reFIND Touch:

In a Whole New World, Self-Care Is All That Really Matters
Join the next brave and beautiful stage of the revolution, when we finally embrace self-loving as the one and only next right step on the path to empowerment, health, well-being and rebirth! Allow me to be your guide and companion as you explore the infinite wisdom of your miraculous body.
In these days of many questions, let us agree to the one shining truth that taking care of ourselves has never felt so important. And let us try new things, look from new angles, open to new ideas and rely on new methods to strengthen, stretch, revive, and renew ourselves cell by cell, limb by limb and moment by moment.

You are a healer.
Your hands are magic.
Your physical body is perfectly designed and wired to return to homeostasis and balance.
There is nothing you lack.
I am here to light your way to relaxation, relief and peace.

I’ve developed a comprehensive course of eleven essential self-massage seminars to initiate you into the role of healer. Embrace The Whole Body of reFIND Touch or utilize the focused lessons you need most. The program is bundled in common-sense sections, scheduled in easy-to-use time-pods and sprinkled with fun and connection. You get the convenience of pre-recorded sessions you can view anytime, as well as “live”-zoom room seminars and even the option of private one-to-one therapeutic appointments.

I’ve applied my own strict standards of worthwhile and substantial practice to reFIND Touch
the program is accessible, sustainable, effective and escalating!
It is low-cost, designed for EVERY BODY, easy to use, potent and expansive.

You have always held healing in your hands and now that the luxury of engaging your service providers has been ixnayed you can finally, blissfully lean into learning how to soothe your own tired muscles, realign your own connective tissue, reduce your own stress and tension, and return to your own relaxed wholeness and ease.

When I founded ocean earth wind fire 13 years ago, I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime; and this journey of discovery meanders still toward an essential and elemental homecoming we can all celebrate! I think of my work as a mandala…each “separate” action-way woven irrevocably with every other…a web of teaching, touching, space-holding and consciousness-lifting. And thus far, each “job” I do has relied upon the intimate, in-real-life, person-to-person experience of togetherness to be activated and felt. How to reinvent soul sanctuary and body love in the time of quarantine? What now?

What wild, untamable waves will we dive into, surf brazenly and float upon?
What eternal runes were etched in our bones, born of our reality before the beginning of time?
What holy freedom whispers our name on the beloved breeze of possibility?
What good work and right action of service to the venerable all fuels our passions and purpose?
Where is my release? Where rest? Where inspiration? Where courage?

We are paying attention and our quest continues and the questions have taken on a fervency and a deliberate repetition that will no longer be ignored. For all these years, and through all of our trials, we have returned over and over to the solace and blessing of yoga, of bodywork, of meditation, of ceremony and of our innate human-connectedness, our inexplicable soul-relations to find our way and to bow in gratitude for the signposts and lifeboats along that winding way.

We’ve been called to remember, over and over, our singular responsibility to BE and to CREATE, using our inborn and unique gifts to live a life of meaning; and we have been led to recognizing it is ONLY our devout attention to loving and accepting ourselves that brings us to that holy ground.
Let’s keep on. Together. Apart.

Kim Rome says The Real Revolution Will Be Love, and I believe. Let’s not suffer and stutter through this intense passage simply waiting for it to be over. Let’s build the brave foundation of HERE NOW where we can help each other to become ever-more our most brilliant selves.

The Nuts & Bolts:

reFIND Touch
A Course of Self-Massage Seminars

Part One
Six Upper Body Sessions
~The Living Skull, Youthful Face & Open Ears
~Neck Like New & That Jaw Jawn
~Shoulders, Say No More
~Open the Window in the Center of Your Chest
~Arms Reach
~Hands Touching Hands
Part Two
Five Lower Body Sessions
~Spine Can Shine
~This Sacrum Is Mine
~Foundational Footing
~The Subtle Body, A Journey of Unwinding

The Dates:
Pre-recorded Seminars delivered on Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Zoom Room Recap Forum held on Saturday Mornings at 8:15am

Part One
Monday, Wednesday & Friday delivery: May 4, 6 & 8 / May 11, 13 & 15
Saturday Zoom Room Recap Forum: May 9 Shoulders, Say No More
May 16 Hands Touching Hands

Part Two
Monday, Wednesday & Friday delivery: May 25, 27 & 29/ June 1 & 3
Saturday Zoom Room Recap Forum: May 30 This Sacrum Is Mine

The Cost:

The Whole Body Course – All 11 Sessions    $250
This phenomenal Early Bird pricing is available from April 20-30 and includes a 30-minute One-to-One Private Online Therapy Appointment ($45 value) AND a 30-minute Guided Audio Meditation ($30 value)

Upper Body Series Part One    $140
Early Bird pricing available from April 20-30

Lower Body Series Part Two    $140
Early Bird pricing available from April 20-30

Single Session Plus Zoom Room Recap Forum     $55
(Available for Shoulders, Say No More/Hands Touching Hands/This Sacrum is Mine)

30-Minute One-to-One Private Online Therapy Add-On    $45

30-Minute Guided Audio Meditation Add-On    $30

Registration is open NOW via easy payment buttons HERE. 
You will receive an email confirmation and all necessary information for participation.

May you reFIND your essential center.
May you keep becoming more you-for all of us.
May you magnetize and manifest your deepest desires.
May you receive bounty with gratitude and give all you have for the greater good.
So it is.  Namaste.