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Episode 20, July 2023  

Episode 23:  A Nebulous Topic…Life
We three are back together again after the passing of Tamara’s dear beloved BJ, a touching conversation, one that will move us all.

3 Crones Podcast is the endeavor of a magical trio of women dedicated to living essentially, aligned with guidance of their birthright bone wisdom. May our grown-ass-woman talk inspire women of all ages to be themselves…loudly.

Virginia McKinnie, Tamara Sheen and Susan Madden-Cox welcome you to come hither, come close, to join in our virtual women’s circle where we can connect and share authentically for a change!
We’ve gathered around the kitchen table, of course, to introduce ourselves and talk about what it means to be a Crone and how it feels to bring our voices into what we perceive as a void. Let’s fill up the space where wild abandon and right devotion might meet to discuss all of the pressing topics that matter most to women the world over.

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Production credits to Tessa Hall.  Cover art by Siobhan Bedford.