HELP! I get by with a little help from my friends…

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you…

So many of you have offered help, have already helped, are planning to help, want to know how to help!  You are generous and kind and thoughtful and so very real and human…knowing that, try as I might (even stubborn, particular, bossy, know-it-all Aquarian me)…I cannot do this alone!

So I’ve come up with a pretty specific foursome…OEWF…of concrete ways you can lend me a hand up!  Time, talent and treasure are all needed…

Please go ahead and make purchases of yoga, massage, circles, workshops, day retreats & the summer retreat…NOW.  Anybody else notice how when you move suddenly you start just LEAKING money???  It makes me laugh a bit, because here I am trying to purge and sort and eliminate stuff; but somehow there ARE things that need to be purchased and paid for totally out of the norm.  My new regular class times (same as they ever were!) and all events are confirmed heading into the summer and beyond.  Go grab your calendar and your CC and make an advance purchase of the goodness that soothes your soul and excites your wild heart.  It really will help me through the tunnel to the light at the other end and you will have committed to your own self-care and growth in prioritizing the services and experiences you already know and love!  The very definition of Win/Win!

And, if a pre-purchase isn’t in the cards for you right now, please keep showing up!  Our beautiful and holy space on Bridge Street WILL be missed and mourned; but trust me when I say, that such stunning blessings of togetherness, growth and Grace await us on Bethel Road.  The ride is shorter and more beautiful than you think!  There is still space for our first Saturday class on June 1!  And I hope to see you all summer long!



It’s a small thing, but it’s been hanging over my kitchen sink at 122 Bridge for a long time! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ It’s a piece of my heart. And it’s for sale! I’ve set aside and tagged some things for sale to give you the chance to take a piece of the studio HOME with you. It’s not a moving sale…I’m not offing the things I don’t want anymore (well, I AM but on Marketplace with the general public, not you!) Rather, it’s an offering of some beloved, well-worn or iconic OEWF installments that might mean something to you. No big tickets…just a little fun, a keepsake for you and some change in my pocket.  You should know that I have a lifelong practice of giving away my most precious possessions…my malas, my grandmother’s cheese-keeper, favorite earrings, my beloved crystal babies…it’s a personal process of non-attachment and deep wanting for my loved ones to feel honored and cared for.  Many of the items for sale now have been gifts given by YOU to ME…so if you see something in the sale that you chose for me, please know:  this is the clearest way for me to declare my appreciation of you and of the gift…by passing it on and sharing the love!  Really.  PS Come in soon before Jendy wanders off with all the goods. lol

Here are some days and times when your presence, muscle and cheerleading could be the thing that keeps me sane (number one priority) and makes light the burden through many hands.  Show up for a half hour or half a day.  Drop off donuts.  haha  I honestly can’t predict what will be needed…but here’s a couple ideas:

Thursday, May 23, 9-2pm…grab a box or a lamp or some art off the wall and toss it in the back of your car (lovingly, please!…re:  bossy-pants) and take the 7 mile drive to Bethel Road!  The fun part here is you get to be one of the first peeps to visit our new sanctuary!

Saturday, May 25, 12noon-5pm…this is the day I rent a Uhaul and my sons load out the BIG pieces of furniture.  Muscle, moral support and donuts or pizza might be a blessing.  If you show up and it’s a shitstorm, feel free to depart and carry on with your day.  You know?  Like too many cooks in the kitchen won’t help, but your assistance could save the day!

Tuesday, May 28, 3-8pm…clean up at 122 & dance party!  Bring a bucket and a little elbow grease to clear out dust-hares and gunk we never knew was there.

Monday, June 3, 12-5pm  Casting Spells on Bethel Road…I’m not sure what I’ll be doing exactly, but come wander, visit the creek, stare at the view and lay down your good energy, excite your own open sky dreams and bless our new GROUND in whatever way suits you best.  Maybe plant a prayer or talisman in the Southeast, walk the perimeter in step-by-step meditation or christen our LOVE SHACK YOGA SHALA with your own little dance party ahead of our first Outdoor Yoga Class on June 4!  I mean, I don’t have to explain magic & invocations to you beauties!

I know you, so I know you will want to bring me something!  Much like a bride or a mother-to-be, I have a little but specific “registry” forming in my head with just a few items on it:
OCEAN:  Expertise, monetary donations, advice and installation of WATER purifying contraptions.  I have well water, which made me super happy until the previous tenant told me it sometimes tests poorly.  Reverse osmosis?  Well-shocks? (are those safe?) Water cooler options…you know I went down that rabbit hole before!  Anyone have a test kit?  You know…pipe up if you have ideas to bless the water…Water is life!
EARTH:  Plant material!  I have beautiful plantings already, but Lisa & Sarah & Sarah are going to help me GROW things!  On the list so far:  Valerian, Jacob’s Ladder, Vervain, Lavender, fern, white sage, lemongrass & sweetgrass (that one must be given not purchased).  Divisions from your own garden, gift cards to a local nursery, timber for raised beds and soil, help creating a compost situation…all beautiful ways to honor our Mama and ground it!
WIND:  Website overhaul!  My web designer and I have been working on an exciting upgrade to reflect the rising and shifts my work is taking…her time is supremely valued (and reasonable…if you need a person, she’s the best)…but it all adds up and monetary donations will be greatly appreciated if you are so moved by the wind and spirit.
FIRE:  This one is literal.  Firewood.  And perhaps stone from Shep’s Yard for creating a built in firepit.  Tuesday night outdoor yoga, women’s circles and all shindigs will involve fire tending!!!!!  A small bucket of kindling to delivery of a summer’s worth of logs…whatever is possible, is helpful!

~Please check with me directly if you have any questions or ideas I haven’t listed!
~Pay buttons will arrive shortly so if you are kind enough to offer treasure=cold hard cash, you can designate the direction of it’s flow!
~Please be assured that the very most precious gift you could ever offer is your presence and company.  I mean that.
~Updates to plant list etc will happen, so check back as the weeks unfold.

I love you.  I am humbled.  I am grateful.  Namaste.