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Things You See @ Susan’s Clearinghouse Sale In February!

It’s a Valentine’s Bazaar, a Thrifty Treasure Hunt…also known as a GARAGE SALE!  But this garage is the Love Shack at ocean earth wind fire and Susan’s “trash” is anything but trashy!  Come shop for gifts and goodies for yourself in the curated boutique of furniture, clothing, home decor, jewelry, trinkets and trifles…all well-loved by Susan to be passed on to be loved by you!

All items have been chosen carefully and are in excellent condition…at super-affordable prices…because who has a surplus of dollars to spend and who doesn’t love thrifting???  Plus it’s great for the environment.

The sale is open to the public on
Saturday, February 3  from 12noon to 5pm
Sunday, February 4  from 12noon to 4pm
An exclusive “first dibs” Friday night preview/presale is available on February 2 from 4-6pm for Imbolc Women’s Circle guests ONLY
…so if you want to enjoy the first look make sure you’re
signed up for February’s Women’s Circle now!

We are located at 203 Bethel Road between Route 23 and Pughtown Road (see the map HERE).
Come when it suits you during open hours
and RING THE BELL to be welcomed!
Pictures coming soon!

Sanctuary Saturdays, A Series of Workshops for the Soul







Who remembers Sanctuary Saturdays on Bridge Street?!  They’re back!

My calendar for Autumn, Winter and NEXT YEAR IS fleshING out and taking on a life of its own.  This year I am feeling the pull to the tried and true.  After all, we have everything we need inside of us…the bulk of our work as creatives and change agents is the work of remembering.  When we spend time in connection within the sacred space of our community, we are supported and held in our pursuit of evermore growth and expansion.  Sanctuary Saturdays are Pop Up Workshops, and this year’s series is all about those essential, effective standards that we always benefit from reviewing and welcoming home to our practices.

Each segment is a stand-alone standout!  Check the deets and the dates and set aside time devoted purely, essentially to YOU.
Each workshop will run for about 2 1/2 hours followed by an informal brunch at Bethel Road or yumminess out at Butterscotch:)
$48 for each session 

Psoas Workshop   It’s about time.  End stop.
Saturday, November 11 @ 9am CLOSED

La Posada  The only way I know how to prepare for holy holidays after all these years!

Devil Get Behind Me Pop Up Yoga Class  It’s just a one-off yoga addition we all need to bust out of the fever-dream that was 2023!
Saturday, January 6 @ 9am  (regular $20 rate & class cards apply)

The Wheel of the Year Workshop  You know…

Big Loving for Your Vagus Nerve  A Valentine for your nervous system & your life.
Saturday, February 10 @ 9am

Our continued devotion to balance, joy, peace and love requests our attention and attendance at the altar of our very bodies, minds and hearts.
Your soul says Hell Yes.

YOGA and BODYwork and Circles

Yoga…cozy season!

The bliss of yoga & community on the farm at Bethel Road IS life-changing.  I say this from experience, from witnessing the impact this place itself and our beautiful community has on each person each time they show up. To spend time in thrall wtih the natural beauty & Grace of this land, with others, will restore your soul & peacefulness.

Autumn & Winter Yoga Classes are OPEN for registration!
We are snuggled back indoors in the cozy studio!   The indoor spaces are more limited than our summer classes outside…so it is a good idea to save your spot in advance!

Tuesday Evenings @ 6:30pm
November 7-December 12 (plus January 2)
7-Week Session available for the cost of 6

Saturday Mornings @ 9am
ONE Saturday EVERY Month:  Hips Don’t Lie Pop Ups for $20 each

Oct 14, Nov 18, Dec 16 & Jan 6 & 20
ONE Saturday EVERY Month:  Workshops for the Soul 
Nov 11 Psoas, Dec 9 La Posada, Jan 13 Wheel of the Year, Feb 10 Vagus Nerve…These Sanctuary Saturdays are 2 1/2 hour special sessions available for $48 each or $155 for all 4 (a 20% savings!)

Sunday Mornings @ 10am
10/15-11/19. In Person OR On Line
12/3-1/21, In Person OR On Line
Full Session Discount 6 classes for $100

Get your IN here.



Massage Therapy Appointments
will welcome you home to sanctuary and self.
Booking ahead is easy by contacting me directly
Appointments are available Monday – Friday at various times.

~All Freya-Moon Circle & New Moon Circle dates are available for booking now….December 2023 & 2024 Dates are set!

