Love Shack LIVE Yoga ~ Yoga Under the Wide Open Sky Of Possibility & Wholeness

It’s the love shack shimmy!
Welcome to social distancing yoga in the wide open spaces of ocean earth wind fire at Bethel Road!

MONDAY 6:30PM  ~  FRIDAY 9:30A  ~  SATURDAY 9:30AM

How we have missed each other during these days of many questions! With the warm weather taking center stage, I am here to offer a caring and considerate hospitality for very small groups to gather to immerse in soul/body/spirit love.  Let’s to come together to practice, breathe fresh air, talk & listen, remember our connection, dance a bit and collaborate around bringing our yoga into this whole new world…all at a healthy distance under the wide sky on our beautiful farm.

These are On-going Weekly classes.  All registration and payment must be handled on the website with convenient pay buttons.  As classes fill each week I’ll flip over the pay button to the following week’s class, so check your dates and sign up early to hold your spot.   If you want to save your spot a number of weeks out, there’s an option for that too!