It’s the love shack shimmy!

Welcome to a week of testing out social distancing yoga in the wide open spaces of ocean earth wind fire at Bethel Road!

These classes are real-live-held-in-person-social-distancing-rules-apply yoga classes. Here are the details:

  • Each class will be held under the open sky in the field weather permitting
  • All classes will be held rain or shine with rainy day yoga being held under cover but open to the outdoors in the garage (aka Love Shack)
  • No more than five students may attend each class allowing for an 8-9 foot spacing between all students in the Love Shack
  • Ample grassy parking behind the garage allows for cars to observe social distancing too!
  • All students are required to wear a mask during arrival, until we get settled on our mats and acclimated to the space and each other, at which point each student may make their own decision about practicing with or without a mask. (2 Zoom virtual yoga classes are available each week for those not ready to practice in this way)
  • Please BRING YOUR OWN: yoga mat, yoga props*, blanket, drinking water, mask, toilet tissue/hand sanitizer** and any snacks or drinks

*I have a nice supply of yoga blocks and “grassy mats” that you may have…meaning if you use it when you take class, it becomes yours and you will take it home and then bring it back for future classes. I think it’s best if we avoid sharing any items at this time. The “grassy” mats are older (but great) mats that you can use UNDER your mat to add a layer between your mat and the driveway or grass!
**For now, the “rest room” is the great outdoors. It will be easy for you to find a little grassy spot near your car that feels private from the road and well away from the practice space. Please bring TP and any hand-washing supplies with you.

Please contact me directly with any questions! I am here for you.