~A Pebble in the Pond Custom Circles are available to book in 2023.
I think it’s time for you to bring the magic of women’s circle home to roost!
Contact me directly to book your private circle into the future.



Retreats: 2024 Adventures Are Here!









Retreat is your BIRTHRIGHT.
SANCTUARY is our responsibility.

When Winter’s Wonder Ices The River Over
Skating the Path of Eternity
(SOLD OUT…contact me directly to be put on the waiting list)
January 25-28, 2024 Old Field Point/Elkton, MD
When we invite the mysterious unknowables of this earthly existence into our lives, all becomes ventilated and open beyond our temporal worries and conflicts.  Mythic numerology tells us that 2024 is an 8 year…a year that when tipped on it’s side for another look reveals the path of eternity…an endless, wide open sky above and the vast rich depths of bedrock support below.

There are such beautiful, evocative correspondences associated with the number eight:
In Tarot, the major arcana Justice card!  Libra’s here-there star shine!  The Goddess Ma’at!  Our sushumna root of grounding!  Heaven’s sweep of possibility!

All are invitations to BALANCE, you see…a way to finally attest to our natural affinity for light and dark, masculine and feminine, found and lost, now and then.

We feel that January 1 is waaaaaay too soon to “begin again”, so join us towards the end of the month to explore what an 8 year might have in store for you.  We’ll hold Wheel of the Year Ceremony, practice our balance poses a lot (and fall down some too!), reflect on sources of imbalance in our lives; and perhaps most wonderful of all, cozy up together in furry throws by the wood-burning stove.  Expect candlelight and fairytales and steaming cups of soup and honeyed golden milk in abundance.
6 Guests max 
6 private rooms*  $956 per person
*IF You would like to share a room with your BFF or another agreeable guest, please contact me directly to arrange this at the reduced cost of $880 per person.
$280 Deposit Holds Your Spot

March Is For Lions & Lambs,  Your Spirit Animal Day Retreat
Sunday, March 10, 2024 9am-5pm @ocean earth wind fire 203 Bethel Road
Your animal nature may stay hidden in the hedgerow, but has so much to teach you!  Let’s tease out our primal and instinctual knowing and freely roar and romp towards Earth’s reawakening.  The clocks may be “saving daylight”; but in our bones and flesh we are wild with renewal and are feeling into our cycles organically.  Oracle decks, movement, the yoga of tracking and sensory reattunement fill out a day of relaxed fun.

When last we retreated this way, my muse was Moose!  How do you Play?  Pray?  Protect?  and Heal?  Let’s see what our furry, finned and feathered ones have to say!
9 Guests max
$187 per person
*meal pricing (additional) dependent on the cook, to be determined
$88 Deposit Holds Your Spot

Do Fairies Slumber?, A Frolicking Fete (Tutus Required)
April 19-20*, 2024  @oceanearthwindfire  203 Bethel Road, Spring City, PA
A Glamping Sleepaway Camp for the light-hearted…how else to celebrate Taurus Season, Earth Day and the Wind Moon?
Will you stay awake with me?  Will you sleep sugar-plum dreamy in a tree?  Wilt thou cavort anew?  Oh, do!

We’ve enlisted the wonderful Basecamp Glamp Company again after such a delightful experience at Halloween to deliver the super fly 16′ bell tent to our enchanted field.  Begin the frolic on Friday night with Freya-Moon Circle (Fairie Edition), then stay overnight in one of our sweet Farmhouse bedrooms or in the shared tent under the stars!  Morning yoga and giggling to follow and then a picnic feast hosted by Tamara Sheen! ($30 additional)
7 Guests max*
1 private room (queen bed) in the farmhouse. $236
1 shared room (double & twin beds) in the farmhouse. $221pp
4 twin beds in the bell tent*. $206pp
$124 Holds Your Spot
*Depending on response, a second tent and/or a second night may become fantastical reality

The Ripening, Golden Lammas Days on the River
August 1-4, 2024  Old Field Point Circle, Elkton, MD 

The haste of early summer growth has ended, nature pauses.  The golden days of ripening are upon us.  And so sweet serenity settles across the land, upon the waters.  That brazen sun brings us to a fullness overflowing.  A season of plenty has begun and the kitchen counter becomes our altar in blessings to Gaia, in welcome to the new moon.  Come, rest and feast in beauty, in bounty.

