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Shop Small 2 Birds Sales Event Begins NOW!

Call it what you will:  Shop Small, Black Friday for the little guy, Small business Saturday, Giving whichever-day-that-is…whatever we call it, the ON-PURPOSE choice to offer discounted classes, workshops, events and bodywork this time of year results in TWO wonder-full boons that justify celebration!

BIRD ONE:  My personal livelihood gets a boost in a season when cash flow slows to a trickle
AND BIRD TWO:  I am afforded the chance to offer a token of my heartfelt gratitude to the loyal and generous clientele who have been with me all year!
It’s what entrepreneurs like me experience as a WIN/WIN and if feels great no matter what you call it.  (A third bird/win might be the possibility that YOU will plan ahead for your well-being and self-care.  And a fourth could occur if you choose to give a service or gift to another who may just need a sprinkling of the light and love happening around here!)  WIN/WIN/WIN/WIN  There’s nothing better.

So that’s the why and wherefore, here’s the good stuff in store:

Evergreen Stone Soul Therapy
I’ve blocked out a span of bodywork appointments and created something really special to usher us into Midwinter!  I’ll use the scent of cypress oil*, hot stones, decadent wintery body butters and a sacred tale of enchantment to wrap you in luxurious pampering…each tender touch devised to anoint you for your Long Winter’s Night Journey towards the returning light.  You’ll also receive a booking voucher that guarantees the old year’s friends and family rate for a massage session in 2023!  It’s lush and you’ll love it.
Evergreen Stone Soul Therapy is available online for $142.
Booking for an evergreen stone soul session is available only on the following dates and facilitated by contacting me directly after payment is made.
December 14  10am
December 15  10am, 11:30am
December 16  1pm, 2:30pm
December 17  11:30am
December 18  12:30pm
December 20  11am, 12:30pm
December 21 The Winter Solstice  10am, 11:30am
*Cypress is one of the scents Japanese scientists tout as a potent aspect of forest-bathing benefits to lower blood pressure, boost immunity, increase production of killer T cells and improve mood and nervous system regulation.  Let’s breathe deep, yes?

The Last Massage 3-Packs at 2022 Prices
Only seven 3-packs are available at the “old” rate of $375; for purchase now to use in 2023.  (The 2023 rate won’t change much…nudging up to $399, but savings are savings, right?)
Make your convenient online purchase HERE and contact me directly to book.

Beautiful Gift Cards for Single Sessions
I’ve created lovely gift certificates for your gifting convenience!  These can be picked up at the studio OR mailed the old-fashioned way by post!  You know how wonderful it feels to be pampered the OEWF way…give that tenderness and comfort to the ones you love.  Gift cards are valid for booking anytime in 2023!
Gift cards are on sale now for $133 ($16 OFF)  Give love HERE.

2 Birds/2 Workshops…Starting the NEW YEAR Off in Hope!
Our traditions are holy and deep and many of us return to the tried and true as the wheel turns and a new year begins.  2023 will be no different!…with Wheel of the Year Workshop scheduled for January 22 and our Imbolc Retorno Celebration on February 5.  Each of these Sunday workshops will be held in cozy luxury and packed with delicious discovery and if you choose to pre-register now to attend BOTH, the cost is $75 instead of $90.  Only 7 spots are available at the discounted price.  Check your calendars and book now.
Wheel of the Year Workshop, Rack Em Up     Sunday, January 22, 1-4pm
Imbolc, Practicing Retorno in Celebration     Sunday, February 5, 1-4pm
Make your purchase HERE.

January holds two opportunities for yoga with me:
Tuesdays at 6:30pm January 3 – February 7  Pre-register for the 6-class session for the cost of 5 classes~only $100!
The LAST Sundays…a Mini-Session of Sunday mornings at 10am, January 15, 22 & 29…$60.  (no discount here, but each class is available in-person OR online:)
Get your yoga HERE!

All Shop Small Sale prices are available for two weeks only, from November 23 thru December 7.
Make your investment in self-care, thoughtful giving and support of our community today!

Workshops! Wonderful, Wonder-FULL Workshops!



Time to bring back some special events for learning and creating from the heart!
3 Incredible, special event workshops are on the calendar and open for registration NOW!

