Basics Workshops with Mandi!

Basics Workshops with Mandi Rush
Are you a new to a yoga practice looking for some clarity on common yoga class terms and expressions? Or are you a practitioner who is looking for a little spice in their existing practice? Maybe you are simply someone who has a body and wants to use it more?
Regardless of your reason, the Basics Workshop exists for you!
Each Basics Workshop will explore a popularly practiced yoga posture and breathing technique through thorough discussion and movement. At the end of our time together, you will have gained greater insight in how to maximize YOUR experience in a class setting or home practice. You might even leave feeling capable to incorporate more yoga throughout your day!
Workshops will be held on the dates and times listed below at Ocean Earth Wind Fire. Light refreshments will be served afterward.
Cost: $30 or $100 for All
Saturdays 10:00-11:30
2/2/19 Breath and the Seat
3/2/19 Cat Cow
4/6/19 Down Dog
5/4/19 Sun Salutations
The 12:00 Karma Yoga class following each workshop will be offered to you at a discounted rate, giving you the opportunity to fully integrate your practice!