NEW New Moon Circle


Welcome to the next 6 months of New Moon gatherings in 2022.  April through October (July New Moon is opening day of our Chesapeake Retreat so if you want to catch that one, you need to register soon!), you can join me here in the beauty that is Bethel Road to revive yourself in sisterhood.  The refreshing, anything-is-possible essence of La Luna as she RE-reveals herself is meant to be felt and celebrated.  Together we can amplify that emergent vibe to set ourselves on a true course of enthusiastic attunement.
New Moon Circles will be held on the evening of the day that the new moon stations exact, so mark your calendars carefully.  Each celebration will involve light-hearted and encouraging guidance channeled from the cosmos and simple acts of enjoyment which may include fire-tending, dance, meditation, night walking & playfulness.  Nothing for you to do or bring but to show up AS you, FOR you.  And together we will call down moonbeams and Grace.

Saturday, April 30  New Moon in Taurus, I Am Worthy
Monday, May 30  New Moon in Gemini, What’s Love Got To Do With It
Wednesday, June 29  New Moon in Cancer, Welcome Home
Saturday, August 27  New Moon in Virgo, You Are the Spell
Sunday, September 25  New Moon in Libra, This Temple is Mine
Tuesday, October 25  New Moon in Scorpio, Ocean of Time

Each circle will begin at 6:30pm, outdoors in the field or the Love Shack in the case of rain.   Your ticket to meet the night sky is available via pre-purchase ($20) HERE.
Bring your women, women!  The more the merrier when we share in marking our natural cycles and connection to each other and all that is.
These gatherings are created for you to increase the joyful delight of living in this miraculous world; AND, they are an active choice to embody peacefulness, cooperation, support and love.  When we gather together in this way, we actively change the fabric of the Universe.  That’s an act of purpose and power.  Let’s shine!