Retreat Is Your Birthright & Responsibility

2023 Retreat Season (So Far*)
Stay Wild, The Great Rite in the Greening Time
May 4-7, 2023 on the Chesapeake (only THREE SPOTS remain!)

(*Day Retreats, Overnight At Ocean Getaways & More…Announcements Coming SOOOOON!)

Life is complex and kaleidoscopic, wouldn’t you say?

And therein lie the bounteous gifts of unexpected treasures bestowed…ever-changing patterns of experience, thought, inspiration and possibilities in constant flow.  How lucky we are!  And, how painful it is to be a sensitive human in a world overwhelmed with violence, injustice & destruction.  We shake our heads and try our best to be present and loving, and to be of service…it can often feel like too much and our very nervous systems stall and dis-regulate.  As messy, hopeful seekers in this time and place, we can get caught up in becoming resistant and rigid, withdrawn and full of sorrow…wishing to get some ground below our feet and some clarity about what comes next on our personal trajectory and in the future of our beloved planet and all of humanity.  And so, we change course, by making a change of course…and we change…of course.  We are not powerless in this existence, in the reality of our manifest lives.

“Chaos is found in your brainwaves, heartbeats, the fractal structure of your breathing, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems. We see chaos in all natural processes from the weather to evolution. And the turbulence in our lives reminds us that “we are that.”

By embracing -instead of resisting- chaos in your life, you begin balancing out millennia of identification which says that only order equates with “good.” Our programming tells us that that we should stave off chaos and disruption at every point. But the continual dynamic interplay of chaos and order is fundamental to your well-being. By rejecting it, you run the danger of rejecting yourself.
Chaos is the essence of life. Chaos is essential to health.”  ~Lorna Bevan

Retreat is one of the proven ways we women have to restore ourselves and to employ effective and essential practices and techniques to create a living mandala of what drives our willingness to flow, adapt, activate and ultimately fly free.  On retreat, IN retreat, we are able to begin to embrace chaos as an essential aspect of a wild, vital and breathtaking life. When we gather to celebrate, to play, to innovate, to mourn, to tend the earth and our bodies, we finally reconnect to our vibrant self-expression and release ourselves from old fear-patterning and limitations.  It is sacred art, this gathering together, this circling with!  Let us relax here to accept our changes of mood, season, circumstance and visioning to create lasting changes in our lives and our world.

Do you recall that well-aged admonition from the elders, encouraging us to “let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open…see who is in there with you and celebrate!”  NOW is the perfectly abundant time to collaborate in the sanctity of circle to explore our most basic desires, our true and fluctuating foundations and some mind-blowing wonder that will spin our hearts in the direction of our dearest dreams for peace, love and understanding.

Whether it’s Day Retreat at Bethel Road or a get-out-of-town jaunt to the Chesapeake or Eastern Shore, retreat is both serious and playful, relaxing and invigorating…a time to be seen, understood and accepted in a hoop of women showing up for themselves and each other unconditionally.  I promise you will be nourished.  You will shed some tears and guffaw in lightness.  You’ll have time away from it all to simply BE, and at the close of day, you’ll wonder when you can do it all again.  These sacred locations and my devotion to creating events to support women are only two of the ingredients that guarantee that the whole thing is magic.

Stay Wild, The Great Rite in the Greening Time   May 4-7, 2023 on the Chesapeake (only 3 spots left!)
The blessed rites of Spring shall be celebrated!  Dancing the maypole at Beltane is our passage to wonderment and light.  “The trees shape-shift the land before our eyes like conjurers pulling miniature leaves out of their cuffs…rising in love under skies bluer than euphoria, we leap the bel-fire into summer.”  I say we revel with the fairies and ground to Gaia’s bounty as the wheel keeps on turning!  Join Susan and Virginia for rites of passage, sacred embodiment, inspired fun and the growth that only our collective womanly truths can elicit.  4 days and 3 nights in the lap of luxury at Old Field Point will restore and renew your body, mind and bright spirit!  Tamara will nourish with her seasonal and nutrient-dense (and possibly detoxing!) culinary creations.  Your private room awaits.  A fresh Spring breeze whispers you to awaken to new life.
This intimate retreat will host a maximum of 6 guests for optimal engagement and ease.
The full cost of all programming, meals, materials and lodging is $920.
A $240 deposit will hold your spot, don’t delay.

Retreat promises that yoga, meditation, creativity, journaling, joint & independent study and free-time will all be incorporated into moments you can relax into.

Retreat is your birthright and also your responsibility.

Retreat is a way to employ your agency, to activate your power to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Retreat is a choice you can prioritize in a world that needs you to stand up and rise up.

Retreat whispers:   RELAX, and do not lose heart.

Secure your place in this wheel of change and joy today by using the convenient pay button HERE.

We’ll welcome you essentially, sensually and with abandon as the 2023 Retreat Season whirls to life.