reFIND: The Virtual ocean earth wind fire Experience, An Elemental Healing Revolution

Welcome to
reFIND: The Virtual Way Home, An Elemental Healing Revolution This new creation will bring you the essential ocean earth wind fire experiences you need during this uncertain time of change and transformation.I am here for you. You have always trusted me and counted on me and our sanctuary to bring you the connection and kindness you need. I will not cease from this offering and service. I vow to “be light”…a lamppost/moonbeam in the dark and the silliest of lighthearted and laughing fools to brighten your mood.And PRACTICE! I shall bring you practice! This Friday, March 20, 2020 I will inaugurate a 21-day season of exploration that you can immerse into while we lean into this period of relearning our vital connection to others even while we embrace solitude.

This program will be accessible, sustainable, effective and escalating…these are the four hallmarks of beneficial practice and behavior. Join me in 15 minute sessions of yoga, meditation, breath work, ritual, storytelling, creative pursuits, healing and fun.

The cost is low, only $5 per session and there is a discount if you commit and prepay for all 20 sessions. You’ll receive the video link in your inbox and then it’s yours, to access at anytime that’s convenient for you and use and re-use as many times as you like.

Each quarter of the program includes 5 separate daily videos plus two reFIND the weekend days of rest and recovery (you will receive an email with some suggestions on these days if you signed up for the whole program or one of the 5-session quarters)…essentially, each segment is doled out over the course of a 7-day week beginning on Friday and ending on Thursday.  YOU can use the videos anytime you want regardless of the day of delivery…they are yours to keep.

Yoga is complex and comprehensive, but the essence of yoga is simple. If you’ve practiced with me over the past few months, you’ve heard me say:

~We move our body…to find our body.
~We move our breath…to find our spirit.
~We move our energy…to find our selves.

This is what you can count on from reFIND. This is what I promise to bring to you.

4 short, introductory videos can be viewed on Instagram or Facebook to help you understand where I’m coming from and to get an overview of the program!

The pay buttons are live now and all of the logistical details can be found HERE!

“Where I’m coming from” is the beautiful temple of my heart. This is where and when I meet the reality of now with compassion, fervor, innovation and joy. We were built miraculously for these times. We will return to balance and peace. It is our privilege and responsibility to choose right action, self care and kindness.

For ourselves and for the greater good.

May you reFIND your essential center.
May you keep becoming more you-for all of us.
May you magnetize & manifest your deepest desires.
May you receive bounty with gratitude & give all you have for the greater good.

So it is.  Namaste.

~ocean earth wind fire was born of love and the understanding that we must connect in kindness and be at source in becoming our most bountiful, warm, wonder-filled and powerful selves during this lifetime.

~Two weekly online Zoom Yoga classes are being offered beginning 3/29!  Sunday Wake Up Yoga 10am & Tuesday Restorative Yoga 9:30am.  If you wish to use your ocean earth wind fire punch card, please email me directly to sign up no later than 24 hours ahead of class time.  To drop in to any of my classes, visit Balanced for Life Yoga to sign up!

~Open IRL yoga classes have been put “on healing hiatus” at Bethel Road active immediately and until a bright new beginning when we can connect IRL safely. All yoga class cards, event tickets and therapy subscriptions will be honored in full when we return to practice and evolve together!]
~One-on-one therapy appointments currently scheduled are postponed until further notice, erring on the side of caution and healthy practice.
~If ANYONE has ANY questions, please contact me directly at 610-389-2962 or