At Long Last, A Day Retreat in June



Our first day retreat of the 2021 season is open for registration and will be held on June 6 from 9-5pm…At Long Last, A Homecoming of Relief & Revelation is fast becoming a project of deep loving from the hallowed chambers of my heart.  I cannot wait to host the first of these intimate and powerful “getaways” right here on this sacred ground!

I build and create retreats (and all of my work) through an intuitive process of evolution built on a foundation of the essentials of well-being, presence and happiness.  Sometimes, I’m still weaving and adding right up until GO TIME; but everything ultimately gels in right timing.

At Long Last is a culminating moment.  Over and over during this past year of unprecedented changes, when I’ve turned to the teachers, guides, psychotherapists, counselors…the texts, the oracles, the stars…I have found (and refound) that what the wise ones offer are gems which already ALREADY sparkle in my own knowing.  I already know.  I know.

And you do too.  As relational mammals, we need each other to re-member and not only that but to remember to PRACTICE!  And so, together we can sit firmly, regally into our sovereign birthright of “no need to seek outside of ourselves.”

We’ll approach the exploration from various angles, shifting perspective to gain clarity:  through the body (most especially through the body!), via meditation, neuroception, chakra revolution, rest & play.  Attuning to “other” helps us to tune into and regulate our nervous systems, giving us access to a peace and deep trust in ourselves…so we can BE ourselves.  Finally.

Day retreats at Bethel Road begin at 9am, so come a little early to get settled.  Morning sessions set the tone and acclimate you as an essential member of the collective.  Lunch (or blunch as it is sometimes called) is served by the incomparable Tamara Sheen of Blue Egg Nourishment.  The pampering is real!  Afternoon work and play help to integrate meaning and concretize those oft-wifty truths that support us on our way.

By closing at 5pm, we are relaxed and exhausted in the very best way.  We’ve been seen and understood, held in the gaze of respect and kind attention.
This is the dearest desire of each human., to be MET…how good it feels to be known.
And to know.

At long last.

SOLD OUT  Please contact me directly to be put on a waiting list.
Additional day retreats this season are tentatively scheduled for July 25 & Sept 23-26.
Attendance is limited.
Cost of the day retreat, all materials & programming is $185.
Your nutrient-dense, locally-sourced wildly delicious lunch is $30 (optional).
Contact me directly with any questions!

It is a beautiful act of your sovereign agency to commit to your self-care and a respite in sacred community…plant the seed of love and homecoming on your future timeline…NOW.