“I visited the studio as a birthday gift from my boyfriend’s mom. I saw talented massage therapist, Laura, and was impressed with her skills and service. Only my second massage to date, this was a much less corporate feeling place than where I had been in Chicago. I liked that it felt like home, yet was very professional and clean. The bathroom was huge and filled with nice smelling things and cute decor. The massage room was light and spacious and she played soothing music while working on my back, legs and arms. I would definitely make the trip back to Phoenixville for Laura. Everything about the experience was positive for me, and I felt very lucky to have enjoyed a massage here.”  -AC

“I need to tell you how much I enjoyed last night’s class. It was challenging (as I expected it would be since it’s been so long since I moved my body like that) but in a good way, just the right amount. The dim lights and the music really made the time fly by and put me into a relaxed frame of mind that doesn’t happen often. I left there feeling lighter, happier, all stretched out and eager for the next time I can get to one of your sessions. With 3 kids (some more challenging than others!) and a stressful full time job, it’s often difficult for me to find the time, but after attending last night’s class, I know it’s worth it to find that “time for me” and definitely something that I need to make a priority in my life. ” -LC


I’m somewhere around my 1400th yoga class, and that was easily in the top ten. -C


Your yoga classes have given me back my relationship to my body….not my 20 yr old body (which at almost 44, I’m so far from) but my present body that has wisdom and strength just as it is. After college, I didn’t find a type exercise that fit into my working life or motivated me to pursue it and slowly I lost my connection to my physical self. I have flowered under your love, dedication, and inspiration. Thank you! milliones de gracias!! A million thank yous, I shower upon you for sharing your love of yoga, life, poetry and womanhood with me. Your beauty, strength and wisdom shine in my heart and make me very grateful that you are my teacher, and friend. I want grow old and magnificent doing yoga and knowing you. (Yes, that’s said by one who still hasn’t begun her daily practice….but, I can have aspirations!) -HW


“It started out that I came to yoga class to get away from life. I was feeling a lot of stress from work and from the holiday season and I needed an escape. Ocean Earth Wind Fire is a fabulous place to find that escape and I certainly feel like it is my haven and there is always warm energy when I come in.

Soon though, I began to realize that yoga is a metaphor for my life. Instead of escaping, I am actually celebrating and accepting my life.

I begin class in child’s pose. I feel like this is like the beginning of my life, when things are simple and relaxed. I forget about being an adult and for the time just enjoy being on my mat in a place that I love.

As class progresses, I become that adult and fully realize myself through different postures. Some are hard postures that force me to extend my body and mind in order to achieve them. Pigeon is one of these where I know that it will be difficult but if I can just get through it, I will have rest afterwards. Like those times in life, when the going gets tough…well, you know.

Other positions are about balance and as I have been progressing in the class, I can do these postures better and I also have a more balanced life. Also similar to life, when I can stop doing the “modified” version and can begin to challenge myself more, I am met with great rewards. Most important is the personal self-worth I feel.

My mat is like a microcosm of my world and as I better myself in my practice, I am finding I am also better in my every day activities like work and play.

Coming to yoga has become a way for me to put everything into perspective. To challenge my body which challenges my mind to keep up.

I want to thank you and Susan and Ocean Earth Wind Fire for bringing me to this place, to this realization. It has been such a great journey and I know that it will continue to be so because every time I get on the mat, I can examine my life and improve both my body and my way of living.