La Posada, How the Key of Love Unlocks Every Door
Saturday, December 17 @9am & Sunday, December 18 @10am
Our annual journey into the heart of the celebration of light, accompanied by tears and the truest telling of love’s ancient story…it is my honor and great joy to share this heart-awakening pilgrimage each December.  This year, we will hold Cacao Ceremony together before the blessed Nidra.
$25 per person, please sign up here.

Wheel of the Year Workshop, Rack Em Up
Sunday, January 22, 1-4pm
The very best way to start the new year!  Together we hold sacred space for our wishes and dreams and interest in the future, exchanges of blessings and celebration.  We’ll consult the oracles to learn what may come as 2023 turns and turns.  Listen…we understand now that time isn’t real and that our thoughts and expectations are choice and that our lives are being co-created by our vision and a benevolent Universe filled with wonder.  Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?  I think this is our 6th annual whirl and it’s fun!
$45 per person, please sign up here.

Imbolc, Practicing Retorno in Celebration
Sunday, February 5, 1-4pm
Arriving at high holy days on the Wheel of Time can be more than the opportunity to mark a date with reverence and celebration…it can be a sacred choice point, when our own exuberant agency  dances with divine providence to establish a way of living in engagement with ancient rites and brand-spanking-new steps of our own creation.  We decide and act a new season into being!  With warmth, sadhana, cleansing ritual…share and practice many shared and personal ways to prepare the “field” (which is us) and to sanctify the “seeds” (our big dreams) we long to plant for a new cycle, a new Spring.  Join me, and Brigid, and our sisterhood of women to take full responsibility for co-creating joyful lives of presence and pleasure.
$45 per person, please sign up here.

YOGA and BODYwork and Circles…November thru to 2023!

cozy & candlelit yoga

The bliss of yoga & community on the farm at Bethel Road IS, with no sense of exaggeration, life-changing.  To spend time in natural beauty & Grace beyond understanding, with others, will restore your soul & peacefulness.

Tuesday Nights @ 6:30pm beginning November 1
Tuesday evening class WILL continue into the Autumn and Winter seasons as a class series requiring pre-registration!  The first INDOOR IN-PERSON Session will run from November 1- December 21 (no class 11/29).  This last session of 2022 will include 7 Tuesday night classes and be open to drop ins.  Let’s cozy up inside by candlelight to enjoy a consistent FAMILY vibe of sangha yoga, bringing our mutual care and authentic selves to the mat each week.  The culminating class of this session on December 20 will wrap you in the transcendent love of the La Posada Lesson and some social celebratory lingering after class.
Sign up here $20/class.

Sunday Mornings @ 10am Mini-Sessions in November & January In-Studio OR Online
Sunday morning yoga classes were fan faves last winter and will return in November and again in January for  3-week mini sessions!  These classes are available by pre-paid pre-registration only and may be attended in-person in the studio (max of 9 students) OR remotely online via Zoom (unlimited space).
Drop in students are welcome and may pay in-person by cash OR sign up here in advance.
Join the January session on 1/15, 22 & 29 for $60 by the registration deadline December 31.

Head over to the WORKSHOPS PAGE to learn more about La Posada Days, Wheel Of The Year Workshop, and our Imbolc Celebration!
Get all RETREAT deets HERE!

Massage Therapy Appointments will welcome you home to sanctuary and self.
Booking ahead is easy by contacting me directly
Appointments are available Monday – Saturday at various times.

~All Freya-Moon Circle Celtic Tree Circle & New Moon Circle dates are available for booking now.

~A Pebble in the Pond Custom Circles are available to book in 2022 and 2023.
I think it’s time for you to bring the magic of women’s circle home to roost!
Contact me directly to book your private circle into the future.

~Our Steam Rebellion
is the working title of my new curriculum in development now.  As women & Goddesses, we are bereft and filled with righteous rage over the injustice, violence and oppression sweeping OUR sovereign land and lives.  Gathering to strengthen, strategize and reclaim our power in unison is a necessary component of balancing our nervous systems and restoring our faith in humanity.  And vice versa!  If we are able to balance and fan the flames of inspired action in our own lives, we WILL become an unstoppable force of change in the collective and in the world.

