Leigh Murray


Leigh is an RYT 200 trained by Danielle Dulsky. She also received her Yin certification with Corina Benner and Spirit Speak certification with Seane Corn.   Leigh loves yoga! She believes it is our divine birthright and a way to plug into our true self. She also aspires to the notion that living each and every moment of our lives as an offering, or form of prayer, is the key to peace, happiness and contentment. She combines both of these philosophies in her teaching practice and offers spirit-based Yin classes that focus on bringing us back into our bodies to find calmness, peace and perhaps even a glimpse into our true nature.
Leigh is a non-dual meditation student of Scott McBride and Adyashanti. She is also a devoted mother of two teenage girls and loves to laugh (a lot ).

Yin Yoga
“We don’t use our body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into our body.” Bernie Clark
A spiritually nourishing class that supports your journey back into your body to release tension, energetic blocks and stress! Yin yoga helps us to strengthen the connective tissue that holds the entire ecosystem of our bodies and restores balance to our physical and subtle energy systems. Each week we will take time to honor and explore our bodies, inner world and mystical concepts in a supportive and nurturing environment.