Workshops! Wonderful, Wonder-FULL Workshops!


Time to bring back some special events for learning and creating from the heart!  3 Incredible  workshops are on the calendar and open for registration NOW! 

Wheel of the Year Workshop, Rack Em Up  January 2, 1-4pm
The very best way to start the new year!  Together we hold sacred space for our wishes and dreams and interest in the future, exchanges of blessings and celebration.  We’ll consult the oracles to learn what may come as 2022 turns and turns.  Listen…we understand now that time isn’t real and that our thoughts and expectations are choice and that our lives are being co-created by our vision and a benevolent Universe filled with wonder.  Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?  I think this is our 5th annual whirl and it’s fun!

Book of Beauty Workshop, Creating for the Beloved  February 5, 1-4pm 
We are going to make books!  Special, deckle-edge paper plus all the trimmings plus love is the way to focus your attention on blessings and beauty.  I’ll guide you through the WHO, WHY and HOW and we’ll spend a magical day creating what will become a treasured gift.  I recently purchased, for myself, a grimoire…which lures me to paint and scribe on pristine pages, so your result could be a journal, a tribute or a spell book.  The possibilities are endless!  I’m studying online with Sabrina Ward Harrison, the artist and author of The True & The Questions, and more.  So I’ll have lots of vibrant and artful tricks up my sleeve!  You do NOT need to be an artist nor a writer to fall deeply in love with the experience of this workshop and the “anything is possible” result of devotion!  Come!  BE a the authentic human person you are and spend a few hours in wonder, with others, in honor of love and beauty.  This type of day is required…it is the magic and sweetness our souls need to find their way home.  

Tamara Sheen of Blue Egg Nourishment is coming to feed us a magical brunch feast prior to this workshop, 10:30am-12:30pm.  The cost of the meal is $33 and may be reserved by anyone regardless of whether you are attending the workshop or not.  Contact me directly to reserve or with any questions!  YUM

Blessed Besoms Workshop,
A Clean Springtime Sweep, March 20, 1-4pm

The response was pretty wild when I posted this photo on social media!
I WANT ONE…and now I know that you do too!  Sourcing is vitally important to this creation, so it is not to be rushed!  And after all, a Springtime clean sweep is the just right time to celebrate the Vernal Equinox in style!  We’ll honor the return of the light joyously together and feast and…fly!
Your $45 registration deposit will hold your spot in this sacred celebration, but there will be additional costs for materials and supplies…those details will be made available asap! 

Wheel of the Year:  December 21
Book of Beauty:  January 23
Blessed Besoms:  March 6