These are the days of sweaty yoga and skinny dipping on the Chesapeake.  Languorous lounging in shaded hammocks and early morning picking in the garden.  Cocktails and caftans and a wild bonfire to celebrate Lughnasadh and cavort under a new moon and a fresh turning.  Virginia’s lux “hunting lodge” is the gorgeous setting for yet another tete a tete with Mama River and the Goddesses of Old Field Point.  Daily yoga, ceremony, swimming, walks and all manner of bounty and abundance await.  All meals are included.  Dancing will be.  Happiness is.

Retreat and those dog days of summer are what you make of them…let’s make this one lush and memorable!
10 Guests max 
4 private rooms  $956 per person
6 shared rooms  $881 per person
$280 Deposit Holds Your Spot

Innkeeping for December’s Daughters, A Holy Day for Tending the Dark Day Retreat
Sunday, December 1, 2024 9am-5pm @ocean earth wind fire 203 Bethel Road
Well, now it’s tradition!  Join the solemn joy of soul preparation during this 3rd Annual Retreat of Winter’s welcome.  Clarissa Pinkola Estes heart-thumping refrain begins sounding in my ribs by late November:   “We have gone through a dark night and been whipped around by memory– ancestral and common and personal and momentous…We are together in all this. No one will be left stranded. We are the new innkeepers.”

And, again, I vow to myself and my loved ones to hold the light of the season dearly and surely, in whatever small and large ways I can muster, to be a kindness in this world.  To welcome and to gather evermore sensitive humans together in support and encouragement, to BE the ones who hold the keys to shelter and warmth, acceptance and revery.

Let’s practice faithfully these gifts bestowed:  generosity, hospitality, community and communion.  The season calls for a new kind of cheer.  Let us ring the bells together.
9 Guests max
$187 per person
*meal pricing (additional) dependent on the cook, to be determined
$88 Deposit Holds Your Spot

Destination retreats to Taos, New Mexico and The Barrier Islands of Georgia are also “in the works”…with potential dates at Summer Solstice in June and Autumnal Equinox in September!  Stay tuned…

Women’s Circle…Freya-Full Moon, Celtic Tree & High Holy Night Revels


Women’s Circle…Gathering for ourselves and for the greater good.

Our monthly circle is a celebration of our connected power as Empress Queens, empaths, Priestesses and ordinary/holy women…YOU are invited!  Absolutely every woman is welcome here and there is no need to worry that you won’t “fit in”…you are worthy and wonderful.  Come sit.

It all began with Freya…the Nordic Earth Goddess of fertility, celebration and passion, and no wonder, then, that the day of the week Friday was named in her honor!  Freya’s message to all who are awakening is this:

“Don’t play it safe right now.
Instead, take bold action in the direction of your true heart’s desire.
Success comes not from timidity but from committing yourself fully to realizing your dream.
Hold the clear intention of success and it shall come about.
Enjoy the excitement of taking risks, of being bold, and of being daring.
And be sure to celebrate…”

And that central energy and intent weaves like a golden thread through every, monthly circle…though each month has a new tale to tell and enchantment to conjure;  we celebrate not only the Full Moon, but the New Moon, the Celtic Tree Year and the high holy Celebrations around the Wheel of the Year!  Always on a Friday night from 6:30-9pm. The cost is $44 per woman with all curriculum, materials, and sometimes treats included.  At maximum, we welcome 12 women each month and spaces fill quickly.  If the pay button is down, it means the circle is full but please contact me directly if you would like to be put on the waiting list!
OPEN for registration (so far)

October 27 Freya-Moon
November 17 Freya-Moon
December 8  New Moon
January 19  Celtic Tree Birch
February 2  Imbolc, the Feast of Brigid
March 22  Freya-Storm Moon
April 19  Freya-Wind Moon

If you would like to give yourself the best gift ever, three of the first 4 circles of 2024 may be purchased in advance as a bundle at the discounted cost of $37/circle=$111.
Get your IN here.

A Pebble in the Pond, Sacred Circles & the Ripple Effect

Sacred Circles are for everyone.

The mysterious and moving power of circle is undeniably felt in the moment and reverberates with positive impact far beyond our understanding.  Whether you attend circles regularly or don’t really have a sense of what I’m talking about, I want you to perk up your ears and pay attention.  This new offering is about to bring some brilliant vibes into your life!

Welcome to A Pebble in the Pond, a new opportunity to access your own vitality and presence while bringing your friends, family, colleagues & community along for the ride.  For years, I’ve been holding sacred space for circles of women and yogis and retreat guests and friends.  And every so often I’ve been hired to lead a private and customized circle which has ever been my honor.  Now those fine-tuned, personalized, inspirational and celebratory circles are about to become a mainstay of my work.  I hope you will leap at the chance to bring the alchemy of ritual and ceremony home to your inner circle.

