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Yoga is yoga, it’s true. Every bit of it is healing, strengthening, balancing, illuminating and fun. You should try all kinds of styles, classes, teachers and times. You’ll find yoga that sings to your soul and yoga that firms up your butt. You’ll get attached to specific themes and voices and sequencing. You’ll learn that busting out of those attachments and what you are used to, your comfort zone, can teach you even more than you ever thought about your body, your mind and your heart of hearts. You’ll get theory, anatomy, poetry and some incredible silliness and laughter. As they say…”it’s ALL good”.

We don’t “level” our classes here at ocean earth, because everyone is welcome all the time and our teachers are gifted and can meet you as an individual whatever your needs are. As a staff, we’ve hit a level of excitement about bringing our love of yoga into the community, to you!, and decided to rename our offerings with a matching active energy and a happy list of favorite verbs. So instead of our class schedule reading: yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga, restorative yoga, yoga; it now reflects a vibe and a flavor that helps you to feel our passions and hear our voices. Things might change again one day, and that will be fun too, but for now we hope our excitement will spill over to you, then on to your family and friends…the goodness and bliss of yoga spiraling out in ever-widening circles of grace and light.



restore (v) to put or bring back into existence or use, to bring back to original state, renew
This is a beautiful opportunity to begin again. Slow and steady not only wins the race, but brings you back to a place of healing, awareness and calm. So dreamy

wake up yoga…Awaken
(v) to cause to become awake or conscious, to breathe life into
They thought it was a sweet and stretchy slow-rise but it’s more like a very loud alarm clock! Wake up already! Time to move your body, break a sweat, hone the body and break through any resistance that keeps you from being truly alive and awake

Ah Monday’s don’t have to be so hard….join me for slow, nourishing Yin yoga on Monday evenings…5:45 – 7 p.m.
This yoga class will offer you a calm space to unwind and get centered for the week ahead. We will explore Yin-style poses, some breathing and meditation, as well as a sprinkling of readings designed to inspire and nourish. The first six-weeks of this series will focus on deepening our understanding of Yin poses, and breathing exercises, that connect body and mind – with a specific focus on opening the heart and the hips.
Yin yoga, over time, opens and strengthens the connective tissue to create healthy ligaments, tendons and fascia. Because of it’s slow and quiet nature, Yin is also a meditative practice that allows one to drop deeper into the body and the wellspring of healing nourishment we all have within. This class is appropriate for everyone looking to slow down, strengthen from the inside/out and find a bit of balance…

bliss yoga
In this slow-paced, yin-based class, you’ll luxuriate in the awareness of present-moment experience as you sink into long-held poses and release physical, mental, and emotional tension. Connect with your intuition and create more ease and abundance–in your body and in your life.

vigorous Flow
This class is designed to offer students a consistent challenge as well as a complete practice, incorporating breath work, sun salutations, standing poses, balance, practice with inversions, seated stretching, and relaxation. With a groovy soundtrack in the background, we build strength and flexibility in body and mind by trying new flow sequences each week. All are welcome . . . come join us.

slow Flow
It’s a little later and your day has been long, Leslie’s second Wednesday night class slows down a bit, but still incorporates the whole body, connecting poses, but holding a bit shorter and stretching more gently—a thorough but still restorative practice. Whether you are recovering from injuries, are new to yoga, or simply like a more serene flow, this class is for you . . . come join us.

(v): To strive, to achieve or reach
What better words to describe that which we set out to receive from a yoga class?! In this breath- guided class you will be challenged to reach within yourself to seek strength, both physically and mentally, beyond that which you knew existed. Pranayamic breath, an extension of the life force, will allow students to source and fuel asana, physical yoga postures, which will build tapas, heat. A combination of powerful holds of basic postures and core work will kindle this fire, as you endeavor to attain the meshing of body, mind, and spirit which is yoga. With watchful practice, an utmost consciousness can be achieved through the breath. What could possibly hold you back from taking on this challenge?

Writing Circle: Come explore how your chakras & your creativity work together.  This class is a great means of diving deeply into your chakras & your creativity using trance, creative exercises & body movement with writing prompts.   Emphasis will be on writing, but all forms of creativity will be honored. No writing experience necessary.

Sitting Meditation: Meditation in a group setting is a wonderful way to reach the silence within while connecting to the collective energy and overriding consciousness of the whole. Whether you have been mediating for years, months, or have always wanted to try, all are welcome and can benefit from this experience. Each session will consist of group meditation and discussion. This sitting meditation opportunity is by donation only…you can pay as little or as much as you like…all proceeds will benefit a local charity.