Ho Down w/ The Whiskeyhickon Boys for the Equinox! September 22, y’all…


Let’s have a dance party on the farm to celebrate Autumn and LIFE!

You are all invited to join me for an OPEN HOUSE Ho Down Dance Party with the incomparable Whiskeyhickon Boys on Sunday, September 22!

Come on over anytime beginning at 1pm! Music will start around 3! Bring your fun, your fam and some food for the potluck. I’ll have the crockpots going and beer on hand, but please BYO as well!

If you’ve seen ’em, you KNOW not to miss this!
If you haven’t seen ’em, this is an epic time to dance your booty off for FREE in the good good company of our community on this stunning farm in the land of rolling hills and sunsets!

This must be the place…