Sanctuary Saturdays, A Series of Workshops for the Soul







Who remembers Sanctuary Saturdays on Bridge Street?!  They’re back!

Each year as we near the end of Summer, my calendar for Autumn, Winter and NEXT YEAR begins to flesh out and take on a life of its own.  This year I am feeling the pull to the tried and true.  After all, we have everything we need inside of us…the bulk of our work as creatives and change agents is the work of remembering.  When we spend time in connection within the sacred space of our community, we are supported and held in our pursuit of evermore growth and expansion.  Sanctuary Saturdays are Pop Up Workshops, and this year’s series is all about those essential, effective standards that we always benefit from reviewing and welcoming home to our practices.

Each segment is a stand-alone standout!  But you can commit in advance to your good self-care and ascendance by pre-registering for all four at a 20% discount!  So check the deets and the dates and set aside time devoted purely, essentially to YOU.  Each workshop will run for about 2 1/2 hours followed by an informal brunch at Bethel Road or yumminess out at Butterscotch:)
$48 for each session OR $155 for all 4 (a 20% savings!)

Psoas Workshop   It’s about time.  End stop.
Saturday, November 11 @ 9am

La Posada  The only way I know how to prepare for holy holidays after all these years!
Saturday, December 9 @ 9am

The Wheel of the Year Workshop  You know…
Saturday, January 13 @ 9am

Big Loving for Your Vagus Nerve  A Valentine for your nervous system & your life.
Saturday, February 10 @ 9am

Okay, I know…I don’t have a 2024 calendar yet either!  And November, December, January & February don’t even sound like words that make any sense right now.  But our continued devotion to balance, joy, peace and love requests our attention and attendance at the altar of our very bodies, minds and hearts.  Your soul says Hell Yes.