In My Bloodline: A Journey Forum Through Ancestry & Legacy

IN MY BLOODLINE:  A Journey Forum Through Ancestry & Legacy
Please join me for a round table forum for exploring our lineage, veneration of our forebears, past lives, archetypal ancestry, life & death and legacy…our own legacy in the making.

These 3 weekly gatherings will be held at sunset on Sundays and facilitated in an open discussion format.  There are NO experts regarding the realms beyond the veil, so let’s come to ponder, wonder and explore together to create meaning of the unknown and the great beyond.  Topics for heart-storming to include:  Thanksgiving for Lost Souls, Cultural Appreciation/Appropriation, Befriending Shame as a Birthright, Past Life Journeying, Ho Opono Opono, Goddess Guides, Well Ancestors,  Eulogy & Memoir Free-Writing, and…MORE!

Only 6 seats available each week.  Each single forum is $30.  Attend all 3 for $75.
November 8, 15 & 22 at 4:30pm.  Registration is open.  Deadline to register is November 1.