The Dosha Yoga Classes: Flame, Fruition and Fullness, w/Master Teacher, Virginia McKinnie

~The Dosha Yoga Classes, 
A September Series with Master Teacher, Virginia McKinnie
September 5, 12 & 19, Thursdays at 6:30pm  BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW! 
Flame, Fruition, and Fullness:  
Practicing the Practice that Fits your Dosha
What if:
~There’s a style of asana that matches your body type and emotional make up perfectly.
~You can change your mood, your motivations, and your entire practice by understanding what sort of yoga your body craves.
~The food you eat and the way you breathe can shift the way you feel and think and settle into your body.
Feeling sluggish? You gotta burn through it without burning it down!
Feeling spacey? You gotta pull yourself together and get down!
Feeling edgey and burned out? You gotta slow down and cool down!
Let’s explore the heat that reves you up, the way you get settled and grounded, and the breath and the expansiveness that nourishes you and lifts you up. Finding different postures, or finding different ways of doing the same posture, or changing the pace at which you practice could be the key to shifting your practice into the perfect fit for you. Join me and let’s explore why some yoga styles feel better than others. And you know what? We will play with water, earth, air and fire because that’s just who we are.
Join me for three Thursday evenings in September…the 5th, 12th, and 19th, at 6:30, in Susan’s Yoga Shala Love Shack, 6:30 until???? Three sessions, three styles of yoga, emphasizing a different dosha each week, including some breath work and some meditations…and maybe a few other surprises.  And let’s find the practice that really works for your Dosha.
(OMG! What’s a “dosha,” you ask? So glad you did, cause we’re gonna explore that notion too.)
Bring your mats and your journals and your curiosity.
It’s most beneficial and a really interesting learning curve to immerse in all three classes & you’ll get a discount to do that!  But if you can only make one or two that’s fine…you’ll be likely to miss the one you REALLY need tho…just sayin’ 😉 Single classes are $40.  Take all 3 for $100.
See you in September!
PS  Susan is totally taking these…wouldn’t miss it for the world!