Our Steam Rebellion
is taking shape as a way forward in devotion via bedrock beliefs through heart-fire.
As women and Goddesses all, we challenge the status quo by:
~reveling in our beauty
~sharing our stories
~stepping firm onto sacred ground
~enchanting our practices & our very lives as spells to evolve Universal Humanity
~asking for support & remembering when we forget our birthright powers
~resting deeply into our regenerative source & connection to our Mother, the Earth

Please stay tuned to learn more about this developing program of yoga classes, workshops, online seminars and retreats.
In the meantime, I invite you to practice the Yoni Mudra shown here.  On a daily basis, devote a few moments in contemplation & ease to use this ancient & sacred hand gesture to awaken your divine feminine power to transmute personal & global suffering into elevated & conscious healing & unity.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


Retreats! NEW for October and December 2022 & May 2023!

It’s Time to Retreat!
3 NEW Retreats:  October and December ’22 & May ’23 OPEN for registration!

In the Gloaming, The Casting of Shadows   September 16-18 on the water in Oxford, MD (SOLD OUT)
Sacred Grove, I Am Found at the Crossroads   October 27-30, 2022 on the Chesapeake (SOLD OUT)
Ritual of an Ancient Flame,
Finding Home in the Dark  Sunday, December 4 at Bethel Road (SOLD OUT!contact me to be put on the wait list)
Stay Wild, The Great Rite in the Greening Time   May 4-7, 2023 on the Chesapeake (THREE SPOTS!)

Life is complex and kaleidoscopic, wouldn’t you say?

And therein lie the bounteous gifts of unexpected treasures bestowed…ever-changing patterns of experience, thought, inspiration and possibilities in constant flow.  How lucky we are!  And, how painful it is to be a sensitive human in a world overwhelmed with violence, injustice & destruction.  We shake our heads and try our best to be present and loving, and to be of service…it can often feel like too much and our very nervous systems stall and dis-regulate.  As messy, hopeful seekers in this time and place, we can get caught up in becoming resistant and rigid, withdrawn and full of sorrow…wishing to get some ground below our feet and some clarity about what comes next on our personal trajectory and in the future of our beloved planet and all of humanity.  And so, we change course, by making a change of course…and we change…of course.  We are not powerless in this existence, in the reality of our manifest lives.

“Chaos is found in your brainwaves, heartbeats, the fractal structure of your breathing, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems. We see chaos in all natural processes from the weather to evolution. And the turbulence in our lives reminds us that “we are that.”

By embracing -instead of resisting- chaos in your life, you begin balancing out millennia of identification which says that only order equates with “good.” Our programming tells us that that we should stave off chaos and disruption at every point. But the continual dynamic interplay of chaos and order is fundamental to your well-being. By rejecting it, you run the danger of rejecting yourself.
Chaos is the essence of life. Chaos is essential to health.”  ~Lorna Bevan

Retreat is one of the proven ways we women have to restore ourselves and to employ effective and essential practices and techniques to create a living mandala of what drives our willingness to flow, adapt, activate and ultimately fly free.  On retreat, IN retreat, we are able to begin to embrace chaos as an essential aspect of a wild, vital and breathtaking life. When we gather to celebrate, to play, to innovate, to mourn, to tend the earth and our bodies, we finally reconnect to our vibrant self-expression and release ourselves from old fear-patterning and limitations.  It is sacred art, this gathering together, this circling with!  Let us relax here to accept our changes of mood, season, circumstance and visioning to create lasting changes in our lives and our world.

Do you recall that well-aged admonition from the elders, encouraging us to “let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open…see who is in there with you and celebrate!”  NOW is the perfectly abundant time to collaborate in the sanctity of circle to explore our most basic desires, our true and fluctuating foundations and some mind-blowing wonder that will spin our hearts in the direction of our dearest dreams for peace, love and understanding.

Whether it’s Day Retreat at Bethel Road or a get-out-of-town jaunt to the Chesapeake or Eastern Shore, retreat is both serious and playful, relaxing and invigorating…a time to be seen, understood and accepted in a hoop of women showing up for themselves and each other unconditionally.  I promise you will be nourished.  You will shed some tears and guffaw in lightness.  You’ll have time away from it all to simply BE, and at the close of day, you’ll wonder when you can do it all again.  These sacred locations and my devotion to creating events to support women are only two of the ingredients that guarantee that the whole thing is magic.

