Retreats: 2024 Adventures Are Here!

Retreat is your BIRTHRIGHT.
SANCTUARY is our responsibility.




March Is For Lions & Lambs,  Your Spirit Animal Day Retreat
Sunday, March 10, 2024 9am-5pm @ocean earth wind fire 203 Bethel Road
Your animal nature may stay hidden in the hedgerow, but has so much to teach you!  Let’s tease out our primal and instinctual knowing and freely roar and romp towards Earth’s reawakening.  The clocks may be “saving daylight”; but in our bones and flesh we are wild with renewal and are feeling into our cycles organically.  Oracle decks, movement, the yoga of tracking and sensory re-attunement fill out a day of relaxed fun.

When last we retreated this way, my muse was Moose!
How do you Play?
and Heal?
Let’s see what our furry, finned and feathered ones have to say!
9 Guests max
$187 per person
*meal pricing (additional) dependent on the cook, to be determined
$88 Deposit Holds Your Spot


Do Fairies Slumber?, A Frolicking Fete (Tutus Required)
April 19-20, 2024
@oceanearthwindfire  203 Bethel Road, Spring City, PA

A Glamping Sleepaway Camp for the light-hearted…how else to celebrate Taurus Season, Earth Day and the Wind Moon?
Will you stay awake with me?  Will you sleep sugar-plum dreamy in a tree?  Wilt thou cavort anew?  Oh, do!

We’ve enlisted the wonderful Basecamp Glamp Company again after such a delightful experience at Halloween to deliver the super fly 16′ bell tent to our enchanted field.  Begin the frolic on Friday night with Freya-Moon Circle (Fairie Edition), then stay overnight in one of our sweet Farmhouse bedrooms or in the shared tent under the stars!  Morning yoga and giggling to follow and then a picnic feast hosted by Tamara Sheen! ($30 additional)
7 Guests max*
1 private room (queen bed) in the farmhouse. $236  (SOLD OUT)
1 shared room (double & twin beds) in the farmhouse. $221pp  (this room may be booked as a private for $236)
4 twin beds in the bell tent*. $206pp (TENT BEDS ARE SOLD OUT…please contact me directly if you want to join this retreat IN a tent*)
$124 Holds Your Spot
*Depending on response, a second tent may become fantastical reality

The Ripening, Golden Lammas Days on the River
August 1-4, 2024  Old Field Point Circle, Elkton, MD 

The haste of early summer growth has ended, nature pauses.  The golden days of ripening are upon us.  And so sweet serenity settles across the land, upon the waters.  That brazen sun brings us to a fullness overflowing.  A season of plenty has begun and the kitchen counter becomes our altar in blessings to Gaia, in welcome to the new moon.  Come, rest and feast in beauty, in bounty.

These are the days of sweaty yoga and skinny dipping on the Chesapeake.  Languorous lounging in shaded hammocks and early morning picking in the garden.  Cocktails and caftans and a wild bonfire to celebrate Lughnasadh and cavort under a new moon and a fresh turning.  Virginia’s lux “hunting lodge” is the gorgeous setting for yet another tete a tete with Mama River and the Goddesses of Old Field Point.  Daily yoga, ceremony, swimming, walks and all manner of bounty and abundance await.  All meals are included.  Dancing will be.  Happiness is.

Retreat and those dog days of summer are what you make of them…let’s make this one lush and memorable!
10 Guests max (filling fast)
4 private rooms  $956 per person
6 shared rooms  $881 per person
$280 Deposit Holds Your Spot

Innkeeping for December’s Daughters, A Holy Day for Tending the Dark Day Retreat
Sunday, December 1, 2024 9am-5pm @ocean earth wind fire 203 Bethel Road
Well, now it’s tradition!  Join the solemn joy of soul preparation during this 3rd Annual Retreat of Winter’s welcome.  Clarissa Pinkola Estes heart-thumping refrain begins sounding in my ribs by late November:   “We have gone through a dark night and been whipped around by memory– ancestral and common and personal and momentous…We are together in all this. No one will be left stranded. We are the new innkeepers.”

And, again, I vow to myself and my loved ones to hold the light of the season dearly and surely, in whatever small and large ways I can muster, to be a kindness in this world.  To welcome and to gather evermore sensitive humans together in support and encouragement, to BE the ones who hold the keys to shelter and warmth, acceptance and revery.

Let’s practice faithfully these gifts bestowed:  generosity, hospitality, community and communion.  The season calls for a new kind of cheer.  Let us ring the bells together.
9 Guests max
$187 per person
*meal pricing (additional) dependent on the cook, to be determined
$88 Deposit Holds Your Spot

Destination retreats to Taos, New Mexico and The Barrier Islands of Georgia are also “in the works”…with potential dates at the Autumnal Equinox in September!  Stay tuned…