August Abundance Bodywork PLUS Special Sale Sessions

It is August and abundantly so, and in the name of soothing our frazzled, dog-days souls I am offering a special sale opportunity on a uniquely rich and layered bodywork session that will surely restore you to balance and harmony.

less money      .      more time

That’s the main thing…Your session is discounted to $136, but your time in the bliss that is Bethel Road is increased from 90 minutes to 2 full hours.  Abundance rules! 
This 2 hour appointment will include 3 essential elements which can be arranged in any order you choose:

~an attentive and expanded intake (30 minutes)…how is it with you?  what do you need?  essential oils, sage baths, foot soaks, yoga therapy, oracle readings and journal prompts are all on the menu of ways in which we can customize your session to meet your immediate needs.
~a full-body massage or unwinding therapy on the table (60 minutes)…my own magically effective hybrid of cranio-sacral therapy, myofascial release and traditional massage techniques will hit every spot, soothe every fiber and restore your nervous system to balance.
~time to be (30 minutes)…stay.  relax.  whether in the wild field, on the breezy porch, the sun-soaked deck or fooling around in the love shack…you are invited to linger and soak in the pure peacefulness that infuses this windswept, endless-view farm.  it is sacred and healing space and I want to share that with you.

August Abundance appointments are available at the dates and times designated below ONLY.
You must pre-purchase your session on the website to reserve your spot. 
We will enjoy a brief text or phone conversation upon booking so that I can customize your time with me.
And then your hot and frenzied August will get a whole lot better…this is my vow to you!

Available dates & times:
Tuesday August 16  2pm
Wednesday August 17  12noon & 2pm
Friday August 19  3pm & 5pm
Wednesday August 24  11am
Tuesday August 30  2pm & 4:30pm
Wednesday August 31  10am, 4pm
Thursday September 1  4pm