Something New: Wheel of the Year, A Practice

March’s daily practice is BONE TOUCH!
Take 3-5minutes every day this month to feel into and make contact with your BONES!  Anything goes!  Try a systematic head-to-toe or toe-to-head scan by knocking, tapping, squeezing, shaking and pressing into your bones.  OR just focus on a small area such as jaw and teeth or ribs or heels and toes.  This is not self-massage but a simple exploration of the reality that underneath your persona, ideas, emotions, actions and soft tissue of muscle and connective tissue there exists a SKELETON!  What does that mean?  Well, I’m not here to propose any conclusions!  I’m here to invite you into an ever-evolving intimacy with your body and self through consistent and elemental practices that awaken your senses and focus your attention.  Let me know what you discover, bone-wise!

The next POP UP Class will be held on 4/2 at 10am:
The Whole Enchilada Practice t
akes all of the monthly mini-resets and loops them together into a truly cleansing and reinvigorating reset for your body mind and spirit.  Try it once and get the full roadmap for the year or do it every time it’s offered…I mean there is no limit to the healing and fun available to us in this lifetime and waking up is always top priority!you must register to attend the Whole Enchilada Practice!

Our Wheel of the Year Workshop is an annual favorite and now I’ve created a new format to encourage somatic healing and expression through pure and simple daily activation practices that we can devote to over the course of 2023.  They say that “the way we live our days is the way we live our lives” so let’s get busy inserting little safe havens of inspiration and rejuvenation into our every day.

The program is easy!  I’ll post a reel (video) once per month February through November to learn and establish accessible & sustainable daily actions that take less than 5 minutes each day, but will produce a cumulative effect over the course of the month and then the year…meaning, your life!  In addition, I’ll be offering POP UP sessions (in-person OR via Zoom) where the whole year’s wheel of mini-resets swirls into one beautiful somatic practice that will leave you refreshed and motivated to keep up the good body/mind/soul hygiene.

When I say simple, I mean it.  Sometimes the most profound gifts are tiny…I’m learning that self care doesn’t have to be complicated.  The practices will follow the Wheel elementally, meaning we’ll begin with Earth, moving around through Wind, Fire and Ocean.  Bone-touch therapy, fascia sweeping, pranayama, trataka and water blessings are just a few of the basics we will utilize to bring you instantly to presence.  Trust me, I’ve developed a protocol that even I can follow…so you’re going to love it!

Wheel of the Year, A Practice:  All the Way Around (or The Whole Enchilada!)
~ February 18, April 2, May 14  in-person in-the-studio OR via Zoom (if you want to attend virtually via Zoom, please contact me directly to find out if the session is confirmed and to receive the link!)
This 90-minute class is a yoga-ish, community practice of all 12 mini-resets woven into one wonderful and balancing swirl, a master training in somatic awareness and healing.  You’ll go home with all the tools needed to use the practice anytime you like.
Pre-registration is required.  Each practice is $40.