Celtic Tree Circle…Last Circle for 2021 is September 29

Our beloved Freya-Moon Women’s Circle has sold out every month for 3 years now, so it was time to offer a second monthly circle.  The need, desire, usefulness and comfort of a women’s circle CANNOT be debated.  I don’t actually “know” what the functioning mechanism IS, but it creates pure magic EVERY SINGLE TIME WE GATHER.  We are seen, heard, moved to tears, flung into laughter.  We shift and realign to wonder with ceremony and ritual.  We get insight.  We are indisputably reminded that we are not alone.  We make fun stuff with our hands.  And sit on the earth.  We solve the problems of our time but also get playful and joyful.   And we…finally….finally…relax.

I will honestly tell you that I have no idea how I would have made it through these last three years without circle.

So I’ve created a monthly Celtic Tree Circle that will be held on Wednesday evenings running through September at least!  We had our inaugural circle to celebrate the Hawthorne Tree and our Great Mother Earth a couple weeks ago and it was perfect!  The buzz about the impossible, intricate science and behavior of trees started humming long ago and humans are just now beginning to perk up their ears and come online with the bounty of the forest and the marvel of the Universe.

Roots?  Rising?  Connection?  Service?  Yes to all of those!

And if you’ve never joined a women’s circle before, I want to assure you that this is the most welcoming, inclusive sacred space you could ever step into.  We have some loyal beauties, but the cast of humans shifts and shimmers with comings and goings and we love nothing better than to welcome and include someone brand new!  Don’t hesitate!  You will never regret the time you take for yourself and for the collective in this very particular and essential way.

2021 Dates for Celtic Tree are June 16, July 7, August 4, September 1 & September 29.  Each circle will begin at 6:30pm and be held for about 2 hours.  All circles are held outdoors in the field or in the open-air Love Shack in case of rain.  The cost of attendance is $30 and you can use our convenient pay buttons to secure your spot even months ahead.  Each circle is limited to 8 guests.

Will you come?