Radical Self-Care Sunday



“You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
  love what it loves.”     ~Mary Oliver

And yet, the soft animal of our bodies is frazzled and disoriented!  What does it love and what will bring it so tenderly and decisively back into balance?
Please join me for the first in a series of Radical Self-Care Sundays during which we will circle right back around to the foundational and functional basics of loving kindness for self…these time-tested and effective practices that never fail us but are so easily forgotten and neglected.  Sometimes all it takes is a sweet community of other humans, some basic instructions, a smidge of encouragement…and then off we go into our vibrant and healthy lives with renewed vigor and a sense of confidence in our own devoted capacity to prioritize our own unique and wonderful selves.

There are so many of us struggling right now.  And for so many understandable reasons!  As I’ve been developing a broader course of study in the progressive expansion of the epic reFIND Series, it finally hit me that we all need some reboot magic NOW!

First up in this series is Reset & Tone the Vagus Nerve, a course I developed and supply for corporate wellness programming.  Sure you know a few (or many) ways to reset the Vagus Nerve, have heard the buzz and even tried to implement some of the techniques…but let’s review and renew, shall we?  My priority is always to get straight to the heart of the matter and present the bare-bones ESSENTIAL AND USABLE components so that it is easy peasy for us to utilize and benefit from cutting edge science and choice!

This online seminar will be taught on Sunday, January 30 at 1pm EST, but if you aren’t able to attend at that time, you will receive the recorded course and all support resource materials for use at any time.  Please register in advance HERE.  The full cost is $66.  Early bird registration is available at 18% OFF / $55 through January’s Full Moon 1/17 at midnight.

Future Radical Self-Care Sundays in February, March and April will cover meditation, pranayama, Utility Yoga and Essential Element Ritual.
Stay tuned for this mini-boost of natural, accessible self-love…a radical act in our day and age…one we can no longer afford to deny ourselves.