The Spring Equinox falls on March 19 this year, so we will be a bit over a week into a new season when we immerse in wonder during our Day Retreat at Bethel Road on Sunday, March 29. It is time to deliberately step onto a new path to explore the realms of possibility within your sacred and beautiful life.

Time away, time to ponder, time to breathe, time to listen, time to gather, time to revel, time to be…only a few of the profound benefits of stepping out of your norm to reconnect to yourself…body, mind and soul.

Retreats are far more necessary than extravagant, but not everyone has the time and resources to travel even locally to gather in rest and inspiration so you can join me right here for a day long immersion in the curriculum, play & richness that have made our recent travel retreats such a raging success! You’ve heard the raving reviews of the ways in which our retreats are life-changing…come now to find out for yourself.

Commit to offering yourself a deep experience that will take your yoga practice, your self-actuation and your joy higher than ever before.

The day-long retreat will be held from 9am-4:30pm and will include asana, art, meditation, ceremony and time in nature…silence and song. A delicious and healthy lunch will be prepared lovingly by the talented Amber Campman.

Happy Hour and a fire is optional at the day’s end! As a special embellishment, the stunning crystals of Awesome Earth Offerings will be “in the house” and our day will include a crystal meditation (and shopping opportunity!)

Your ticket to adventure is $160 with all materials & your meal included. Please don’t delay as our registration deadline is March 8!

Come meander with us…together we can discover what is just beyond…