you can’t stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf
~Jon Kabat-Zinn

Yoga ~ Circles ~ Bodywork ~ Workshops~ Retreats

So much wonder fills our days as the Wheel turns! 
Make a choice to bring community and connection into the limelight…over and over.
Yoga, massage, circles and workshops at this stunning sanctuary.
Come soon.

Let’s create together what comes next.

Doesn’t surfing sound like fun?

It ONLY Works If You Work It, A Revitalizing Series of Essentials

  This thought bubbled up:  I think we could use a workshop…or three…or seven! Whenever I slow down and back up enough to a take a wide-angle, creator’s-eye view, I notice gaps as openings rich with possibility and usefulness. And at this halfway point in 2024, it’s a great time to take that view…of my …...

Retreats: 2024 Adventures Are Here!

Retreat is your BIRTHRIGHT. SANCTUARY is our responsibility. The Ripening, Golden Lammas Days on the River.. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT AND INVITATION FOR YOU…YOU CAN COME FOR ONE-NIGHT-ONLY!…ALL DETAILS HERE The haste of early summer growth has ended, nature pauses.  The golden days of ripening are upon us.  And so sweet serenity settles across the land, upon …...

YOGA and BODYwork and Circles

Yoga Renewal The bliss of yoga & community on the farm at Bethel Road IS life-changing.  I say this from experience, from witnessing the impact this place itself and our beautiful community has on each person each time they show up. To spend time in thrall with the natural beauty & Grace of this land, …...

A Rare & Special Invitation to Summer Bliss

      They say it works when you work it, and we say it ONLY works when you work it. Retreat works! When women retreat together magic happens, it’s as simple as that. But only if you take the leap and show up! This is your personal invitation to a rare opportunity to immerse …...

ocean earth wind fire is a sanctuary for yoga, massage therapy and whole living. It truly feels like coming home; and the bountiful offerings of classes, therapies, workshops, gatherings, products and ideas will answer your questions small and large and support your vibrant health and total well-being.

Our purpose and aspiration is to create and offer amazing ways to ride the waves of life…today and tomorrow, in our community and in the world.

To live is to be connected. Yes has far more power than no. The world and its people need healing and inspiration to dance with joy.

We can help you with that.