Celtic Tree Circle is Back, My Beauties!

January’s Full Moon brought me a beautiful message.  One of our yoga friends shared on Sunday, that Tu BiShvat would begin at sunset that evening and be celebrated through January 17.  He told me Tu BiShvat is the “birthday of the trees”*…
…and in a heartbeat, my roots and branches grew and a new seed was planted for the return of our beloved Celtic Tree Circles.  When I checked my calendar, March 2 stood out.
No coincidence that 3/2 is Ash Wednesday and the Celtic Tree for the Feb/March time span is ASH…whelp…who wants to join me?

“I am stately Nuin Ash.  I have come to tell you that it is safe to dive into your interior world.  Here you can receive guidance, healing, and assurance.  If you find that you are not moving forward, try to practice patience and keep your intentions clear.  Sometimes you are asked to wait for the perfect alignment between the right moment and what you desire.  Check in.  Create a strong and loving field.”  ~Sharlyn Hidalgo

Circle will be held on Wednesday, March 2 at 6:30pm
$30 per person…Pre-register HERE.
Circles in April, May & June are now OPEN for Registration!

Let’s create a strong and loving field together.  Who knows what wonder will grow then?

*In ancient times, Tu BiShvat was merely a date on the calendar that helped Jewish farmers establish exactly when they should bring their produce of fruit from recently planted trees to the Temple as first-fruit offerings. Tu BiShvat later grew to be an opportunity for Jewish people to celebrate their tree-planting efforts to restore the ecology of ancient Israel and symbolic of renewed growth and flowering of the people returning to their ancestral homeland.