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Kvapil, Charles; Seated Nude; Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum;

1/21/21  reWIND Session 3

I hope everyone was so enthralled with the day of Inaugural celebration that you never noticed my reWIND Wednesday post was missing.  In honor of this bright new future, I offer today (Thursday…I mean do you really even know what day it is anymore…does anybody really know what time it is?!) The Heart Sutra.  This ancient chant/invocation/incantation is so sublimely fitting for this time!

om gate gate
bodhi svaha

The rough (my words) translation of this holy utterance is:
om…this is the sounding of the sound before the beginning before the beginning, may it set the tone for your present sounding!
gate gate…gone gone, gone from ignorance to understanding, gone from death to new life, gone from violence to peace, gone from hatred to love, gone from darkness to light.
paragate…gone all the way over to the other side of the river, to salvation, all the way.
parasamgate…all of us, every one, no-one left behind, gone all the way over to the other side.
bodhi svaha…halelujah!

You can google a tune or click this Spotify fave of mine, listen in reverence, whisper without melody on your own, repeating for as long as you like.

As a super special bonus, HERE is the link to the full Neck Like New reFIND Touch episode.  This episode holds an hour of full content for self-massaging the neck, throat and jaw which will absolutely not only feel good, but reinvigorate and open your 5th chakra and any blockages of expression or capacity for deep listening that may be festering there.

I’m happy to offer this session of my self-massage course to you now for FREE…the full upper body, lower body and whole body series are all available for you to purchase if you find this helpful and engaging!
(I’m pretty sure you will!)

I feel we have all been called to enter the brave and bold passage as innovators and path makers to a new world by bringing our unique gifts and energies and well as our collective vibrations and universal truths to the fore.

May the heart sutra encourage this for you.  For all of us.

Welcome to a January series of weekly PSAs that may be as helpful to you as they are to me.

Visit here each Wednesday morning to find simple, embodiment methods you can USE easily to…YOU fill in the blank.

We’ve agreed that we don’t need to fix, figure out, nor change ourselves.
Our self-care and self-love require a welcoming home of our moods our energies and our always-valid, lived experience…
…whatever that is, however that shows up.

So sometimes the methods will serve to soothe and sometimes invigorate.
This week you may need grounding and next week you may need firing up.
Wednesday “hump day” might find me feeling depressed and depleted while you may be feeling revved and ready to roll.

No matter who you are or what’s going on, these are universally USEFUL practices that will bring you into the moment and into your body.
With devotion.

Practice once, daily or over and over all year. Each method will be available, free of charge, until the following Wednesday.
Let’s see what we need come February, eh?