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Yoga is yoga, it’s true. Every bit of it is healing, strengthening, balancing, illuminating and fun. You should try all kinds of styles, classes, teachers and times. You’ll find yoga that sings to your soul and yoga that firms up your butt. You’ll get attached to specific themes and voices and sequencing. You’ll learn that busting out of those attachments and what you are used to, your comfort zone, can teach you even more than you ever thought about your body, your mind and your heart of hearts. You’ll get theory, anatomy, poetry and some incredible silliness and laughter. As they say…”it’s ALL good”.

I don’t “level” my classes here at ocean earth, because everyone is welcome all the time and I can meet you as an individual whatever your needs are. It is my fervent hope that my devotion to and respect for the practice as one of the paths to truth, love and happiness will spill over to you, then on to your family and friends…the goodness and bliss of yoga spiraling out in ever-widening circles of grace and light.

restore (v) to put or bring back into existence or use, to bring back to original state, renew
This is a beautiful opportunity to begin again. Slow and steady not only wins the race, but brings you back to a place of healing, awareness and calm. So dreamy

wake up yoga…Awaken
(v) to cause to become awake or conscious, to breathe life into
They thought it was a sweet and stretchy slow-rise but it’s more like a very loud alarm clock! Wake up already! Time to move your body, break a sweat, hone the body and break through any resistance that keeps you from being truly alive and awake