reFIND is an online, virtual ocean earth wind fire experience, an elemental healing revolution.  It is comprised of twenty 15-20 minute videos that will guide you through various inspiring and centering practices that are especially beneficial during this uncertain and disorienting time.  The sessions will arrive in your email inbox, formatted in a Dropbox file accompanied by a brief overview, some simple instructions and any pertinent readings.

You may purchase reFIND one session at a time, in 5-session segments or all at once for a discounted cost.  Pay buttons are live on the website.  Your purchase/registration can be made at any advance time but must be received no later than 9am on the day of delivery.  You can expect delivery by noon.  Once you receive the link, the session is yours to keep.  You may watch/utilize it at any convenient time and re-experience it as many times as you like.  Pause/rewind/restart…it’s all for your convenience and ease of use.

It is my hope that you WILL want to share reFIND with your loved ones and friends.  I would ask that in terms of forwarding the email and link, you would limit your generosity to a single share and as a way to encourage your friends to join the reFIND revolution too.  Please remember that this work is my only source of income now.  I have kept the cost low and I DO want the project to ripple out to the benefit of all while it is also valued as the heart-work that it is.  Scholarships will be arranged if financial strain is keeping you from participating, let me know.

The disclaimer:
reFIND is me.  Unedited, non-glossy, imperfect and authentic.  I will present what helps me, resonates with me and supports me.  It will be low-tech but accessible, user-friendly and loving.  Please direct feedback, questions, needs and comments to and put reFIND in the subject line!  I’m here for you.