In the Gloaming, The Casting of Shadows
Sunday, September 16-18 on the water in Oxford, MD SOLD OUT (please contact me directly to access the waiting list)
In the Gloaming Retreat to historic Oxford, MD will be held Friday to Sunday, September 16-18 only steps from the oldest ferry dock in the country!  This sweet, quiet town is truly a step back in time.  Our gorgeous retreat home will make you swoon at first sight, and the pool out back is pretty amazing too!  Privacy and seclusion just a ferry ride from St. Michaels is as good as it gets.  This intimate getaway will welcome 4 guests to luxury, private guest rooms.  Happy hour arrival, Friday night dinner and Saturday Brunch are included in the cost, with out-on-the-town excursions for Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast extra.  Yoga, ceremony & all materials included.
The full cost of programming, 2 full meals, snacks, bevvies and lodging is $420.
A $110 deposit will hold your spot, don’t delay.

Sacred Grove, I Am Found at the Crossroads   October 27-30, 2022 on the Chesapeake (SOLD OUT)
You are invited to join us at the stunning Old Field Point overlooking the Elk River…for a deep autumnal dive into the dark mysteries of The Sacred Grove.  Susan, Virginia and Tamara will bring the messy brilliance of Crone wisdom to this 4-day retreat into archetype anchoring, soul-soothing, chaos-embracing frivolity that will return you to your divine feminine self just ahead of The Day…the ancient celebration of the “last day of of the year” when the magic of existence swirls in holy darkness and radiant light.   Susan and Virginia will lead you in yoga, ritual, ceremony, craftiness & joy.  Tamara will prepare all of our scrumptious meals!  This stellar location is totally private and completely plush.  All 6 guests will have their own private room.  Gardens, eagles, labyrinths all enchant from a birds-eye vantage above the river.  The brave will dip in her waters and all will sanctify the trees, those old ones felled by Mother Nature and the emergent new growth in the Sacred Grove.
This intimate retreat will host a maximum of 6 guests for optimal engagement and ease.
The full cost of all programming, meals, materials and lodging is $834.
A $180 deposit will hold your spot, don’t delay.

Ritual of an Ancient Flame, Finding Home in the Dark  Sunday, December 4, 9am-5pm at Bethel Road (Sold Out)
Wild!  Winter!  Wonder!   Let’s gather IN, cozy and comfortable with candlelight as our muse to awaken our instinctive release into the dark and silent mysteries of December.  Spend a day practicing the warming arts of brew and steam and yin and cacao to weave a holding space that will sustain you through the coldest days to come and lift you too for the celebration feasts.  Together we will deck the halls of our farmhouse home, tend the cookstove and build a bonfire to the Long Night’s Moon.
This intimate retreat will host a maximum of 7 guests for optimal engagement and ease.
The full cost of all programming, meals and materials is $180.
A $60 deposit will hold your spot, don’t delay.

Stay Wild, The Great Rite in the Greening Time   May 4-7, 2023 on the Chesapeake (only 3 spots left!)
The blessed rites of Spring shall be celebrated!  Dancing the maypole at Beltane is our passage to wonderment and light.  “The trees shape-shift the land before our eyes like conjurers pulling miniature leaves out of their cuffs…rising in love under skies bluer than euphoria, we leap the bel-fire into summer.”  I say we revel with the fairies and ground to Gaia’s bounty as the wheel keeps on turning!  Join Susan and Virginia for rites of passage, sacred embodiment, inspired fun and the growth that only our collective womanly truths can elicit.  4 days and 3 nights in the lap of luxury at Old Field Point will restore and renew your body, mind and bright spirit!  Tamara will nourish with her seasonal and nutrient-dense (and possibly detoxing!) culinary creations.  Your private room awaits.  A fresh Spring breeze whispers you to awaken to new life.
This intimate retreat will host a maximum of 6 guests for optimal engagement and ease.
The full cost of all programming, meals, materials and lodging is $920.
A $240 deposit will hold your spot, don’t delay.

Retreat promises that yoga, meditation, creativity, journaling, joint & independent study and free-time will all be incorporated into moments you can relax into.

Retreat is your birthright and also your responsibility.