So let’s play at the outer edges of those ripples, shall we?  Who, what and why would a custom circle be right for you?  Think birthdays and blessing ways for bridal showers, marriage, births & baptisms, mother’s day or to memorialize a loved one who has passed away.  Multi-generational family gatherings and reunions, or a celebration to bless or cleanse a new home or mark an important milestone.  Circles can repair discord in a group, inspire environmental or social activism and connect members of a neighborhood or community.  In the work or corporate realm, circles are great team-building events, enhancing alignment and revitalizing project cohorts and workplace environment.  Circles are great for book groups and study pods and are epically transformative when life and direction council is called for.  Circle for holidays or for special moments on the wheel of time, moons and seasons and just for the joy of it.  Maybe the most perfect reason of all to hold a circle is to have fun…gathering to relax and get grounded and simply BE.

A sacred circle is a potent and effective tool of self-care, a chance for rest and renewal and remembering.  In connection with the others in the hoop of focused awareness and heightened alignment, you can finally be yourself, show up for yourself, share yourself and accept yourself.  It’s a mini-retreat for the soul, a spiritual touch point.  Did I mention fun?

You can book A Pebble in the Pond Circle at your convenience beginning as early as January 2022.  You choose the event date and invite 3-8 guests.  Circles can be held here in the peaceful bliss that is Bethel Road (in our cozy indoor studio or safely under cover in the open-air Love Shack) OR at your home or other chosen location.  Plan on a two hour gathering with every detail tailored perfectly for you and yours.  A phone consultation will be facilitated at the time of booking to make sure every aspect is just so.

The full cost of A Pebble in the Pond is $320 for any size group ($40 per person if you invite the maximum 8 guests).
Your $160 deposit holds your date at booking and advanced booking is advised. 
Potential 2022 dates:  June 3, July 8, Aug 5, Sept 16 (these are upcoming Friday evenings that are available, other days or times may be chosen)that A menu of optional add-ons is available…think crystals or candles or journals as “favors” or canvases for plein air painting.  And who knows what else we will come up with for your beautiful event!

Holding space for sacred circles is my expertise, my passion, my love let loose to channel higher consciousness, create change and spread joy.
Please contact me directly with any questions or for more information.

The beautiful truth is that my very first event at ocean earth wind fire when I opened the studio doors on Bridge Street in 2007, was a private, customized circle created for a family who held tradition of gathering all of the females together annually to learn and experience and enjoy life together.  Four generations of women came aged 83 to 12 to practice yoga & meditation & togetherness with me that day.  And over the years I have grown in my understanding of the magic of circles by attending, immersing, creating and holding them as often as seemed possible.  But anything is possible, so I want more!  Bringing this project to a wider audience spins the ripples out wider than I can ever imagine…we all come “full circle” and so the love grows.

What kind of circle can I create for you?

Raising Wildflowers Podcast ~ From Longing to Belonging

I am so honored to have been invited to talk with Ashley & Lori of the Raising Wildflowers Podcast.  Our episode, Longing to Belonging, aired on January 11 and I’d be so thrilled if you would give a listen!  We talk about yoga, motherhood, spirit, silliness and what brings us along the path.

I feel, listening back to my own voice, that I’ve shared fluently and authentically here.

May my words have meaning for you.

May our energies of love and connection ripple out infinitely and for the greater good.

THE COMPASS OF EVOLUTION ORACLE…Now Offering Private Readings In-Person or Virtually!

Holding ceremony and reading oracle cards is one of my greatest pleasures; and the guidance and inspiration I’ve gleaned has been breathtaking and transformative.  Setting time for ritual and readings on your own is highly recommended, but sometimes the BOOST of drawing and discerning with support makes all the difference.  I am offering private sessions both virtually and in-person.  Your reading will be fine-tuned to your needs and intentions and my support will open up realms of mystery and delight.  It’s FUN!

*Virtual appointments may be booked for 30-minute Zoom connections (more powerful than would have been thought!) and are priced at a pay-what-you-like value (minimum suggested payment $5).
*In-person appointments may be booked for 1-hour salons in the Cacao Chalet and include Cacao Ceremony for $55.  Whether you’ve drawn oracle or Tarot cards a million times or are brand new to the beauty and magic of the oracles, I promise a fulfilling and fantastic experience.

How will the points on the compass guide you to the heart of your becoming?