you can’t stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf
~Jon Kabat-Zinn

Yoga ~ Circles ~ Bodywork ~ Workshops~ Retreats

Here’s what you need to know:
Our farm-fancy open-air Love Shack allows our community to gather for yoga, circles, workshops
and massage therapy on this beautiful land in all of Mother Nature’s expressions!
All classes, appointments and events will be held regardless of weather through the 2021 season!
Let’s discover together what comes next.

Doesn’t surfing sound like fun?

Seasons Change Alerts for Autumn

  I love change and the Autumn, even though I go kicking and screaming out of Summer!  It is never too early to vision ahead for what comes next! Here are a few shifts to look forward to at ocean earth wind fire: ~Classes, circles, massage appointments and retreats will move back indoors beginning in … ...

A Pebble in the Pond, Sacred Circles & the Ripple Effect. 25% OFF SALE ends July 31

Sacred Circles are for everyone. The mysterious and moving power of circle is undeniably felt in the moment and reverberates with positive impact far beyond our understanding.  Whether you attend circles regularly or don’t really have a sense of what I’m talking about, I want you to perk up your ears and pay attention.  This … ...

8/8 Day Retreat of Essential Ingredients…Sunday, August 8, 2021…SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT  (you can contact me directly to be put on the waiting list) Life is complex and kaleidoscopic, wouldn’t you say? And therein lie the bounteous gifts of unexpected treasures bestowed…ever-changing patterns of experience, thought, inspiration and possibilities in constant flow.  How lucky we are! And yet, as messy, hopeful seekers in this time … ...

NEW! Celtic Tree Circle

Our beloved Freya-Moon Women’s Circle has sold out every month for 3 years now, so it was time to offer a second monthly circle.  The need, desire, usefulness and comfort of a women’s circle CANNOT be debated.  I don’t actually “know” what the functioning mechanism IS, but it creates pure magic EVERY SINGLE TIME WE … ...

ocean earth wind fire is a sanctuary for yoga, massage therapy and whole living. It truly feels like coming home; and the bountiful offerings of classes, therapies, workshops, gatherings, products and ideas will answer your questions small and large and support your vibrant health and total well-being.

Our purpose and aspiration is to create and offer amazing ways to ride the waves of life…today and tomorrow, in our community and in the world.

To live is to be connected. Yes has far more power than no. The world and its people need healing and inspiration to dance with joy.

We can help you with that.