Retreat is a way to employ your agency, to activate your power to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Retreat is a choice you can prioritize in a world that needs you to stand up and rise up.

Retreat whispers:  Do not lose heart.

Secure your place in this wheel of change and joy today by using the convenient pay button HERE.

We’ll welcome you essentially, sensually and with abandon as the 2022-2023 Retreat Season whirls to life.

Women’s Circle…the first three 2023 dates are open for registration!

Freya-Moon & New Moon Women’s Circle

OPEN for registration   Only one more circle this year, and the first 3 months of 2023 are set on the calendar and ready for you to claim your seat.
Circles fill quickly so please contact me directly if you would like to be put on the waiting list.
December 2 Freya-Moon
January 6 Freya-Moon
February 5  Imbolc Workshop 1-4pm
February 17 New Moon
March 3 Freya-Moon

Our full moon circle is a celebration of our connected power as Empress Queens and you are invited!
One Friday/month…6:30-8:30pm. The cost is $40 per person.
New Moon Circle (when available) is a somewhat less formal gathering, intuitive and holy.  6:30-8:30pm.  The cost is $20 per person.

Freya is a Nordic Earth Goddess of fertility, celebration and passion, and no wonder, then, that the day of the week Friday was named in her honor!  Freya’s message to all who are preparing to awaken is this: “Don’t play it safe right now. Instead, take bold action in the direction of your true heart’s desire. Success comes not from timidity but from committing yourself fully to realizing your dream. Hold the clear intention of success and it shall come about. Enjoy the excitement of taking risks, of being bold, and of being daring. And be sure to celebrate…”

I say we roll with that, and invite the moon too and all of our sisters and mothers and women we love to sit with us in circle and sharing and celebration!
Freya-Moon Circle is held one Friday evening every month (the Friday closest to the full moon)…each month will bring a new tale to tell. 

Fifth Element Therapy…A New Opportunity for Integration

The hybrid bodywork treatment that has always been my specialty is now available in mini-sessions for your convenience and ascendance!  Often referred to as Unwinding, my signature modality blends cranio-sacral therapy, myofascial release, Reiki and intuitive touch to release your stagnant holding and set your vitality free.

Each session will be booked for 45 minutes, which includes a bit of silent reflection for you while you gaze out into the fields and sky.  You’ll remain clothed and we’ll begin with you seated in the cozy and light-filled studio space.  A little chat and then open sesame!…reconciliation of all essential elements allows for your attentive relaxation and rejuvenation.

Each session costs only $76, allowing for a more affordable appointment with all the effectiveness and powerful punch as a full therapeutic massage.  It’s apples and oranges, as many of my clients who enjoy both types of therapy with me will confirm.  Fifth Element may be a touch more mystical, but if you’ve ever experienced my healing touch you’ve already had a taste of this sweet and sensory adjustment.  If you are new to my practice, this is a great introduction!

Booking is facilitated by contacting me directly.  Appointments are available most days and evenings (no Sunday appointments) and I am currently booking a few weeks out.

Your curiosity is the sign that it’s time for you to give Fifth Element Therapy a try soon.
The Fifth Element is ether…the origin AND the culmination of all other elements:  ocean, earth, wind and fire.
Come feel.  Come alive.

A Pebble in the Pond, Sacred Circles & the Ripple Effect

Sacred Circles are for everyone.

The mysterious and moving power of circle is undeniably felt in the moment and reverberates with positive impact far beyond our understanding.  Whether you attend circles regularly or don’t really have a sense of what I’m talking about, I want you to perk up your ears and pay attention.  This new offering is about to bring some brilliant vibes into your life!

Welcome to A Pebble in the Pond, a new opportunity to access your own vitality and presence while bringing your friends, family, colleagues & community along for the ride.  For years, I’ve been holding sacred space for circles of women and yogis and retreat guests and friends.  And every so often I’ve been hired to lead a private and customized circle which has ever been my honor.  Now those fine-tuned, personalized, inspirational and celebratory circles are about to become a mainstay of my work.  I hope you will leap at the chance to bring the alchemy of ritual and ceremony home to your inner circle.

