Massage Therapy Referral Program~A Springtime Perk

I’ve been working consistently with a bodyworker for a little over year and a half now, and our sessions are incredible and building in momentum and depth.  Seeing her and being on the receiving side of healing touch always renews my enthusiasm and devotion for the work I offer, the engagement and connection I experience with my beautiful clients. I’m feeling motivated, ready and excited to interact with MORE humans (women humans, if I’m being real) who are interested in healing somatically and emotionally from the insults of life and the chaos of this world.
We all need help in this because the struggle IS real and what are we doing if we aren’t actively pursuing any and all paths towards balance and receptivity to the vast and exuberant beauty of life. It’s right here, but we often miss it in our struggle and suffering.
So!  I’ve created a new referral system for Springtime renewal, and if you’re so called, I hope you will take advantage of it!
For every new client you refer to me who enjoys a single session with me in April/May/June of this year I’ll offer your next session at 1/2 off.
If the person you refer ends up purchasing a 3-pack discounted therapy bundle, (likely after their first session), you benefit with a FREE session with me.
These perks apply whether you currently pay me one session at a time or with a prepaid subscription.
And don’t be shy if you haven’t been on my table for a while (even a long while!)…your referral matters too and the benefit might get you back in my hands where you long to be!
Let me know if you have questions and make sure you have a session booked soon by contacting me directly. 
Taking good, tender care of ourselves in ALL the ways is job number one!