoga is relationship & EVERYONE’S soul wants to heal…that’s YOUR job!”
I take this encouragement, the call and responsibility deeply to heart.

I implore you to open wide and meet me where I am…we can take this next step together…

On a personal note (where you will always find me), I am blessed with a loving family:  Kyle, his wife Sarah & my amazing granddaughters Roan & Wren, Elliot, her husband John & my grandson Calvin & Brigham…the astonishing & awakening individuals from whom I learn something every day!  I am humbled by the parade of stunning souls that arrive in this space as the years and moments unfold…those that linger and those passing through.  You hold me up, you touch me , you make me laugh, you shake me to the core.
Thank you for that.  Aho.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

If you want to reach me, the fastest way is by email.  I’m terrible with the phone…we all have our stuff.