So let’s play at the outer edges of those ripples, shall we?  Who, what and why would a custom circle be right for you?  Think birthdays and blessing ways for bridal showers, marriage, births & baptisms, mother’s day or to memorialize a loved one who has passed away.  Multi-generational family gatherings and reunions, or a celebration to bless or cleanse a new home or mark an important milestone.  Circles can repair discord in a group, inspire environmental or social activism and connect members of a neighborhood or community.  In the work or corporate realm, circles are great team-building events, enhancing alignment and revitalizing project cohorts and workplace environment.  Circles are great for book groups and study pods and are epically transformative when life and direction council is called for.  Circle for holidays or for special moments on the wheel of time, moons and seasons and just for the joy of it.  Maybe the most perfect reason of all to hold a circle is to have fun…gathering to relax and get grounded and simply BE.

A sacred circle is a potent and effective tool of self-care, a chance for rest and renewal and remembering.  In connection with the others in the hoop of focused awareness and heightened alignment, you can finally be yourself, show up for yourself, share yourself and accept yourself.  It’s a mini-retreat for the soul, a spiritual touch point.  Did I mention fun?

You can book A Pebble in the Pond Circle at your convenience beginning as early as January 2022.  You choose the event date and invite 3-8 guests.  Circles can be held here in the peaceful bliss that is Bethel Road (in our cozy indoor studio or safely under cover in the open-air Love Shack) OR at your home or other chosen location.  Plan on a two hour gathering with every detail tailored perfectly for you and yours.  A phone consultation will be facilitated at the time of booking to make sure every aspect is just so.

The full cost of A Pebble in the Pond is $320 for any size group ($40 per person if you invite the maximum 8 guests).
Your $160 deposit holds your date at booking and advanced booking is advised. 
Potential 2022 dates:  June 3, July 8, Aug 5, Sept 16 (these are upcoming Friday evenings that are available, other days or times may be chosen)that A menu of optional add-ons is available…think crystals or candles or journals as “favors” or canvases for plein air painting.  And who knows what else we will come up with for your beautiful event!

Holding space for sacred circles is my expertise, my passion, my love let loose to channel higher consciousness, create change and spread joy.
Please contact me directly with any questions or for more information.

The beautiful truth is that my very first event at ocean earth wind fire when I opened the studio doors on Bridge Street in 2007, was a private, customized circle created for a family who held tradition of gathering all of the females together annually to learn and experience and enjoy life together.  Four generations of women came aged 83 to 12 to practice yoga & meditation & togetherness with me that day.  And over the years I have grown in my understanding of the magic of circles by attending, immersing, creating and holding them as often as seemed possible.  But anything is possible, so I want more!  Bringing this project to a wider audience spins the ripples out wider than I can ever imagine…we all come “full circle” and so the love grows.

What kind of circle can I create for you?

Raising Wildflowers Podcast ~ From Longing to Belonging

I am so honored to have been invited to talk with Ashley & Lori of the Raising Wildflowers Podcast.  Our episode, Longing to Belonging, aired on January 11 and I’d be so thrilled if you would give a listen!  We talk about yoga, motherhood, spirit, silliness and what brings us along the path.

I feel, listening back to my own voice, that I’ve shared fluently and authentically here.

May my words have meaning for you.

May our energies of love and connection ripple out infinitely and for the greater good.

THE COMPASS OF EVOLUTION ORACLE…Now Offering Private Readings In-Person or Virtually!

Holding ceremony and reading oracle cards is one of my greatest pleasures; and the guidance and inspiration I’ve gleaned has been breathtaking and transformative.  Setting time for ritual and readings on your own is highly recommended, but sometimes the BOOST of drawing and discerning with support makes all the difference.  I am offering private sessions both virtually and in-person.  Your reading will be fine-tuned to your needs and intentions and my support will open up realms of mystery and delight.  It’s FUN!

*Virtual appointments may be booked for 30-minute Zoom connections (more powerful than would have been thought!) and are priced at a pay-what-you-like value (minimum suggested payment $5).
*In-person appointments may be booked for 1-hour salons in the Cacao Chalet and include Cacao Ceremony for $55.  Whether you’ve drawn oracle or Tarot cards a million times or are brand new to the beauty and magic of the oracles, I promise a fulfilling and fantastic experience.

How will the points on the compass guide you to the heart of your becoming?